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  1. yeah I actually died in the toybox do to rage form, I didn't expect it to be another antiform, the second time was those big frog guys that slide and bounce in monstropolis, because he jsut kept bouncing on me and I couldn't dodge in time, and right now I just completed montropolis so I don't know what I will die to next
  2. well I already started on standard mode so well I guess next playthrough
  3. after 3 months of avoiding spoilers like the plague I finally got it now the question is should I play on Standard or Proud? and no Critical is not an option right now, I have beaten kh2fm on critical twice but still this is a new game I want to experience it easily
  4. I need to go visit my local EB Games now
  5. who is that guy Hayner is jump kicking?
  6. there was no article linked to it so I don't know why
  7. I don't know why they did this but I bursted out laughing when I read it
  8. damn how is it even possible to "react" so much i none day that you can't "react" anymore?
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