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  1. We will get a different with Sora sitting on the throne I'll like this one more. But my favorite stays at the KH3 dynamic theme.
  2. Epic it looks that Xgbar really needed YX to in order to erase his memories. I have the feeling that MoM is Noctis that s why the FFXV content was showed in the secret ending.
  3. I have made a mix between old and new from a whole new world it fits really good.
  4. Aslong if you didn't have done any mushrooms I would just start over KH2 is really fun
  5. I would love to see the video but then I don't want to be spoiled. I'm going there this time as vip .
  6. I'll keep my name it is perfect and I still play FFXV.
  7. I needed to delete the app and then download it. I can update it if I activate it later on a mac.
  8. My favorite character is Roxas but I say Ventus. How he appeared was very epic and saving him was very special aswell.
  9. Thx I though that my country wasn't synced in the store. I have contacted them to beter fix this today.
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