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  1. I wouldn't be opposed to agrabah at all. Im so used to it that honestly it would be fun seeing Aladdin and everyone again.. though i wonder if Nomura has gotten tired of it? Tbh i still feel theres tons of disney worlds they have yet to announce.. maybe agrabah will be in it! Its a classic for kingdom hearts at this point.
  2. Yeah! It's probably like what everyone is saying. Its just going to connect the pieces from the stories before...I believe Nomura mentioned that people will find elements from Union X in KH3 too, so hes kinda going for all the stories of course. Everything is finally coming together! Though it reminds me about Roxas saying how he wants to line the pieces up....Nomura out here foreshadowing everything so its a little unnerving, but exciting. Have you replayed the games recently? Replaying the games makes me realize how everything really is tied together so well!
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