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  1. Oh! I didn't even noticed that lol Im late Of course lol except for donald and goofy I agree, he seems to have something up his sleeve. Back with a vengeance for sure, but harder than in CoM.
  2. I was rewatching the song trailer and I noticed on xemnas, vanitas and young xehanort's organization coat have a new symbol or chain on their zipper. Has anyone else caught this? It almost looks like the "key" blade, or something similar to it.
  3. Hopefully, a release date and a story trailer. I do wanna be surprised when the game actually comes out so I don't them to reveal more than they should :wink:
  4. I don't think you're exaggerating at all :lol: I feel like something big is coming to D23 and I seriously cannot wait anymore!
  5. ScatteredDreams


    I drew this when I was in High School after taking a test. It took me over 2 hours! (Yes, I like taking my time lol) MY friend had a Kingdom Hearts manga and I fell in love with this picture and decided to draw it. I used a lead pencil and eraser lol
  6. ScatteredDreams


    This is AMAZING! You're awesome!
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