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  1. Luxord might have it as his boss theme as he did in KH2. And I guess Larxene/Vexen could as well like in Chain of Memories, or they could have KH2's 13th Reflection. If we fight Vexen, I dunno. Axel has been associated with the theme quite strongly, even when we fight alongside him in KH2, so that could happen again. One segment of KH2's 13th Struggle is similar to 'Another Side' music, so that's another possibility to return.
  2. Square if you keep giving me Ansem pictures, I'm gonna keep changing my profile pic. Cant wait to see the full version of this, everyone looks great.
  3. Ansem with the Guardian would be my pick. Tbh, I want to see all the org members get a render like they had in KH2
  4. On a similar note, I suppose it would be like bringing back Billy Zane for Ansem, which would be a bit insulting to Richard Epcar who's been voicing him most of the time. As much as I prefer Zane's portrayal, things can't stay the same (although his replacement was potentially more awkward with the whole blacklisting thing.)
  5. That played during the TGS Big Hero Six trailer. I guess it's the San Fransokyo battle theme
  6. That Pirates bit looked like the scene where Jack is chasing the Black Pearl in the movie, which would mean SDG might be in Davy Jones' Locker - So I'm hoping we get a playable 'Up is Down' segment. The Caribbean world is so hype.
  7. Handful of cutscenes? Well, in At World's End Davy Jones stabs Will Turner with a sword. We've also seen Vanitas about to impale Aqua.
  8. He did say he was happy to return to Pirates of the Caribbean. Now I've heard his Disney Infinity voice I'm more swayed by the idea that it is really him. Need to hear more quotes or wait for the cast announcement
  9. See, to me it did sound like Robin. If it's Bill Nighy he's really lost that voice
  10. Don't think it's Bill Nighy sadly. Here is him saying the same quote in the film at 42 secs
  11. More than I expected for sure. - I don't care much for Winnie the Pooh but I'm sure some will be happy. - Oi, Hayner. Leave Ansem alone 😐 - Demyx is still being Demyx, good. - Pirates Swordfighting scene is great but no Bill Nighy ☹️. Is is just me or did that sound like Robin Atkin Downes as Davy Jones? Is he Luxord and Davy? - What on Earth is that mirror world? Looks cool at least. -1000 heartless battle redux??? - Terranort and Lingering will is something I wanted to happen - All the org members together, nice. But their hoods are down so I cant tell who's who. Xehanort's voice will take some getting used to.
  12. If we get another world-specific trailer like the tangled one, that would keep me happy. Especially if it's a Caribbean one.
  13. So... tomorrow I'll be uploading my first voiceover video on my YouTube. Suffice to say I'm nervous as hell. My voice could sound a lot better but I need practice, I just wanted to get at least one video uploaded.

  14. I'm going to be hopeful and say it's from Princess and the Frog. It does remind me of the fashion. Yeah I just went back and checked, they're in for a couple of frames. Can't believe I never saw that even after 3 years. As an aside, I'm really liking how the KH3 heartless are shaping up. They remind me of the darker KH1 roster rather than the silly KH2 ones.
  15. Very interesting. I suppose they could both be just tangled heartless but this is a nice little mystery for now. I've never even seen that red hat guy before.