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  • Managed the Discord server. Directed and produced KH13's Kingdom Hearts III documentary. Contributed various pieces of media. Wrote news articles. Managed the social media pages.

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  1. Thank you! :ShadowHeart:
  2. I know the issue, but I handed over admin control of the bot to @DChiuch when I stepped down, so you'll have to ask him.
  3. Even just revealing the title would compromise its chances of being picked up, so I have to be careful with who I share those details with. If, however, I strike no success during pitching, plan B is to raise funding and produce it ourselves. Which may or may not involve a kickstarter campaign.
  4. Ah, no, I don't. Since plan A is to pitch it to a big TV animation studio (think Disney, Nickelodeon, CN, etc). I have to keep all material strictly secret.
  5. I missed this message, were you asking me or Cole?
  6. Obviously can't promise anything. It all depends on whether I believe the project to be viable... or more importantly, whether I have capital available to invest when the time comes.
  7. Well, I invest in startups, so if you ever get to that point, hit me up
  8. To be more specific, I've been working on developing a pilot script and concept for an animated series that I intend to pitch... eventually. Pretty ambitious, I know
  9. It's a secret project :larxeneshh:
  10. I mean, all right, I can go with that haha
  11. Well, I mean, I understand the confusion considering I was listed highest on the sidebar.
  12. I was never the owner, DChiuch is the owner. I just managed it.
  13. Please stop calling me that, lol
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