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  1. I wouldn't mind playing this if it wasn't a gacha game, and you KNOW it is with those trophy-looking things being used for battle. Some games START with it implemented pretty well, but they usually don't ebd that way.
  2. To be fair to Ridley Scott, House of Gucci is pretty good from what I hear.
  3. I gave up on this dream nearly six years ago..... ...And now I have a new copy of Smash.
  4. Eh. I barely read the novels anyway. They're 95% just transcribed game cutscenes. I prefer when they have a little more meat of their own.
  5. My laptop takes 5 minutes short of forever just to boot up. So I don't run demanding games on it. Regardless, such is the times we live in. This is a remaster collection of games that altogether added up to about 10gb in their original formats, and this patch for bug-fixing is 8gb alone. What compression are they using?
  6. Most of these are games that everybody and their mothers have, and don't really need improvements. So I'm gonna go with FromSoftware's "Echo Night" trilogy. Spooky, atmospheric, and stuck on PS1 and 2 with controls that aged poorly.
  7. No it's not. It's a decent chunk of it.
  8. If Luxu possessed Brain, to what degree would that be? Possession in KH does leave visual traces.
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