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  1. At least, I heard that the shortage is still expected to go until 2024 at LEAST.
  2. Mmm, so here's the thing. Consider a 2024 release date ..then maybe, just MAYBE PS5s will be easier to find because fingers crossed the chip shortage subsides
  3. Not just that but as Nomura alluded to in an interview, that trailer we saw? It was UE4 But they're developing it in UE5!
  4. does getting the KH All-in-One package count as multiple lol Because that one has what, 1...2...3...4....5...?
  5. "It doesn't shutdown within a few years" will...unfortunately depend on how much money it will make. lol That's the cruel reality of a gacha game. If it doesn't print money, chances are it won't stay alive for long. There are some exceptions to this of course, but they're very specific and few and far between
  6. There's seven numbered episodes And an eighth that just says "Final Episode"
  7. I wish all cutscenes were liberated lol But well, maybe someone will figure out a way to cheat engine it? It's not connected to any server Soooooo
  8. KH4は何? (What is KH4?) Nomura: KHは何でしょう (笑) (Yes, what is Kingdom Hearts? (laughs))
  9. Famitsu made damn sure to have tons of asterisks saying it's still too early to draw conclusions, tbh I swear, as I read that interview, the amount of asterisks were insane
  10. I mean, in a Famitsu interview, Nomura did say they experimented with "seasonal" skins for the city, I believe.
  11. I think the bot confused the Shinjis?
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