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  1. I'm still confused. Are the novels a separate thing from the mangas? I've never heard of the KH series having novels.
  2. According to KH3's Ultimania, Nomura originally wanted to put more of Xehanort's back story in the game but decided to shelve it. This could possibly be why Scala has more explorable places out of bounds. That and something tells me it was originally intended to be explorable or it was intended for DLC. Would be pretty cool if they made DLC for Xehanort, but who knows if that's going to even happen.
  3. I heard the game is pretty easy on either of these modes, though standard is usually what people do first if they just want a casual gaming expirence for their first run through. I heard the new critical mode is pretty brutal which is a good thing. It's a much needed difficulty spike for more experienced players.
  4. Skywardwing got his copy today! I think may be his pre-orderd one though.
  5. I wonder why they did it though. Did SE just make a mistake, have some sort of brain fart, have a lapse in judgment, or did they just straight think it would've been fine to do this? The whole situation is very odd. You'd think a professional company would be more organized than this.
  6. The loading screens are so cute! The avatars for the KH character's profile pics are adorable as well and look to be in the style of Union X. There's something about the idea of KH character's owning a social media account on their Gummiphones that seems really neat to me. I could imagine Sora annoying RIku by constantly posting memes. XD
  7. I heard review copies are being sent to some very weird choices, like some online personalities who don't even play KH and some of them aren't even that popular. KeybladeSarah and Cynical got one, but that seems to be it with the KH Youtubers. They wanted to give SkywardWing a copy, but they told him they ran out of review copies. Don't get me wrong. I am happy that people are getting the game earlier, but is anyone else weirded it out that SE just seems really disorganized these last two days?
  8. Considering what I've seen of the game, this would be a dumb move on Disney's part anyway. Sure SE made a mistake with that one commercial, but these leaks are not SE's fault and sometimes they can't keep up with sniping down leakers. Disney can't get rid of them 100% either. Does it suck? Yes, but leaks were bound to pop up anyway like with any sort of popular media out there. The dude who stole the copies was at fault and so are the people buying them illegally. Simultaneous release or not, SE is not to blame for this problem. From what I heard, the dude got caught anyway. SE can't control what every single human does. The only way Disney would never trust them to collaborate with them again is if they royally screwed up and, as far as I'm concerned, this is far from that.
  9. I should really start ignoring the chat every time someone streams KH 3 in particular. Lets just say it was... overwhelming to say the least. It's to be expected, but sometimes it can drive you batty. 

  10. A lot of people usually don't take Polygon seriously and I have no idea why since I'm not familiar with them. Although, in the review itself, the author basically said she thought it would pick up after where KH 2 left off. While expected from some people, you have to admit that this statement is at least a bit ridiculous.
  11. 358/2 Days was named because of Xion and Roxas? I always thought it meant 358 and 1/2 days since it ends on Roxas starting the first of the 7 Days in KH 2. Am I just dumb?
  12. To some extent. Especially those who've decided to take a vow silence for a certain amount of time. I love those kind of memes anyway since it makes you laugh if you secretly know the context of it and makes you try to figure out what the context of it is if you haven't played the game or seen the leaks. It's a good time all around.
  13. Looks like ThGamersJoint is getting a review copy of KH 3 tomorrow. There is probably very few things that he can talk about, however. No doubt he probably freaked out when he got the email from SE.

    The KH 3 review embargo also lifts tomorrow, so we'll be seeing how well liked it is by reviewers. At the end of the day,  even though it's nice to listen to see what people think, it's your own opinion that should matter most to yourself. Even so, it also important to remember to keep a level head if other's opinions don't exactly correspond to yours and try to understand why a person thinks the way they do in a civil discussion. If you still don't agree with that person, just tell them you disagree in a mature way. Discussions like this can be fun if people on both sides are respectful of each other.

  14. It's not a review at all. The guy is just explaining how both newcomers to the Kingdom Hearts series, die-hard fans of Kingdom Hearts, and people who are going into KH 3 without playing any of the previous games should not make fun of each other and that you really shouldn't take other people's future reviews of KH 3 to heart and form your own opinion without getting bothered by what other people think. He's doing it in a comical way.
  15. This video in itself is a from of art. I love it. I give it an un-review of 13/7. Would watch again. XD
  16. I'm not enraged by the ending nor do I hate the game and I'm not angry at it one bit of any of it. It was pretty epic to watch admittedly, but It'S just some of the choices they made for the characters made me go "why?" in more of a confused way than an angry way. Watching and talking to people who are more critical on the plot has conditioned me to start looking at the series in a different light instead of looking through it with rose-colored glasses like I used to. Enjoyable gameplay is important to making a game, a game, but I've always been slightly more invested in the story, especially the characters, since day 1. I wish for the game to be improved plot-wise and gameplay-wise just as much as anyone else. Doesn't make me love the series any less and I'm sure I'll be here still to see the future of the series after KH 3. I'm also not here to make anyone worry, I'm just here to state my opinion and leave it at that. My opinion is mine and you should take it with a grain of salt since we all have our own opinions and I'm sure some people will have different opinions on it than me and will either be much more upset with certain things or like certain things more than I do. I'll tell you this much, my reaction to the game did seem much different from the two brothers since I wasn't angered nor was I underwhelmed by it. I'm sure my initial reaction will probably change a lot once I take in the game as a whole.
  17. These leaks are most likely not going to end until the 25th or 29th. After that it's free game for everyone. If you want to avoid the leaks, do things like using the extension Zeldablade mentioned until the game comes out and you've played it yourself. It works like a charm. I am one of those people that caved into watching them and I'm not going to outright specify plot points or anything like that. Yes, I still do plan on supporting SE by buying the game itself when it comes out. From what I've experienced, anyone sharing these leaks via youtube seem to be very persistent on getting the information out even after Disney takes them down and will create multiple accounts just to do it. Some and not all of them do it because they want to rile up people even more. Both those who've leaked it and those who do not want to see the leaks have been insulting and bickering at each other back and forth and people on both sides have been getting really out of hand. Giving someone a legit death threat is not okay and I don't advocate doing it. Whether or not you seek out these leaks, at least do it peacefully.
  18. It's a possibility more than one person could've stolen a few copies. People are selling legit copies on places like ebay now.
  19. Although I enjoyed KH 3 thus far, I'm not going to defend it and say that what I've seen is perfect. The ending sequences were a beautiful cluster fox trot as usual and it felt like they couldn't keep up with their own story at times so they gave up on trying to explain some things, yet there were moments in there that made me genuinely cry and some lines made me laugh or go 'aww'. Even though Sora is the main character, I feel like they could've done more with some of the characters, including Sora himself. KH games have always been average at their worst, so I'm going to stay for a while and hope things get better.
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