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  1. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Leaks: A Warning

    Saw legit leaked photos and videos on story elements. It's no longer just the opening and gameplay snippets. I think it's about time to for people who don't want to be spoiled to avoid and mute things like this or leave in general.
  2. Actual story leaks seem to be popping up all over. Already managed to get spoiled through some pictures on Twitter. I guess it's time for me to leave until the full game comes out. See you guys a month from now.

  3. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Who are your favorite look alikes?

    Either Sora and Vanitas or Roxas and Ven. I like Sora and Vanitas more only because I just don't have an opinion on Roxas.
  4. You bet your arse this loser *points to self* is going to play Emoji Blitz just for The Sora and Aqua emojis!

    1. SheenaTH


      Do I count?


      I already got Aqua, now I'm aiming for Sora.

      p.s: I'm also playing Disney's tsum tsum for Kairi, Sora, Riku, and Aqua. weird that they are focusing a lot on Aqua in both games though.

    2. ITzDarthLordRevan


      I guess? It was more of a self-deprecation joke than anything.  

      I've got Sora and all I need is Aqua. Don't know why Aqua is so prominent in both. I just assume it's because she seems to be one of the most popular female characters in Kingdom Hearts. 

  5. Stop hurting me with my son crying, Square! My heart can't take much more of this. Give me all the Sora angst!
  6. According to my time zone, yes, it is in fact going on right now. Somebody just seemed to have made an oopsie.
  7. I'm not going to stop calling him Lea, though. I bet you if Ven remembers him like it was confirmed that Lea remembers him in the one translated screenshot, Ven and probably Isa will at least call him Lea.
  8. ITzDarthLordRevan

    30 Days to KH3 challenge, Day 21

    9. Never played FF 7, but I'd say Zack or Yuna. 10. Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion. 11. The ending of KH 2 or seeing Ven smile in his sleep in DDD's ending (because that was frickin adorable.) 12. Sora's heartrending scream doesn't count? Dang it! Ven asking Terra and Aqua to practically kill him, the whole scene with Data Roxas saying "I'll show you what real hurt feels like!", or BBS's ending in general. 13. The Dragoon 14. Vanitas himself. If he doesn't count, then the Symphony Master.
  9. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Starlight product codes now available

    I'm sure you could still use it. It's currently an inactive code, so I assume it will still work when you enter it again when it is active. There's no way to really know until the game comes out.
  10. It's been established the Ansem reports that a soul is a person's life force. If they lose their will to live, or their soul, wouldn't the person just be straight up die? Going off of Strelitzia, Eraqus, and the ancient Keyblade wielders in the war, does their body disintegrate like it would when you create a nobody and heartless, only different this time? I assume a heart can persist in another body if it's owner is dead? Does the person's heart go to the real Kingdom Hearts when they die? I think it could really be any of the male guardians of light or even any of the male seekers of darkness. I wouldn't just single out Ven because he has a mysterious past. Any male character on both of those sides are fair game with the exception of probably Sora and old man Master Xehanort. Heck, it could be another defector or betrayer from the the seekers's side.
  11. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Hottest kh guy

    I assume you probably mean both Ven and Roxas? Nice pic. XD
  12. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Hottest kh guy

    Can't choose between three. Sora, Ven, or Vanitas. (Roxas fangirls are not going to be happy with me. BTW, I don't hate him, but I also don't love him either. Yes, I'm one of few that has absolutely no opinion on him. Sue me. XD), I'm not attracted to Roxas probably due to his personality more than his looks. Unfortunately, we don't have Vanitas's glorious face in KH 3 graphics or CGI, so I'll just have to settle with this.
  13. I just wanted to wait until epilogue and secret movie came out before I start playing it even though the patches won't change much. No reason simpler than that. Most people would probably view it as pointless or stupid but it actually means a lot to me.
  14. Updates download automatically. For DLC you need to go to the PSN store on your console, I believe, and just click on the DLC you want to download or purchase. I believe you can also see what DLC is available for certain games and view achievements you have for it if you press the down button when you highlight the game. It should start downloading as soon as you click on it or purchase it. If you have inputed a code, it should start downloading immediately when you go into your account on your console.
  15. "I want to be a yo-yo man!" He cried. "Make me a yo-yo man!" But, the yo-yo master didn't answer. He just kept on yoing.
  16. I know It sounds stupid, but I'm going to just wait until 2 days later to start playing the game.
  17. Hey. It would've fine even if you didn't like it. I just feel like I'm in between a rock and a hard place everytime the fandom has a discussion like this since I've seen debates like this get pretty ugly and don't usually get involved. But, yeah. The PSP did give Birth By Sleep some limitations and it was really probably where Osaka team first got their start in the KH series. (Unless I'm wrong. Am I?) I'm hoping that a lot of people enjoy it still as well and I hope this community at least does find some peace with each other in the end even though I probably won't be here often and will stay pretty quiet unless I want to express my opinions. Anyways, thank you for writing this. Even if everyone may not agree with everything said, it was an interesting read nonetheless and I enjoyed it. You're pretty good at writing these kind of things.
  18. Me, a legit Birth By Sleep fan that likes to stay as neutral and civil as possible and just wants the game series to succeed (I understand why people see the problems they do within more latest installments and wouldn't go as far to say that people who don't like them are not true fans. We're all fans of the series and It's unfair to treat any one person like they are otherwise and treat them like crap.) "Well, sh**. What do I do now?" Despite not playing many FF games myself, I whole-heartedly understand why people feel disappointed by the growing lack of FF characters to the point they almost seem non-existent since they are half of what made this crossover series a crossover series. It has been said that we'll never get an FF-based world, but I would have at least liked to see how Leon and the gang's little side plot ended in this game with them and how they feel about restoring their homeworld to It's original glory. Some NPC cameos from FF characters would've been fine, at the least, too. Heck, I'm pretty sure we got two npcs named Biggs and Wedge in KH 2. They could've made that a reoccurring theme in the latest games as well. (Of course, that's more of a Star Wars Easter egg that SE decided to make a reoccurring theme in the FF series more than anything.) To be completely honest with you, depending on how it goes, I feel like KH 3 could end up spliting the fandom more in two than any of the pervious games and it actually hurts to think about that, especially since KH and It's charming main character himself was never about division but rather strength in unity. Seeing everyone throw insults at each other is heartbreaking to say the least.
  19. ITzDarthLordRevan

    All worlds leaked

    Could be wrong, but I don't believe so. Either that, or it's because I haven't been paying attention as much to interviews lately.
  20. ITzDarthLordRevan

    All worlds leaked

    The possibility of FF characters not being in KH 3 is a legit concern to a lot of people. Sure, they weren't that important to most of the game's plot overall and, sure, there's a lot of original characters that they'd rather focus on. If they had trouble writing character interactions between some of the original characters and the FF characters, Square could've just as easily let Sora, Donald, and Goofy visit the Final Fantasy characters alone and moved on afterward. FF characters in KH have never stolen the show from any of the main characters because they were more like cool little cameos with a bit of story to them. It's also not negative to not believe a mere day 1 patch could fix all of KH3's future problems such as the possible lack of secret bosses and post-game content. I'm pretty sure most day 1 patches don't come with secret game bosses and such. If the FF characters weren't that important, if the base game doesn't have any secret bosses, and if they decide to do DLC (keyword being "if" for all of this), at least make stuff like this free or low-priced. Even if this leaker technically did play an incomplete game, what are the chances of the day 1 patch even having all of that in it besides the epilogue, secret ending, and some bug fixes? If I'm wrong on all or most of this, then may Zeus strike me with a lightning bolt.
  21. ITzDarthLordRevan

    Any worries?

    It's a thing that fans that try to challenge themselves with higher difficulties like critical and no experience mode notice more than those who play it without the extra challenge. Although, some people who play on anything below that seem to notice it a bit too. BBS and DDD had this thing where your character's attack don't feel weighted and the attack animations take longer than those it KH2. Players say it leaves you more open to an enemy's attack. Air combos take longer for you to float to the ground afterward, and apparently enemies don't get knocked back, or staggered. In those two games also, there are abilities much more powerful than the other that if you use them it make bosses much easier to win against. I can understand why it would make the gameplay less fun for some people, but I myself have never been bothered by it since I don't notice these things. But, hey, if they want the game improved I'm not stopping them. It just helps make the game fun for everyone. Most of the people who notice this stuff said that they would still like the game despite all of this, they just think it won't be as fun gameplay wise. It's been a debate for a long time in the community, but for some reason It's sparked a lot more disscussion and arguments as of these last few days since KH 3 is so close to release.
  22. I found footage taken of the Tokyo Skytree! The digital display is so cool and you can hear a little bit of the orchestral version of Don't Think Twice at the end of the video! It sounds so good!