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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. I've been meaning to try those. As soon as I'm done fighting the optional bosses, I will. Now as for Melody of Memory, I'm curious about how they will handle any of the KH3 Disney worlds, if at all. This is coming to Switch, after all.
  2. It would be, especially since he doesn't have all the memories he was supposed to get originally while they were scattered. It's almost ironic, but Xions existence may have been exactly the thing that kept him from understanding his situation.
  3. Ah, okay. That would have been interesting. I do think the "New Seven Hearts" is just a big setup for future games, though, so I let that one slide.
  4. For the most part, it just assumes you saw the movie. Other than the two thugs being cut and the lack of explanation for why Rapunzel has the satchel in the boat, I was fine with it. That said, I do kinda wish we got to visit the Snuggly Duckling. Such a great sequence. But I can see why it was cut.
  5. Keep in mind this is Japan. They might not have the more sympathetic attitude towards drug users that we've developed in recent years. I don't think she even wants to do Kairi anymore. She seems to be taking a break from acting right now(last IMDB credit is in 2018). And, as far as I know, she wasn't as vocal about being replaced as, for example, the Scooby Doo voice actors were. I imagine if she were passionate about the role, she probably would have tried to get back into the booth for KH3.
  6. Roxas isn't exactly the most rational of the group. He couldn't even really sense Sora until Xion was already out of the picture. Maybe revealing information sooner would have been better, but as it is, he would have a harder time understanding the situation without proper guidance.
  7. Wait, I thought the Nameless Star was Xion. But I guess it makes more sense, since Xion is in Sora's heart at the time.
  8. I hope that is the case. At the same time, I hope they don't just flood the series with spin-offs like this and MoM.
  9. Honestly, even that excuse doesn't really excuse some of the story decisions in KH3.
  10. I prefer games in which I'm only charged for the game itself. On mobile, that basically narrows it down to ports. TWEWY, Broken Sword, Ace Attorney, etc.
  11. I'm trying out auto mode in world battle.
  12. I have PS4, but I mainly use that for games I like to play on my big screen. Nintendo Switch for me.
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