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  1. In the new kh3 trailer we FINALLY got to see Demyx make his grand return. We also got to see Vexen as well which i freaken called it. However, you'll notice that the 2 have yellow eyes. Have they been norted????? Personally, i dont think so. Because Vexen says: "this plan was all his idea". I believe this "plan" they are doing has something to do with their yellow eyed appearance. Specifically, i think they are infiltrating the Organization by going undercover. But here begs the question, who gave the order? They did say this plan was someone else's idea. I have 2 possibilities: Ansem the Wise (as we do see him in the trailer) or, Xigbar. The reason why i say Xigbar is that this plan could be the SAME plan Xiggy mentioned in Re:coded. Although I'll need more Evidence to support that theory so as of right now, i find Ansem to be more likely. Ansem could be trying to find information by spying on the New Organization so that he can help Sora have the upper hand. What do you think though? Do you believe Vexen and Demyx are faking it, or are they really Norts?
  2. Agreed. I seriously doubt Xehanort is the Master of Masters, nor are they related in any way. I think the MoM is an entirely new character that will Have a much bigger role in future KH titles.
  3. Definitely Xigbar. I have a whole theory going around in my head that Xigbar will end up being the true mastermind of this series, hence he has been using Xehanort all this time for his own methods. That will have to do with those "plans" he mentioned in Re:Coded.
  4. I was initially thinking the Riku Replica would be a seeker but now, im not so sure. There's a possibility Repliku could actually be a guardian of light. As to who the other 2 organization members are then, I'd say Brain or Demyx. Brain would be an interesting one due to his connection to union cross. While i honestly find Demyx to not fit the new organization considering how Xemnas talked ill will about him in KH2FM, there's honestly no one else who it could be. Again though, there's still Brain. And the thirteenth seeker i believe will be one of the people helping the guardians of light for the sake of a shocking plot twist. Im think someone like Lea. Because Lea's entire goal in KH3 seems to be seeking for Siax/Isa. He probably will want to save his best friend. But maybe Xehanort planned this ahead of time and uses Saix to lure Lea into a trap and will make him a Xehanort.
  5. Not only is Malicifent looking for the black box but also LUXORD? What could this mean? Well, this makes me wonder if Luxord is connected to the events of Xchi at all. After all, HOW could he know about it? The same can be said for Maleficent. Now This is something that just popped into my head but what if (just way if) Luxord is one of the foretelllers? Specifically Ira. I mean, they look similar in body size.
  6. Considering the destiny islands trio are so separated I am lead to believe that each character here will have their own playable experience. Sora obviously being the main one of course. And Mickey and Lea will be the party members of Riku and Kairi.
  7. Why not Luxord? Because if Wreck it Ralph is a world (apart from his summon), I'd say Luxord would be the Organization member present in the world.
  8. Personally i really hope its true or something close to it. Cuz the only thing i can think of that explains Ventus's situation which doesn't involve time travel is that he was a Replica that Vexen made or something along those lines. Cuz Vexen did look at Ventus with curiosity in BBS. That being said, this "replica" twist would be pretty stupid in my opinion. So saying that Xehanort found Ventus inside a pod within the Old Mansion would be a much better twist.
  9. Square never confirmed that Riku was the playable character. However, not saying its out of the question.
  10. I know the title sounds crazy but hear me out. The Keyblade wielders in Union Cross are actually inside a fake world. Now, I'm not referring to something like the Digital Twilight Town from KH2 but more like the world of Xchi is actually in a dream-like setting. Meaning every Keyblade wielder is actually sleeping inside a pod, very similar to the Maxtrix to make it simpler. Now where would all these keyblade wielders be sleeping at? The Old Mansion at Twilight Town. Remember, these pods were used to keep Sora asleep. It also said they were used once before. Not only that, there are 7 total pods that are visible. 7 pods. 5 Foretellers. 2 hooded figures. Could these be the Foretellers, Luxu, and the MoM? Now hear Master Ava's speech again: "Weilders will flock from here and fly into the *Outside World*" The master of Masters says something like this too saying "Im going to disappear" which probably meant he's gonna leave the dream-like realm and into the "outside world". Now this doesn't necessarily mean the Keyblade War that happened inside Xchi and UC is actually fake. Remember from DDD that it was explained the worlds inside the Sleeping Realm are trapped in time. Pranksters Paradise for example. The events from that world actually already happened and it was going through an endless time loop. Could the same apply for Daybreak Town? The Keyblade War is being repeated over and over for specific players in an endless time loop. Some are just part of the dream while characters like Ventus, and Lauriam are real. So in reality, the Keyblade War already happened centuries ago. This explains why Ventus and Marluxia/Lauriam are alive here. These 2 (along with Brain) are actually inside those pods interacting with the dream. Now what about Skuld and Ephemer? Well, i personally believe these 2 are related to Xehanort in some way. Now if that is the case, this means Xehanort is existing around this time (cuz if Ventus and Lauriam really are the same age, it means Xehanort is still an old man.) So if this is like 4 years before the events of BBS, it doesn't make any sense unless Skuld and Ephemer are actually "part of the dream" just like MoM, Luxu, and The Foretellers. Now i can assume Ephemer and Ava are already aware of that fact due to their attitudes within certain cutscenes. This dream-like setting also explains the appearance of Dream Eaters which can only access the realm of sleep. Now how does Streltzia's death come into play here? Only 1 thing makes sense: Lauriam hijacked the program. With the help of Brain he went inside the Dream-like realm, killed Strelitzia, and took her place as the Union Leader (or vise versa. Brain could have killed her instead and allowed Lauriam to get in). This is why Strelitzia was killed. Lauriam wanted to take her place (or her pod) and do something within the Union Leaders. What that is exactly, who knows. But my guess is maybe he wanted to learn more about the Keyblade. So Maybe this where Marluxia created that obsession with the Keyblade and drove down the path of getting his own. Now one last thing, what about Malicifent? The current Malifcifent was seen at the end of Xchi. How did she get there? Simple. She found the "Data" Ansem the Wise hid within Sora. This is the exact Data Malicifent wanted in DDD which allowed her to access the dream-like world of Xchi within the old mansion. She put herself to sleep inside a pod in order to access the realm. What do you think though? Do you believe the world of Xchi is actually a Maxtrix like dream setting?
  11. Considering this is the finale of the Xehanort saga, i am REALLY hoping we get an in depth look at Eraqus and Xehanort's past. And its pretty obvious that'll be the case due to what the E3 2015 trailer showed us. Although, here's an idea of how it should go down. 2 things actually. Firstly, i think it would be wise to make another varatation of the "Ansem reports" again in this installment. What would they be about? Well, we already got Xehanort reports so im thinking "Eraqus Reports" would be the most likely candidate. We could get a good look at Xehanort and Eraqus's relationship through these and Eraqus's life as well because i feel like Eraqus has not gotten the right amount of spotlight as he should. And the second thing, making Young Eraqus (and also young Xehanort) playable through Flashbacks. I personally believe the 2nd playable character will be Young Eraqus simply due to his lack of the spotlight. Also, explaining the 2 masters pasts through playable sections to me sounds like the best method of getting to know these characters. The way it'll work will be similar to Dream Drop Distances method of explains whats going on in the real world. Once you completed a world, the game gives you a cutscene that shows whats currently going on with Mickey and co. However, in KH3's case it'll be more like Yakuza Kiwami where it serves as flashbacks. Only this time, its playable through Eraqus like Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. What do you think though? Do you agree with this method of explaining the pas of Xehanort?
  12. True! Also, notice Marluxia does not have that exact symbol on his black coat. Could this be symbolizing that hes not actually apart of the group? That being said though, i still believe hes apart of the new organization. Just that hes not extremely loyal and is plotting an inside job of some kind.
  13. I think Vexen is coming back. Besides, if the Riku Replica really is returning n KH3, i think Vexen would have some sort of role with that plot point (considering he technically created the Replica). Plus, i personally believe Vexen is a very significant character to the lore of Union Cross. Because in Birth by Sleep on Ventus's story Vexen makes this remark: "A heart completely devoid of darkness? Stripped clean of it that.....Very questionable. *smiles*" Not only that, here's another one: "I have a feeling we'll cross paths again." Now this is just in theory but i think Vexen might know something about Ventus. And this something has something to do with his involvement in Union Cross. Plus, Vexen was playing the parent role for Ienzo. Again, this is just in theory but i think Ienzo is actually Brain's son (its Not Blaine. Let It Go and Move On.) This again indicates Vexen could have a connection to Union Cross in some way.
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