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  1. 100 percent tech points. Parrying added so much intention to the combat of KH1 and it would be a nice change of pace from the flashiness of KH3. In general I think the base keyblade combat should be focused on a little more going forward, not that summons, shotlock, etc weren't welcome additions, but when there's so many different flashy things to choose from it makes it feel bloated imo. A perfect KH combat system imo would combine the parrying/summons from KH1, the responsiveness/speed of KH2, and the magic system of KH3.
  2. Wow lol, I haven't been on this website in like 5 years

  3. Oh my god, I thought no one would bring this up. But yes, Yoko only made about two new OG songs for KH3: “Scalia Ad Caelum” and “The Final World” themes, not counting the Disney worlds. There were two other composers who were on the team (Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito) and they had previously worked on Kingdom Hearts games as well as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The boss battle music was one of the most irritating parts of the game. It sounded WAY too synthetic and the overall composition was predictable and boring. Not to say either of them are bad composers, but Yoko has been the sound of Kingdom Hearts for 17 years, and neither of them really compare to her grandiose, melodic style.
  4. Unpopular opinion, but I really want him to do Final Fantasy XVI. The real reason he wasn't able to handle 15 was because of engine switches and the next generation coming mid-development. Just imagine a Final Fantasy with the scale of the 2013 FFXV trailer.
  5. You’re definitely not the only one who feels this way. I feel like Nomura should have gone the route of ambiguity by releasing trailers only at the big events for a couple of years and then ramping it up a little before launch. A good example would be Death Stranding. It’s only had about 4 trailers and people are still hyped as firetruck about that game. I feel like Kingdom Hearts should have done the same. As of now they’ve spoiled AT LEAST 3 main Disney world bosses, Ventus in the chamber of waking, Aqua falling to darkness, almost every single world, etc. He’s just showing us spoilers at this point, and if it keeps up, we’ll all already know almost everything about the game before it even launches. I’ve been waiting for this game way too long to let it get spoiled for me so I’m gonna delete YouTube from everything and maybe even log off of this. I love Nomura and his games, but I don’t want to be unintentionally spoiled for something I’ve been waiting for since I was 8 years old.
  6. At OP I'm not really talking about the mechanics, and I wholeheartedly agree that seeing how the game plays is important before buying something, but I'm talking specifically about all of the world and character reveals. Part of the fun and adventure of the Kingdom Hearts games, to me at least, is never knowing what amazing new world you'll be visiting next or who you'll find there. Also, I'm sorry if my last post sounded a little bit rude, I feel like it was.
  7. Okay, but why do you want to spoil every aspect of the game for yourself before you even play it? It would be way more special if you didn't know much about it going into it. I think they only should've announced a couple of worlds with a little bit of gameplay throughout the span of the entire development process. I HATE how much they've spoiled the game already, and I'm refusing to watch any more trailers or looking at any more info until the game releases. I want to just walk into gamestop, buy the game, marvel at the amazing box art, cry, and then just let the game take over my life for about a month. I don't want to play this game through leaks and trailers, I want it to be a tangible, personal experience for MYSELF. This series means too much to me for me to just watch everything before I play it. It isn't fun anymore when you already know everything. For example, seeing Aqua norted in a trailer is impactful, but not as impactful as actually experiencing it happening in the story yourself. You guys literally have zero patience I swear to god...
  8. Play Dark Souls and come back to KH. You’ll never struggle with anything in these games ever again
  9. Late, but some of you misunderstood. I never thought that could ever happen, I was just thinking what if.
  10. Nothing. I’ve already been spoiled seeing Aqua, almost all of the worlds, etc. I really don’t understand why you all want to see everything in the trailers. I would rather be actually surprised when I play the game I’ve been waiting literally a decade for, not just watching everything in the game from a trailer. If anything though, I want to see more combat and satisfying base combos that don’t rely on keyblade transformations.
  11. Imagine a KH game with only original worlds, actual deaths, darker themes, more interesting characters, etc. When you think about it, it sounds pretty amazing actually
  12. There could be some cool fights, but I doubt it seeing as it will most likely be rated E10+ / PEGI 12. I just can’t see a game with Olaf in it being rated T or higher. Nomura is probably just saying sad shit’s gonna go down, not necessarily anything we haven’t seen before in a KH game.
  13. Nomura really likes to spoil things I would rather see this happen in game, same as the Aqua reveal. The maze sounds like a really cool idea though. Idk how I feel about “let it go” though, like??? Is there any NEED for it to be in game?
  14. Honestly, I’m in almost the exact same situation. I’m 17 and still pretty young, but I don’t get excited about games like I used to and I never would have thought it would happen to Kingdom Hearts too. The thing that I’ve been trying to practice is keeping myself away from watching trailers and videos about video games in general. It tends to make every game look the same when you see them all the time on YouTube and it’s nice to take breaks. Maybe you should take a short break from video games to make them feel special again. I did that and then bought Bloodborne which is easily one of my favorite video games of all time now.
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