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  1. I know I said I wanted him to hurt, but man I hate seeing him in pain.
  2. Is Sora... Is my boi Sora crying?! Who or what hurt you? 😢 Edited: He apparently said something along the lines of "I can't do this alone." I'm not okay. This is my child and I must protect him at all costs!
  3. Something tells me the epilogue and the secret movie will be part of a day one patch. I'm pretty sure PS4's can also block footage for things like PS4 Share, if I'm correct. Most likely, Nomura had this planned out already incase the whole game managed to get leaked. I could be interpreting this whole letter wrong though.
  4. Ignore this comment. I accidently send the same thing twice.
  5. ITzDarthLordRevan

    KH13, KH-Vids, KHInsider and KH wiki Right Now

    Not the cringy elementary school flashbacks! Oh gawd! I feel this gif is appropriate for those currently trying to shield others from leaks.
  6. KH fans gotta stick together and have each other's backs after all.
  7. I also made this at some point. It's pretty crappy if you ask me. I'm not exactly versed in resizing images, so if any of you can change the size of it to fit your screen, if your interested, knock yourself out.



  8. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Addressing Kingdom Hearts III leaks: KH13's spoiler policy

    I hope so. I would at least like to know what happens to him. There's only 45 days left. If we can wait 5 years, then this is a meager amount of time to wait in comparison. We can do this.
  9. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Addressing Kingdom Hearts III leaks: KH13's spoiler policy

    Unfortunately, this is the type of person who doesn't care how this situation affects people. Only the possibility that he could make a quick buck interests him. I believe they wanted to get both the Japanese and English versions as close in release dates as they possibly could, so I don't know if they would even think of doing that at this point. The only thing anyone can do now is retrieve the copies as best as they can and punish the the seller for his crimes. Disney will surely take down as many spoilers as they can, but the damage has already been done. Hopefully, at some point, the spoilers will probably die down a little to the point you won't be able to find the leaks unless you actively search for them. Poor SkywardWing already got a lot spoiled for him. Just be careful around the internet for now. It's times like these when I'm glad I don't have a Twitter account.
  10. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Addressing Kingdom Hearts III leaks: KH13's spoiler policy

    I assume him stealing them technically counts as theft. I don't know if this technically counts as piracy or not. I don't know if Square Enix being a foreign company has anything to contribute to it or not. One things for sure, you could definitely count on him losing his job after all this if they catch him, or at the very least, he'll be fined too. Depending on how high the monetary value is for the number of games he sold, he could end up getting jail time, higher fines, and community service time or even all of the above. Also, this incident will make it him look bad with future employers making it harder for him to get a new job. Disney can even choose to sue him if they want to. He lives in U.S., so I guess all of this could potentially apply to him. To add insult to injury, I heard the guy doesn't even care about the game itself and only wants to sell them because he thinks he can profit off of it. Edit: Assuming that all the copies are around their usual price in U.S. dollars and he sold 30 copies and possibly might have more, take $60 x 30, that's at least $1,800. Yep. He's definitely getting saddled with more than just a measly fine. This could be considered grand theft. Of course I'm not sure what laws there are on theft in the state he lives in. Some states categorize theft into misdemeanor and felony rather than petty theft and grand theft. I presume the punishments are similar though. 10 copies of the game have been sent out already. Don't know if they plan on tracking them down or not, but I'm sure it will be pretty hard to catch all of them.
  11. ITzDarthLordRevan

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    I thought as much. I just hope those who haven't see the leaks, like me, manage to avoid them as much as possible for the next month and a half.
  12. ITzDarthLordRevan

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    I hope so. Problem is, if there's leaked footage and pictures, someone's always going to start saving them before they're taken down and then they're possibly going to just reupload them over and over again. It's like what happened with that extra bit of footage Gamestop wasn't supposed to put out only this is on a grander scale. Even the source of these sales has been dealt with, I'd still be careful treading the internet and don't go looking for spoilers if you don't want them. I'm half-tempted to take a peak just to see if these things are real or not, but I don't think I'm going to. Be careful out there, guys and gals. Especially those who don't plan on leaving the internet just yet.
  13. Sora never really saw Ven in his physical form (Even in DDD he probably wouldn't have been able to see himself turn into Ven), so I assume he doesn't know what he looks like. I always thought he would instantly know who he is when he meets him like he did with Roxas in the picture, but maybe or maybe not considering this is a little different. That's unless he can figure it out through connection alone. I'm wondering if he'll be smart enough, like Riku, to figure out that he isn't exactly Roxas when he first sees Ven's body. I don't even know if Riku has even been able to connect the dots and figure out that the second blond that looks like Roxas is actually Ven. It's like how Riku met Terra when he was younger and how he remembered him in DDD. He's heard his name already from Yen Sid, but I assume he hasn't associated it with the way Terra looks. Same deal with Aqua, if Sora and Riku remembered meeting her when they were little. Dunno if it sounds like I'm reaching here or what. That's just my thoughts on the matter.
  14. Honestly, I'm actually glad that Lea remembers Ven. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside for some reason. I know we don't know the full context, call me Captain Obvious, but something tells me Ienzo wouldn't want to go about discovering the mysteries of the heart the same inhumane and dangerous way all of Ansem's apprentices did before they became nobodies especially if Ienzo wants Ansem to forgive him. The translation could be something close to either or, but this translation gives me that feeling that he wants to make amends with Ansem slightly more than the other one.