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  • Managed the Discord server. Directed and produced KH13's Kingdom Hearts III documentary. Contributed various pieces of media. Wrote news articles. Managed the social media pages.

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  1. It always amazes me that online stores never anticipate extra load during announcements
  2. If that stack of doom stood before me I'd just fold
  3. Of course the demo had to come out the one week where I'm too busy to play
  4. I know the issue, but I handed over admin control of the bot to @DChiuch when I stepped down, so you'll have to ask him.
  5. Even just revealing the title would compromise its chances of being picked up, so I have to be careful with who I share those details with. If, however, I strike no success during pitching, plan B is to raise funding and produce it ourselves. Which may or may not involve a kickstarter campaign.
  6. Ah, no, I don't. Since plan A is to pitch it to a big TV animation studio (think Disney, Nickelodeon, CN, etc). I have to keep all material strictly secret.
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