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  1. Oh yea, I still have some of those
  2. Maybe I assume it's a Zane quote from another film
  3. I... I'm not sure you're getting what we're going for here, Fragment
  4. "I make my own luck" I love that scene though. Just the laugh as he makes the realization.
  5. Voice-over roles are contract based, and not a full-time job, so it's not often that an actor is outright fired in the middle of their contract
  6. I would hardly call it "firing" more than just not being asked back
  7. I don't know if you're serious or not but I am fairly certain more actors have done that without being blacklisted
  8. > I get why they didn't bring him back Y'know, I actually don't get why. I know he had some controversial role in another property. But that seems like such a weak reason to not bring him back when Disney has brought back voice actors and even on screen actors with much worse things on their record.
  9. Richard Epcar is a great voice actor, the problem for me is that he doesn't really capture that same smooth voice that Zane had in KH1 It's not a bad voice, it's just a different one
  10. Billy Zane's godly voice helped a little though I watched Titanic and there's a scene where Zane's character says "Open your heart for me, Rose" and it gave me Vietnam flashbacks
  11. Also btw, I didn't have a PS3 at the time when I discovered the game. So I had to play KH2 and KH1 on a PS2 emulator. Which means even though I got into the series as late as 2016, I still had to go through the god awful unskippable cutscene before the Riku-Ansem fight a million times like the rest of you. LEaD mE inTo EvERlaStinG daRkNess!
  12. In case anyone wants to listen to the remix that started it all for me;
  13. Okay, brace yourself, for this one's gonna be a long one I was watching a video on Youtube. I don't even remember what it was, but I believe it was about Zootopia. And the credits segment of the video had a remix of River Flows In You, I kinda digged it, so I went into the comments and found someone linking a video to the full version. I listened that on repeat a couple of times, until Youtube recommended me another remix from the same channel. A remix of Dearly Beloved, with the cover from KH2. And I just had to click it, because what the firetruck are all these anime characters doing with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? So I clicked it and the music was just pure eargasm. I had to know more about this game, and well... the rest is history. If I hadn't been watching Youtube at that moment and stumbled across that one video that caused this chain of events, I probably still wouldn't know what Kingdom Hearts is.
  14. My discovery of the series came about completely on accident I mean, we're talking real butterfly effect shit here
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