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  1. Used to. But now my PS4 was electrocuted and has been reduced to a fancy paperweight lmao
  2. I mean, hey, if there's still people who play, then by all means.
  3. Sounds pretty weird that I'm basically telling you to cheat, but trust me, with the game dead as is, and how the bosses legit EXPECT you to be with people, I think that's the only way that's feasibly possible Seriously, some bosses are impossible to do single-player
  4. I meannnnn You can mod your avatar And make yourself incredibly OP That way, you can solo quests and advance the story
  5. It is but... Well... I doubt there's anyone who plays it nowadays I know when I played Comrades on the PS4, I never found anyone to play with Waste of PS+ money 😂
  6. Prepare your disk tho FF15 requires over 100GB of free space
  7. Heck, you can start with FF15 if you so want
  8. There's no "recommended title"
  9. You can start with any title actually 'Cause they're all unique
  10. So you're also estimating a 2027 release date huh
  11. Well, womp womp womp. It's a male protag.
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