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  1. Here is my wishlist for the next Kingdom Hearts saga. 1. New Characters. Nomura did say that Sora will be the Main Protagonist in the entire franchise, but he may be lying, he lied to us before, he said that Kingdom Hearts III will be the end of Sora's story, I just want them to leave him out as the protagonist for once, and become a Supporting Character for the next saga, it is said that Disney wanted Donald Duck to be the main protagonist, while Square Enix wanted Mickey Mouse to be the Protagonist, Nomura wanted neither to be the main protagonist, and wanted a new and original character to be the protagonist, and that is Sora, Many fans wants to try a new and original character, rather than Sora, they did Roxas in 358/2 Days and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua in Birth By Sleep, and they did Riku in Chain of Memories, the end of Kingdom Hearts II, and most of Dream Drop Distance. So after Kingdom Hearts III, I think it's time for a change, make Ven the protagonist, make Sora's child be the Protagonist, anything. 2. A better story. The story seems confusing, I think that a new story might make more sense, in the ending of Kingdom Hearts III the Xehanort saga is coming to a close, and a new saga kicks off. And Nomura said that the ending will be hard to accept, I get the feeling that Xehanort will die, and he will succeed in his plan, but then again my 1st prediction of the ending, is that, the X-Blade shatters again, and everyone falls into a deep sleep, and Xehanort is dead forever, and if future trailers doesn't show Ventus, then an awoken Ven is going to be the main protagonist in the new saga, since Sora is going to be asleep for a long time, it might involve Ven finding the many X-Blade Shards, holding the hearts captive, and he needs to release them all by getting rid of the X-Blade once and for all, and stop it from being repaired by anyone else, however, if that doesn't work out with me, then the ending of the Xehanort Saga will have Sora will kill Xehanort's past self, and Xehanort dies in the present era, and everyone forgets the shit Xehanort caused, and goes home. (Not quoting the meme.) 3. Disney Characters that haven't appeared in any Kingdom Hearts games. There are many characters I remember, that haven't appeared in the Kingdom Hearts series, so why not bring some characters in the games, especially from the Sequels, like some of the chararcters' kids, or any of the underrated characters from the underrated films, I would love to see that in the next Kingdom Hearts saga. 4. New worlds to explore. It is one of the big thing in Kingdom Hearts, visit many of the Disney Films, there are so many Disney Films, and in Kingdom Hearts 2, some of the worlds follow the sequels, and there are new worlds to visit, so I think there are worlds I have in mind, some of the underrated films like Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, Princess and the Frog, and some of the underrated films, and films that are known of today, such as Incredibles, and Zootopia, and even if Disney goes through with the Fox deal...OK maybe not that far, yeah maybe not that far, and they should return some worlds that follow the sequels, like if they return the Pride Lands, we might see Lion King II plot lines, and also if they return the Carribean, then I think we might see plot lines from Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. (On Stranger Tides sucks.) Also the worlds that I don't want would be Marvel and Star Wars worlds, it's just that they won't really work in Kingdom Hearts, they did Tron twice in both Kingdom Hearts II, and Dream Drop Distance, and they did Pirates of the Carribean in Kingdom Hearts II and they're doing it in Kingdom Hearts III, both of those movies were Live Action films, but seriously, who really wants Marvel and Star Wars? That's all I have got right now. What do you want in the next saga?
  2. So these are the confirmed Seekers of Darkness so far. Darknesses 1. Xehanort. 2. Young Xehanort. 3. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. 4. Xemnas. 5. Vanitas. 6. Xigbar. 7. Saix 8. Marluxia. 9. Larxene. 10. Luxlord. 11. Aquanort. There are 2 more remaining seekers of darkness, Terranort could be a Seeker of Darkness. There are some other characters that haven't been revealed, but probably a new character could be a Seeker of Darkness, Even and Dilan's bodies are unstable and could be returned as Xaldin or Vexen, and one of them would be at Xehanort's Grasp, but you are asking "Why not Demyx?" Well, Xehanort would reject him as a Seeker of Darkness, considering how Lazy, and Cowardly he is, and Demyx would just be unexpectedly in his original body, and about the Guardians of Light, there are 5 revealed so far. 1. Sora. 2. Riku. 3. Kairi. 4. King Mickey. 5. Lea. There are 2 remaining Guardians of Light to be revealed, and the most plausible character to be a Guardian of Light, is none other than Roxas, and about the other characters that could be the last Guardian of Light, Xion, or Terra would be the only explanations, Xion was made from Sora's Memories, so I'm theorizing that Terra could be a Guardian of Light, his mind still Lingers, and he swore to Ven and Aqua that he would set things right. What are your thoughts on the Seekers of Darkness?
  3. OK I would like to say that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be completely epic, but it is not a guaranteed thing to make another Kingdom Hearts game after the Xehanort Saga, in an Interview with Nomura, it said this. In another interview you said the reason why it's shocking to other people is because they don't know the path that you've created and you know where it's going to end, so you know how to get there. How far have you created that path? This is supposed to be the end of Sora's story. Do you have another story that goes beyond this or is this the end for you as well? The way that I make games is that while I'm creating the current title, I'm always thinking about what's ahead of that. That hasn't changed from [the first] Kingdom Hearts, so it's the same for Kingdom Hearts 3 as well and it's all in my mind. But that doesn't mean that we will be able to create that game or we will eventually create the next game. I do this so that it doesn't contradict what I see in the future of Kingdom Hearts. Like I said earlier, it's just not that it's a definite yes or no as to whether or not there will be [another Kingdom Hearts] title, but I do have something in mind. So we will never know until the future if Nomura is going to create another Kingdom Hearts saga, or he will close the franchise entirely.
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