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  1. KH4は何? (What is KH4?) Nomura: KHは何でしょう (笑) (Yes, what is Kingdom Hearts? (laughs))
  2. Famitsu made damn sure to have tons of asterisks saying it's still too early to draw conclusions, tbh I swear, as I read that interview, the amount of asterisks were insane
  3. I mean, in a Famitsu interview, Nomura did say they experimented with "seasonal" skins for the city, I believe.
  4. I think the bot confused the Shinjis?
  5. Not just his, but Square's stance can change anytime, for better...or worse. COUGH* Final Fantasy Versus XIII *COUGH COUGH Yes. I know the chances of that happening are extremely thin, but y'know. Time and change stops for no one. Remember the KH3 tech demo?
  6. This isn't a KH post but WOW The video shows a recreation of a station in Japan on Unreal Engine 5 I am aware that this level of refraction would be just too much, but man, it's so beautiful to look at and I can't wait for "the next time" Because as Nomura's interviewer said: "By the next time we see KH4, it will most likely already be in UE5."
  7. Nomura said the mobile games are their own saga literally χ> Seekers of Darkness > Lost Masters
  8. Hey man, I'm with the headcanon that we'll get some sort of 3.5 in the form of Verum Rex: The Game. Even though that sounds like a pipe dream that will never happen lol I mean, they gotta test the new UE5 in SOME way...
  9. さあ? (Who can say?) Oops, replied to the wrong comment sorry
  10. There is an official guide from Epic on the matter On how to move your UE4 project into UE5 without issues As long as your UE4 build is not TOO old, you should be fine And I believe somewhere in this chat we figured out the UE4 version KH3 is in...and I think it was "recent"...ish.
  11. Considering Epic is going through great lengths of making sure existing UE4 projects can move to UE5 easily...
  12. I have a feeling they will mainly study how light behaves Because UE5 supports ray tracing
  13. Must I bold the very early in development? Things will certainly change the next time we see it. Nomura even said in the interview that they will do location scouting to fine tune how his apartment will look
  14. Well, you know the drill Never ever watch the Final Trailer
  15. Square, to Famitsu: Dear God, put that "no new info soon" in bold letters. Use the UB (ultra bold) of the font you guys use if you have to And uh, they sure did. Look how bold Nomura's answer looks compared to the Interviewer's question lol
  16. ...and now to await for the next...y'know. December? Maybe next year? Famitsu drummed the point that we won't get any new info anytime soon like crazy lol
  17. Some sort of "huh, nice, an Easter Egg". 'Cause I mean, it's not unheard of when it comes to Square.
  18. Statistically speaking, since 海外 is ANYTHING outside Japan... You count SEA, Oceania, US, EU, UK...
  19. ...The train of thought must've been: sees Japanese fans don't like him Nomura: Oh, I guess he su- Overseas fans: YOZORA YOZORA YOZORA- Nomura: Well shit. ...or at least, that's my headcanon lol
  20. ...OK, I re-read it. To be frank with you, I was worried that Yozora wouldn't be well received, given that [Japanese fans] didn't sound very welcoming to his appearance in Kingdom Hearts III, but I'm glad they've proved me wrong. The hype for Verum Rex is certainly high. (bitter laugh)
  21. As far as I can tell, there is NO sign of the "日本" kanji, which is what would've been used if he wanted to specifically mention You can't write Japan in any other way other than 日本 And even if you add compounds after that, it still retains its form
  22. That's something that's impossible to know, unless he uses the appropriate kanji To refer to the Japanese people specifically, he would've have to use any kanji that would imply such ...I have a feeling he means the Japanese fanbase too, but again, that's very hard to just state as "the fact" because like I said, this man loves to be vague.
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