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  1. Novayon

    General Chat

    I was so cautious before
  2. Novayon

    General Chat

    Yeah it's easily done
  3. Novayon

    General Chat

    Tfw when you're so shy about calling someone that you ban them
  4. Novayon

    General Chat

    Demonstration of power Banning a veteran user to show that nobody is safe
  5. Novayon

    General Chat

    He called her up and said "YOU'RE BANNED BITCH"
  6. Novayon

    General Chat

    Wtf someone ran super fast up our street and they were making weird noises Sounded like an animal
  7. Novayon

    General Chat

    > Can't be a dick to her Interesting concept :thinkingchief:
  8. Novayon

    General Chat

    Or at least change her name, it's no good rn
  9. Novayon

    General Chat

    I've never emulated
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