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  1. I did the final boss of the ReMind portion of the DLC in the same vein as the one for the base game. This is a fair bit more self-indulgent compared to the last one.
  2. Here is part 2 of my final KH3 combo video, which covers the recent update and the ReMind DLC.
  3. Here's part 1 of the longest video I'll probably ever make. The reason this is part 1 and not the whole thing is because ShareFactory won't render anything past 60 minutes, and the ReMind content puts it over 80 so far. Don't worry, nothing from ReMind is in this video, it's just the base game.
  4. I did another combo video in KH2FM as a holdover for my big KH3 combo vid.
  5. I did combo videos on Devil May Cry 5 because I really enjoy this game.
  6. I was on a bit of an Asura's Wrath kick before I started this, so I figured I'd make a video inspired by it.
  7. This is probably the most self-indulgent thing I'll ever make, but I kinda want to break away from my usual videos, and make something more definitively wholesome.
  8. It's a fair bit shorter than my other combo videos, because when I was editing this video in ShareFactory, I intended to have a music track play during the entirety of this, but for whatever reason, it just wouldn't play, so I just went back to regular game audio. The song I wanted to use is in the description of the video. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.
  9. You thought you got rid of me. But too bad! I'm alive!
  10. This will most likely be the last combo video I do on this game until the Re:MIND DLC comes out, so until then, here's the third KH3 combo video I've made.
  11. I'm pretty sure if I upload more combo vids, I'll start being known as the KH combo vid guy. Anyway, here's 2 combo vids I did for these games, and I hope you enjoy.
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