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  1. I'm crying in tears it's so beautiful! I'm going to ask this album for my birthday oh yes!
  2. KH4Real

    Mickey's "New" Keyblade

    Nope no theory. Here you can see it by yourself.
  3. KH4Real

    Mickey's "New" Keyblade

    Well I'm not sure where probably on twitter HMK and other X-Keepers has said this aswell. I think this was confirmed a few days after the E3. But do you can see her ready getting norted when Ansem grabbed her. If it will be some other Keyblade it will be that one on the cover.
  4. KH4Real

    Mickey's "New" Keyblade

    No she is corrupted by Xehanort that was confirmed through Nomura. We see it also in a trailer how this will happen.
  5. KH4Real

    Mickey's "New" Keyblade

    Well that Keyblade is made by Yen Sid there two possibilities: 1. He upgraded Mickey's keyblade 2. Something bad happened to Yen Sid he could have fought Aquanort
  6. Up would be great but I would say Brave or Finding Nemo. My money is for Brave if a new Pixar world is happening
  7. KH4Real


    I have read this clearly fake he left out Monstropolis and San Fransokyo. But I still think that Riku will die.
  8. KH4Real

    Why Is Oath (Chikai) Used So Repeatedly?

    I actually wonder where the orchestra version of this song is. Yeah it is clearly that they won't spoil the music of the game.
  9. KH4Real

    KH3 back cover revealed

    It looks legit but yeah we are missing the 13 darknesses but I think it is nice.
  10. KH4Real

    KH3 back cover revealed

    Amazon has revealed this beautiful back cover of the game: The KH3 back cover could have other images but this is the official look.
  11. Haha what a troll lol well at least I'm saving some money.
  12. I would say an hour starting from now sow same time as the previous stream.
  13. Mickey has said who the lights are but Terra belongs to Xehanort (Terranort). I say those will be the lights: 1. Sora 2. Riku 3. Kairi 4. Mickey 5. Aqua 6. Lea 7. Ventus or Ling Will It may depends if Nomura let us choose to save Aqua then the Lingering Will could take her place.