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  1. Before fighting them, you should pause the game to enjoy the battle themes! They are for me like some of the best KH tracks ever I adore the OST
  2. I don’t think that she profits that much of the KH fanbase because the fanbases of Video games and of pop music are different ones. I doubt that many video gamers would buy music as pop music fans would do. However, I think the iTunes banner and the promotion for her songs are helping her very much.
  3. I don’t understand why this should be a spoiler as we already have seen him in the Final Battle trailer?
  4. Well, this trailer isn’t dedicated to us fans who are watching every new trailer. It’s the extended cinema trailer and dedicated to the general audience who don’t know that much about KH3. However, with all the soundeffects and cuts, this trailer is likely the best trailer to represent the game.
  5. That means maybe we’ll get the new November trailer there on the 29th? But if Shinji Hashimoto is attending on the 1st or 2nd of December this would be the first December trailer. Then we’d have to receive the November trailer this or next week This is confusing!
  6. That sounds very exciting and dramatic! ? But I think this refers to the POTC world. We also have seen Jack and Davy Jones battling with daggers. Unfortunately I don’t think we will see anyone stabbed by a Keyblade
  7. I’d love Vanitas to turn good. I mean we have so many persons who are using the power of the Realm of Light. It would be so nice to have Vanitas as the one who presents the good side of darkness and that every heart has also its negativities. We cannot deny that everybody HAS darkness inside their heart as well as light. There is not any kind of light without darkness. It’s a balance. So why not having someone who is using the power of the Realm of Darkness? i mean Riku is between light and darkness. Terra is as for now lost for good. But Vanitas could be like the first one on the good side who uses darkness as his power. Stop that darkness racism for good.
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