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  1. anybody have dissidia nt?

    1. Espio


      Yup I have Dissidia NT.

  2. my hype for sonic forces shot through the roof

    1. Tails


      Yeah. I bet you're excited to kick Egghead's butt and putting an end to his tyranny with the rest f the resistance. But I bet you're just excited to be with your new partner, aren't you? :P

  3. HUEHUEHUE so glad they brought it back for sonic mania

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    2. -Justin-


      Tee Lopes really outdid himself with this soundtrack. I'd love to see him work on future Sonic games!

    3. Sonic


      with how successful sonic mania is right now, i hope he'll work on more!

    4. -Justin-
  4. i totally approve of this lol. the tv shows could work too!
  5. uhh tails, they showed infinite in the custom character trailer lol. but it def sounds like a linkin park song
  6. hey tails! now we need the rest of the gang
  7. It's Sonic's 26th birthday. I wonder what the social media is gonna do

  8. 108 is hot! at least it's not humid there right? Florida's heat has been on and off but it's been raining here for a solid month and a half. maybe more lol
  9. aqua has ja spells in 0.2 and if i remember mickey used stopza in dream drop distance
  10. cool! i'm going to the one june 10th and i'm staying in california for a week just to explore
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