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  1. I think it is a recreation of scala from his memories or heart or whatever yeah Rather than the real deal
  2. I guess maybe the no names that were formed from clashes were placed into the replicas? And held some sort of memory of the person they came from, or they represent the fragments of his heart he placed in them or... Idk and I have no idea why they're in scala One of those things not fully explained is likely :nomuralaugh:
  3. Those were the remaining failed replicas Vexen made yeah, ultimania confirmed that
  4. Thanks dumbass :nomuralaugh:
  5. My thanks and appreciation
  6. "Xehanort is not my lover"
  7. Well indeed we are stretching for interaction, so we had a bit of fun that was never gonna be repeatable anyway
  8. My attachment to the server is like... 5% so I my level of caring is gone
  9. I don't give a single shit what you think about it
  10. It wouldn't work a second time
  11. Me? Lmao it was Quid's idea but we acted as him on different days
  12. And argue about deep Jungle
  13. When I had to talk to myself
  14. It was firetrucking funny as hell
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