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  1. Avoiding all these spoiler trailers and videos is hard lol

  2. When I talk about chat, I don't mean the actual chatroom, but the private conversation with people. PMs are slow and not immediate, and I cannot see who is online to start a conversation. As for status updates, that works, thanks.
  3. I really would like to have the option to just see statuses and chat (is this still there?). Statuses are more immediate, and I don't want to spend too much time reading complete threads/posts.
  4. Still wondering how to see statuses in this new website

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    2. Shuy


      I used to visit only the personal status and chat but I can't see either from the home page, which means I'm probably going to be done with the website soon. Also I couldn't reply to my own status yesterday due to a bug.

    3. DChiuch


      @Merilly You can make your own custom window on the Unread Content page. eg. I just made this: https://www.kh13.com/social/unread/?&stream_classes[IPS\core\Statuses\Status]=1
      Full explanation here: 


    4. Merilly


      Thanks for the clarification, though I was aware of that function. It's not that I'm completely against it and the site overall looks cleaner, better assorted and easier to navigate. I appreciate the work that went into it.

      Though I also liked getting an overview of the most recent updates by just visiting the front page. No customization necessary. It's only natural that there will be a new focus, otherwise it would make little sense to restructure it in the first place, but it will also take some time to get used to not seeing everything on the front page anymore.

      Meaningful content is of course admirable but I also like seeing just the small updates in life within the community since I'm not that much into social media and some statuses don't need in-depths discussions, which subjectively have become a little less since Discord.

      So yeah, it's not a big deal in the end. Just different, but different doesn't need to be worse in the long run. I think the good is far more notable than, what my personal opinion considers, the "bad". (Though it's not even bad but just feels strange.)

  5. KH didn't even look like KH in the last trailer. Insane graphics

    1. Nick Sideris

      Nick Sideris

      It's still a bit obvious that it's under development . But that's just nitpicking really.

    2. Shuy


      I meant it in a good way. The graphics are crazy good.

    3. Nick Sideris

      Nick Sideris

      Yeah I know .

  6. "Omg the game got delayed by 20 days!" Please. It's just 20 days, you won't die from it

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    2. Shuy


      I could understand being angry if it was pushed back by 6-12 months..but 1 month is literally nothing

    3. Merilly


      And even then we wouldn't know what happened. Whenever people are working, there are mistakes, unfkreseen circumstances and so on. Not to mention that the fans were very adamant about getting a release window last year as well. Saying we were lied to ans throwing around words like betrayal or breaking promises is too much.

    4. Shuy


      Some people will always be like that. Be the change you want to see, have a brain. Also..KH3 will be a wonderful birthday gift for me :) 5-9 days after my birthday!

  7. hey secretary :) how are you?

  8. Heartstone expansion, Ni No Kuni 2, God of War..I have the money but I feel like buying them all would be a waste. And haven't played KH 2.8 yet. Hard decisions :\

    1. TheKingdomkid


      If you have played Dream Drop Distance before you can hold out for 2.8 a bit longer. Ni No Kuni 2 is a long game could be longer than the first game depending if you want to do everything in it and I heard God of War takes roughly 40 hours to finish everything so take this information as you would like lol

  9. Someone sell me a switch at 10 dollars please

    1. KingdomHearts3


      Sorry, don’t got one.

  10. Rumors say that Spyro Trilogy Remastered is coming to PS4 this year. I've never been more ready to dish out 40$.

    1. sexyninjajon


      Shoot I would dish out 60 if it happens.

    2. Weedanort


      As long as they fix the "double jump" glitch of Spyro 2, then it should be an even better remaster than if they don't fix it x)

    3. Weedanort


      And several other bugs as well, you can do several challenges without having the requirements to do so, and even skip all of the levels (With exception of the first one) to do just the bosses

  11. Can whoever run this website make it so that the homepage isn't filled with 5000 things to load every time we open the website? It makes it incredibly slow between all the news, images, feeds etc.

  12. How are you? :)

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    2. Merilly


      I can understand that interest. Mainly because it's the foundation for the present and without some of these things, our life would be quite different.


      Personally, I think Nioh is very far off from Bloodborne. There may be instances where the style overlaps, but if I had to say, Nioh is leans more toward the Japanese culture and Bloodborne more toward visualization of Lovecraft's works?

    3. Merilly


      I enjoyed Bloodborne for its atmosphere. The gameplay was fun and some of the stories stuck with me. But in the end I would suggest looking at it online first.

    4. Shuy


      I will check it out! I'm having fun with Ratchet & Clank for now, always loved that series

  13. Do I buy a Nintendo Switch or wait for black friday? I have money but don't know how to spend them :\

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    2. Iris


      Yeah, I heard everything is cheap.

    3. BlankShell


      I'm waiting for better games, personally, but if I see a good Black Friday deal I might not be able to help myself.

    4. Shuy


      Super mario Odyssey and zelda seems really good. Odyssey looks dope

  14. Hi Welcome Feel free to send me a message in chat.
  15. How is your summer going, secretary? :)

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    2. Shuy


      I find it exciting :) but then again, I find everything exciting xD Im the kind of guy who enjoys everything

    3. Merilly


      That's a good thing though :D Better than people finding everything boring. And it gives you something fun to do. ^-^

    4. Shuy


      Yes for sure :) Do you watch game of thrones?

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