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Help making this background in illustrator.

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A year an a half ago (holy crap its been a long time) I posted asking for any and all images people could link related to the background patterns used for most of KH III marketing images. What I wanted to do is recreate the image in illustrator, allowing me to create vinyl decals and stencils, as well as customizing background itself of coarse. Ultimately what I had planned when I was finished is to upload the final illustrator file for others to enjoy and use. 80% of the backround is a composition of small elements copied, rotated, and mirrored. So, Ive been trying to break the elements down, allowing me and others to create our own patterns. But Im running into issues. I need help from anyone willing to collaborate. One issue is mainly time, Ive had no time to work on this. But now, my wife and I are redecorating the  house and I want to use the background as stencils for our walls. Its geeky yet elegant. So Im kind of in a rush to complete it. Second issue is being able to make out the shapes that make up the patterns. So, in the 1st image you see a clip of the background and the red indicates the progress Ive made. The 2nd image shows the pattern around the Kingdom Keyblade. I can't make it out well enough to make good path shapes. When I zoom it, its just too fuzzy for me to make it out or to even do a close approximate. The 3rd image shows all the Keyblades, sigils, and Org XIII weapon logos used in the background that Ive made as independent elements. The 4th shows some more pattern specific elements. Can any one help me finish this thing? It'd be deeply deeply appreciated.

EDIT: I forgot to mention... Anyone that can help will need to have Adobe Illustrator and a basic knowledge of how to use it.

KH Project Goal 01.jpg

KH Project Goal 02.jpg

KH Project Goal 03.jpg

KH Project Goal 04.jpg

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Sorry for late reply. Are you asking if Ive found help? If so, no. Would still deeply appreciate any help working on this. Ive actually been making "decent" progress, but still pretty overwhelming. Keep trying to remind myself that once I have certain elements and portions, then its a mater to duplicating and mirroring.

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