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  1. I completely agree. KH has me in the palm of there hands man. Everything they sell i buy
  2. My first reaction video I've ever made. Tangled looks so beautiful. What do you guys think about the new TRAILER!!?
  3. Sup man? Hows things??

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    2. DFEDITZ


      I'm good man! How do you like it here?

    3. Novayon


      Yeah It's a nice place to get some discussions going. People here are pretty easygoing which is nice. Unlike some other game forums I've read, the people there tend to be a bit argumentative or elitist.

    4. DFEDITZ


      Yeah thats why I usually don't join the forums. I'm definitely willing to give this one a chance though! Seems pretty legit so far!

  4. Hey everyone! If you guys have time, I created a video talking about why I think The story so far bundle is an amazing idea I hope you all enjoy it #bethelight
  5. Sup man? Looking to make some new friends since i just started posting in the forums and everything! Hope your doing well!

  6. True. But wouldn't you like to see it anyway? I Mean how cool would it be to see it with the updated graphics!?!?
  7. Super excited to get to know everyone here :) What's everyone looking forward too most in #KH3??

  8. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd say hi! REALLY looking forward to engaging with all of you fellow KH fans here
  9. I REALLY hope so. I think that this world is something that HAS to return!
  10. Hey man! Just looking to start converstations! New to the forums! Just wanted to say HI! :)


    1. ColesKingdom


      Yo! Feel free to reach out anytime!

    2. DFEDITZ


      Thanks man. I do have a question about these forums. Do i have to be at like certain level or something to do certain things like comment on people's stuff or post my own statuses?

  11. Hello! Just joining this forum! Looking to make some KH friends!

  12. Ugh I wish I could've meet up with some of you!! I was literally just there!
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