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  1. To make things a bit clearer, Square-Enix Japan had a fair amount of management issues during the 7th Generation of consoles(Xbox 360/Wii/PS3). They were developing for far more complex hardware while making new engines and development tools that were meant to support a wide spectrum of gameplay. Development of Final Fantasy XIII was hectic as a result. VsXIII, which was being developed by what was the main Kingdom Hearts team at the time, was delayed and rebooted more than once. Kingdom Hearts 3 was intended to be their next project afterwards, but that just didn't happen as a lot of reshuffling was done around 2012-2014. At least, that's how much I can summarize from memory. I'm not a reliable source.
  2. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly That those games are hard is mostly a meme because of the learning curve.
  3. Honestly, the writing was on the wall. With the major acquisition of 20th Century Fox, that meant Disney had 3 major animation studios under their umbrella, which (arguably) was more than they needed or were willing to invest in.
  4. Yeah, I'd say the only real downside to using L and R for the camera control is that you have fewer opportunities to see how gloriously UNrendered the palace in Castle of Dreams is.
  5. Both games are fairly easy to find on their original systems.
  6. Was there any real competition? All the Rhythm Games I know about are either old af or Just Dance.
  7. I now actually want to see a documentary of the process for developing a stage for the game. These interviews are usually just an intro, at best.
  8. The game is mostly reused assets for likely economic reasons, regardless of whether or not they could afford anything more as a company.
  9. On the console versions, all the cutscenes are locked at 30fps. This isn't a sign of a pre-rendered video. Those also didn't appear in cutscenes.
  10. What I meant is that the RE:Mind scenario repeats so much as is, particularly the Organization battles. As it is, about half of it is redundant. Limit cut and secret episode can remain as they are. Also, the scenes that kick off RE:Mind can go in a few other places throughout the main game. Might be tricky to avoid spoilers, but they mostly don't relate that much to the main scenario and are a little disjointed being all in one place.
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