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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.

  2. Hello, darkness, my old friend.

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    2. Javelin434


      I need to look up that song actually xD

    3. Robbie the Wise

      Robbie the Wise

      The Door has returned!

    4. Josuke Higashikata

      Josuke Higashikata

      (*Sits in the back with Simon and Garfunkel*)

  3. Tearing off those surrender flags/pieces of skin around my finger nails. Thus bleeding.
  4. I remember wanting a PSP solely for Dissidia, then it became one of my favorite handhelds.
  5. You beat me to creating this thread. I love this series to death, it's really influenced my drawing style and everything about it is absolutely fantastic. Every episode leaves me more interested about the story of the gems. not to mention, Pearl is my favorite!
  6. I started it recently as well, thanks to Toonami. It's not bad.
  7. I couldn't stand the mini games, but I do always love to watch this scene.
  8. An awful, awful, habit. Too many lives have been lost from it. My grandfather had passed away from complications due to smoking, and my grandmother had passed away from cancer due to the second-hand smoke. And I can't be around smoke without coughing up a lung. I understand it can be tough to quit, but at least have some regards to the people around you. It does't take much to move outside.
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