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  1. I was on a bit of an Asura's Wrath kick before I started this, so I figured I'd make a video inspired by it.
  2. This is probably the most self-indulgent thing I'll ever make, but I kinda want to break away from my usual videos, and make something more definitively wholesome.
  3. It's a fair bit shorter than my other combo videos, because when I was editing this video in ShareFactory, I intended to have a music track play during the entirety of this, but for whatever reason, it just wouldn't play, so I just went back to regular game audio. The song I wanted to use is in the description of the video. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.
  4. You thought you got rid of me. But too bad! I'm alive!
  5. This will most likely be the last combo video I do on this game until the Re:MIND DLC comes out, so until then, here's the third KH3 combo video I've made.
  6. I'm pretty sure if I upload more combo vids, I'll start being known as the KH combo vid guy. Anyway, here's 2 combo vids I did for these games, and I hope you enjoy.
  7. I've decided to make a combo video from various points of KH3 that I think weren't too bad.
  8. Ya know what's funny? All these years I've been saying I was ready for KH3. The final trailer undid all of that readiness.
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