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  1. Pretty much, but it's just so exciting and surreal that KH3 is being classified by almost all the majorly known classification boards. PEGI seems to have not given it a classification yet.
  2. The Australian Classification Board has rated Kingdom Hearts III PG for "Mild Themes and Fantasy Violence" http://www.classification.gov.au/Pages/View.aspx?sid=BGcJDviNYH2OoHY%2b8MJe7Q%3d%3d&ncdctx=c6%2fora7kLVRgT1uEBkNExDlEGjn84zAXXf8zYJA0KauCRvq4PxQJWRNIh4Q3q8TwSIcKn96R9MBIj1WNylQ6YQ%3d%3d
  3. Sure, quite a lot was shown, but what we know is all over the place. We just can't put anything together. Everything we were shown is out of context so we still know next to nothing.
  4. Went to Sydney with @Yuya Sakaki and some other peeps. It was beautiful and I wanna go again ?
  5. Hi New, I'm Mythril Jk, welcome to KH13
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