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  • Manages the Discord server. Directed and produced KH13's Kingdom Hearts III documentary. Contributed various pieces of media.

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  1. I did learn them. I know exactly what to do in each of his games. But you have to do them all in succession without fail. If you fail a single minigame of his you're practically doomed. In KH3 that is, not as bad in KH2 It wouldn't be nearly as problematic if he lost time off the gauge when you won, just like he would in KH2. Yea, and purely from a card game design aspect, the rules are in his favor in KH3, while in KH2 they're fairly balanced. And I respectfully disagree. Whether it's ultimately easier or not doesn't change how he doesn't lose time when you win a game. Which is arguably the dumbest part of it.
  2. Larxene was pretty easy I just equipped the strongest thunder resistant pieces
  3. Also, out of all of them, Luxord is the most bullshit in this one. I don't even know where to begin. - He can damage you at any time, which will deplete your time gauge and fill his. While you cannot damage him unless you win one of his ridiculous games. (unless you're really lucky and manage to hit him at the exact right time) - If you happen to win his game and do some damage to him, it's very little compared to what he can do to you in-between games. - If you lose the game you lose a huge chunk of your gauge in addition to his actual attacks. But if you win his games, he does not lose time, and his gauge only goes down from you physically hitting him afterwards. This is the biggest difference to KH2 and is outright unfair. - And finally, the firetrucking card scatter game. I rarely find myself hitting all the right cards in time, and he will keep throwing out these exploding cards just to make it even harder. And sometimes my keyblade will auto-lock on the wrong card even when I know which is the right one and then I've practically already lost. I know, but I glide too fast sometimes and it takes too long to drop down and actually hit the card
  4. I did mean before 0.2. That one is sort of a demo for KH3, and was even supposed to be part of it at some point. You definitely are, haha
  5. I've completed 6 of them, but I don't think I'll ever be able to do all of them. There are just too many bullshit tactics implemented into these that weren't there in previous entries. Like unblockable attacks, wtf.
  6. I'm doing the KH3 data battles for the first time, and I wanna have a talk with whoever said they were easier than KH2 data battles.
  7. Exactly. But at a slightly smaller scale.
  8. Well now you know. It's an investment firm. The same one that sponsored the Chess board giveaway we held back in October
  9. It's just a holding company. Its only purpose is to own shares in my other company. And registering companies are a fixed price here. Around $600 one-time fee.
  10. Though... For huge brands like Disney I'd probably avoid it, haha. I'd guarantee you they'd do anything they could to stop you anyway. Yep
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