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  • Managed the Discord server. Directed and produced KH13's Kingdom Hearts III documentary. Contributed various pieces of media. Wrote news articles. Managed the social media pages.

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  1. Monsters at Work was also CG/3D So not unprecedented
  2. I'm talking about random combinations, but then I keep forgetting that this franchise has Donald Duck uttering the name "Sephiroth" unironically.
  3. You don't have to add spoiler to it, haha.
  4. It's just a funny and unusual combo. That's all. ^-^
  5. Also, no disrespect. You didn't have to delete the image
  6. Sorry, always hard to guess someone's gender when the name doesn't suggest it.
  7. Especially that sea-salt fudge
  8. He can. But it is kinda random on a Kingdom Hearts server Would expect it on a food server 😄
  9. Okay, seriously. What is it with you and fudge?
  10. If you have to use 5 hours to explain how a game is bad, it probably isn't actually that bad
  11. Most of the issues came from the writing. He's not at all a bad actor.
  12. Wait, this isn't already the case? No wonder their shared universe movies are all such a mess.
  13. But wasn't Kang born sometime after year 3000? According to Loki series, that is
  14. I wouldn't be surprised He is a Republican at least An anti-choice homophobic republican. That's enough for me to wanna push them off a cliff.
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