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  1. I’m conscious that the Master specified two generations of Keyblade passing on with No Name... I’m content to believe that the gap between KH UX and KH BBS isn’t all that much.
  2. I’d say end of March, personally, with the Xbox people in mind.
  3. It’s not just relevant what the last one was, it’s also what we want to do for the Xbox users... Because it’d be last times policy starting from the Xbox release presumably...
  4. If they’ve searched everywhere they need to search the realm of darkness too, to be fair. So it’s inevitable Aqua needs to go back. [emoji33]
  5. Which is awful. So vagueeee. I expect January so they have a release in 2020 of something.
  6. While the chi-blade is with Sora? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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