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  1. Persona 5 Royal has been my life for about 7 weeks now.
  2. Given the state Disney's in, it may not be the right time or people to make it.
  3. Unfortunately, the story being fractured across multiple media hinders the enjoyment for me. Pointer: for avoiding spoilers, Chapter 8 is the ideal time to play episode Gladiolus, 10 for Ignus, and 12 for Prompto. Also, I do recommend the Brotherhood Anime, as it is light on plot and exposition, instead exploring the dynamics of the bros before they set off on their adventure. Everything else outside the game is less fun to get through. As in, the port of the PS1 game? Or are you using "Remake" and "Remaster" interchangeably like many people do? Oops. I thought he said "Final Fantasy VII, not Final Fantasy VIII" 😖
  4. After 20 years, we finally know what it looks like when Aerith taps Donald on the shoulder. No seriously, some good finds here.
  5. I ha e neither a Vinyl player nor the money to justify this. But as somebody who has the Final Fantasy XV OST Blu-ray that came with that game's CE, I wouldn't say no to a Blu-ray of just Kingdom Hearts music. The sound quality was mind blowing.
  6. I wouldn't mind playing this if it wasn't a gacha game, and you KNOW it is with those trophy-looking things being used for battle. Some games START with it implemented pretty well, but they usually don't ebd that way.
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