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  1. I have no clue how to play chess, but Im gettin' me some KH 4D Chess. Does anyone know of a pre-order link, or any dates? And does anyone know if it'll play like regular chess except raised squares. I guess Im mainly asking about the chess pieces.
  2. still working on this. Done doing the HD Vectors for all the assets (Keyblades and Org XIII weaps) and am about to make my way into the . . . floral patterns and such. Im still seeking out additions images that help reveal more of the designs. If anyone can add to the ones already posted here, I'really really appreciate it. I can't seem to find anything more myself. But I'm wanting to use it to create a 5'x7' mural n my living room wall. I might just need to get creative, but would really like to stick with what was originally made.
  3. That makes a lot of sense! Thank you!. Also, I love your Sig. Wish they'd pick up the second season T_T
  4. Something just dawned on me. There have to be rules and limitations within the KH universe. Bringing up the instance that the remaining Organization members appear here and there through KH II and on, I was just watching the cutscene "The Hidden Room" (Thank you @WakelessDream) It didn't occurred to me, that Xemnas had to put in the disc, enter the password, open then floor doors/panels, and walk a heck of a long was to get to the Chamber of Repose. He couldn't Teleport their. Just thought Id throw that out there.
  5. I just thought I'd post this to get some sort of ball rolling. There's so many new thread being formed, and ones connecting story points from past, present, and future that are blowing my mind. So what are you're thoughts on these subjects. Here's a couple I thought of. are there other subjects you'd like to bring out? SPOILERS!!!! 1: Melody of Memories and KHUx: - In KHUx Maleficent is taken to the basement of the tower in Daybreak town where she is presented with 5(?) capsules. To my understanding, "Darkness" explains them as tools to separate heart from body for the sake of time travel, so that Maleficent can return to the future. Is my understanding correct? - So, regardless of what they do, in the trailer for Melodies of Memory, we see Ansem (Terranort) closing a capsule of the same design. Was this in Radiant Gardens, or is it possibly Daybreak Town? Is it Kairi thats being put into the Capsule? Or maybe Stralitzia? Remember. . . There was "A Girl" that Axel and Isa befriended. It'd make sense that the girl in the capsule (If it is in fact a female character) would be Stralitzia . But based on the predominant use of scenes with Kairi and Kairi's past, I think it's just as likely, even more so maybe, that is Kairi. Another possibility is that its the Female character from the Verum Rex trailer from ToyBox. 2: - Regarding Yazora. What do you think is the connection between Noctis and and Luxord? I spoke with @WakelessDream a bit about this, and was reminded that the FF XV we got is not the FF XV originally planned (FFXIII Versus I believe it was). I recently started FF XV, but very quickly realized that this game was going to be far to big to go through. The combined time of the Cutscenes alone are ridiculous lol. Im not a big game, so I stick with small games, with the exception of KH. Point being, I havent played FFXV. But I loved its style. Anyway, When Sora meet Yazora, Yazorah exclaims that he is not in his true form. This could be metaphorically or literally. There is a very large chance that Yazorah is, or is at least connected to, Noctis. This is based on the scene of Yazorah waking up in the identical manner and setting as Noctis from a FFXII Versus Trailer. However if Yazorah is Noctis, then why is he waking up as Noctis? Also, speculation around the community says that Luxord is the Driver of the car that Yazorah/Noctis wakes up in, based mainly on the voice, as the hair is slicked back unlike Luxords hair that we are used too. 3: - Luxord: Do you think Luxord has a similar role to that of Luxu/Braig? 4: - Is the voice of the Star in the "End Of the World" Stralitzia or maybe female character seen in the Verum Rex trailer? 5: - What do you think are in the cells leading to the Chamber Repose? If I count correctly, there are 18-20 cells. What are your thoughts? Any thoughts, facts, or theories?
  6. So... thought I submitted a reply, but it wasn't showing up. Sorry if this is a repost. Before posting here, I ran across this interview with the development staff. It definitely confirms your thoughts @WakelessDream. The styles were based on previous games, like those you mentioned and Kingdom Hearts Mobile (Which I had completely forgot about lol). They also used all the terms you both listed, especially Nomura. But I feel like those are all adjectives to describe the style, but not the style itself. Ive actullay been curious about this for a while, but seeing this interview refreshed that curiousity and pushed my to ask lol. EDIT: Neglected to add link.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a name associated with the character and animation style use in KHUx? I have a feeling it's "Minimalist" but I'm hoping to find something a little more specific.
  8. I know exactly what you mean about the Time Travel subject. Honestly, I'm under the Impression that neither Square nor Disney thought that Kingdom Hearts would do remotely as well as it did. So I don't think the though far beyond the first game. The games after had such an amazing story that they realized it was somewhat different from the first game and needed a bridge to smooth out heavy inconsistencies in continuity. So then they ended up using Time Travel. The idea of Time Travel it's self can be a paradox in that you can either have a story that explains the element of Trime Travel within itself , or can try to use Time Travel to explain the story. The later rarely works out well. Another thing that frustrates me, which I think they try to explain using Time Travel, is what a NoBody really is and how it's affected by the Keyblade. KHII: Nobodies created when a heart is turned to darkness and a Heartless is born simultaneously. The idea of Nobodies was definitive. The NoBodies didn't have Hearts, just Memories. Made their existance and search *** It also made the relationship between Axel, Roxas, Xion, and Namine FAR more important and special. It was unique that they were able to shed tears fro one another even they weren't supposed to have hearts. Implied that their bond is so strong, they were forming hearts. KH DDD and III: Haha, just kidding, Nobodies had hearts all along. All those times they were pretending to have emotions... ya they weren't pretend. They were complete all along. Okay, so then. . . the NoBodies of OrgXIII. . . what? what are they? What happens when they're eliminated? Eh, nothing. They become human and then can choose to become Nobodies again. Really too dang convenient. I mean, if a heartless is formed when you become a nobody, then sora comes along and happens to defeat the heartless, then the nobody is "eliminated", how are they able to become "whole" again? Their "heart" is dead and destroyed. And how do they choose to become Nobodies? In one of the secret ending (I think), it shows the students being turned by Xehanort, almost like they were betrayed. Braig (Luxu) also seemingly surprised by Xehanorts actions. My point to all this, is that Disney and Square Enix seem to use subjects and ideas that are usually very deep and profound as a means of convenient plot whole fillers that are just glossed over and never really explained. @ITzDarthLordRevan I can appreciate the Keyblade aspect of it. That's how they explain Sora's transportation in KHI, with the help of a gummy ship. But referring more towards the teleportation used by the members of Organization XIII, a great example is when the members first reveal themselves to Sora in the Boroughs at Hallow Bastion. Before they even visually appear, they are able to see and hear Sora, and Sora can hear them. Also, even though Sora and others can travel/teleport using the keyblade, they seem to be restricted to certain parts of that world (usually save points), where the Org XIII can appear anywhere. It just got me wondering why, or if there even is any logic to it. Probably just along the line of what you were saying... thought related and if you're a NoBody or Heartless.
  9. This is just one of those random, pointless, thoughts that came up and I became real curious. Are there rules to teleportation in Kingdom Hearts? Limitations and such. Supposedly, the Cloaks, mainly worn by Organization XIII members, are used to protect the wearer from darkness, allowing them to use the "corridors of darkness" to travel. Im under the impression that this is the way characters can teleport. But there's got to be more to it. Also, characters can teleport distances as short as feet away, sometimes to avoid an attack, or maybe to move from one level to another. But If you took a 1mi by 1mi space, have a network of roads, and can only use those roads, then it'd mean you could not appear in the spaces between those roads. Maybe park near the closest spot and then walk the rest of the way? Maybe it's closer to Jumper, where its based on thought and not a "literal" space like coridors of darkness, so long as it's somewhere you can see, or have seen? Or is there a different plain, one where occupants can see the normal plain, but the normal plain cant see one in the other plain? What are your thoughts? Are there rules and restrictions to teleportation in Kingdom Hearts?
  10. To anyone that might be following this, KH All-In-One is $29.99 (70% off) today. Idk how long itll last. EDIT: I had asked for advice on how to install, as I couldn't find anything on web. But there was a post on Reddit. If you have the disk versions of any of the KH Games, you have to uninstall/delete the games, go back in to the store, search for each game ( 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix, 2.8 prologue, and KH III) and download/install theme. Supposedly, your save stats will not be deleted, though its too early for me to confirm this. I just wanted to post the sale as fast as possible, and how to install it. EDIT 2: Confirmed. Your save states stay in tact.
  11. Whaaaa?? Dude, never fails lol. I actually should have been patient and waited. I Was pretty anxious to play the game (played through it the moment it became available to install. Ultima Keyblade made all the difference) but... I could've waited. Never gonna get through those crazy bosses though to find Sora. Just Youtubed all the cutscenes XD Ya, it may be a matter of fact and common understanding, but just dont get how digital information is more expensive that hard copy, when hard copy costs additional materials. But what eva. Thanks all for your time and feedback! Deeply appreciated!
  12. Hey everyone, I hope all are well. To anyone that helped me with my previous post regarding the search for artwork, I haven't really been able to work on much. It looks like Im gonna have to do a lot from scratch and extremely low res screenshots, and in most cases, just plain gaps in the art/patterns. But I'm still gonna do it! eventually lol. ANYWAY... the point of this thread is there was a guy on deviant art "Aznfirestarter" that did this amazing vector of Sora, floating, in final form, surrounded by a ring of 18 Keyblades. 3 of them he posted separately, which are floating around the interwebs, but I can not find any of the remaining 15 Keyblades. Ive reached out to him, but have yet to receive a response. One of his last posts was in 2016. So he might not even be active. Does anyone know where I can find all 18 of these Keyblades?
  13. Im keeping a very close eye at that new bundle "Kingdom Hearts All-in-One". Currently my wife and I have the entire collection on PS3 and again on PS4. But with the exception of of "KH - HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX", all of our KH PS4 games are on Disc. With the increasing quality and availability of PS4 Remote streaming, We really want all the games digital. Looking at PSN, the All-In-One package is $99.99 US. But someone told me about Best Buy having it for $49.99. I confirmed this and was excited as I have $45 rewards points. BUT. . . it occurred to me that neither Best Buy nor Gamestop (which shows the same price) identify their product as Digital. Is the PSN option the only way to get digital? And does anyone know why it's twice the cost? Wouldn't Digital usually be a bit cheaper even if only by a couple of dollars?
  14. I am late on checking back as well ^_^ so no worries. Thank you! Any form of reference is deeply appreciated!!
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