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  1. I hope that is the case. At the same time, I hope they don't just flood the series with spin-offs like this and MoM.
  2. Honestly, even that excuse doesn't really excuse some of the story decisions in KH3.
  3. I prefer games in which I'm only charged for the game itself. On mobile, that basically narrows it down to ports. TWEWY, Broken Sword, Ace Attorney, etc.
  4. I'm trying out auto mode in world battle.
  5. I have PS4, but I mainly use that for games I like to play on my big screen. Nintendo Switch for me.
  6. okay, thanks. I'm just on the fence about continuing to support Union X in general.
  7. So for those who have already started playing, does the story feel like it's being 'trickled out' the same way the Union X story is? I'm still on the fence about whether or not it's worth my time. I don't usually get into grind-heavy games.
  8. Square has some control over which questions are asked. Such is the nature of these interviews. They probably would reveal that info themselves outside any interview
  9. The worlds being too big with too little happening in them. I like the way world visits usually balance gameplay and cutscenes. Deep Jungle was not designed to be the size of one of the worlds in KH3. It would probably have a few more shortcuts if it were much larger. Keep in mind the treesurfing minigame minimizes the time it takes to get from the Treehouse to the Camp.
  10. In case anybody missed it while E3 was going https://youtu.be/V6MWC9qKJCE Youtubers Strawberry17 and Andre "Black Nerd" go through the Premium Showcase demo. Sorry. I couldn't remember how to embed here.
  11. I can't remember the last time I saw a Collector's Edition of a game that was satisfactory.
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