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  1. There's always the slight chance that maybe the game actually had issues, and a negative reaction might be justified after applying critical thinking, and that "just enjoy it" mentalities lends itself to nothing but blind consumerism. Or, you know, haters gonna hate. Whichever you prefer.
  2. Hey, everyone, just a friendly reminder to give this thread a re-read; there's been a lot of posts that people have not been using spoiler tags on the particulars of plot info. While it might not seem like a big deal, keep in mind that if a user clicks on the Social tab, they can see the contents of your posts regardless of whether they planned on clicking on the actual topic link. So please remember to keep it clean, and take the time to consider others.
  3. *Adjusts glasses* ACK-tually, the city is Minas Tirith. Gondor is the country that it is the capital city of.
  4. The fact that Sora can call in an armada of help and is under no moral obligation to follow the "13 vs 7" rules is one of the many reasons Xehanort's plan is dumb.
  5. Hey, remember how Sora totes can't be a Master because he "fell to Darkness?" Glad to see that barometer of success is totally a thing that's universal.
  6. Trick question, because of these it would be Ansem, but before he was a "Xehanort." (IE, before his background got changed from what it was in KH1)
  7. I love Dracula, but only from the book. I don't think I've seen a movie rendition that quite does it the same justice.
  8. I will never be surprised by the internet's thirst for new waifu material.
  9. But he's never succeeded at any plan. Like, ever. The fact that he has to keep falling back on backup plans kind of emphasizes that. Just because his strategies account for possible failure doesn't make them any less a failure. There's no reason to assume at this point that any attempt he makes will be any different from the last ten or so shots.
  10. Motivation is key for me. It doesn't necessarily need to be a sympathetic motivation, but it needs to be compelling enough that it makes the villain care about succeeding, and want to see their plans through. The more characters care about the outcome of a story, the more I care as an audience member. Also, personality. Give the villain something that makes them different from some other Joe Schmo in the street. That isn't to say make them exaggerated, or eccentric, or too over-the-top, but give them something that is their own, and helps them own whatever scene they are in. These two reasons are also why I think Xehanort is a bad villain, incidentally.
  11. Considering that every "master strategy" that he has used has resulted in consistent failure, no.
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