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  1. Katherine Duncan

    New Kingdom Hearts III trailer revealed at X018

    I must admit, the ten year old in me is jumping for joy seeing Lumpy, after it seems Disney forgot about him.
  2. Considering Miller's real life problems, it's almost a guarantee it'll be his TV voice.
  3. So hey, I've been working on YTPs and I did one based off various moments in the series a few months back. It helped that I finally got Premire Pro instead of IMovie, and I went a bit crazy with it. It's honestly a little clunky, but hopefully some of you will find this humorous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gpl7-wZs4c
  4. Katherine Duncan

    What new game do you hope is announced at E3?

    I know it's probably never gonna happen, but I want a new Klonoa game.
  5. Katherine Duncan

    Does Anyone Out There Still Make KH AMVs?

    I've been working on one set to Fall Out Boy's Immortals. It's not done yet
  6. Atlanta. I'm just really happy to have one in Georgia.
  7. Katherine Duncan

    Well,is the D23 event streamed?

    They announced there would be no Livestream. oh well. https://twitter.com/DisneyD23/status/962124173236625408
  8. Katherine Duncan

    I Want Kairi to be Playable in KHIII

    I have the feeling that maybe her training with Lea might be the tutorial.
  9. Katherine Duncan

    Old & New Favorite Kingdom Hearts Game.

    KH2/FM isn't just my fave Kingdom Hearts game, It's my personal favorite video game of all time!
  10. 2.8 comes close, but you really can't beat 2.5's cover. Maybe it's the fact that we finally see the villains on the cover!
  11. Katherine Duncan

    If KH3 Has a KH2 Atlantica Type World

    Actually, I feel like The Muppets would be perfect for this.
  12. Katherine Duncan

    What should the new villain be like after KH3?

    Again, it would be a good idea to have a villain who used Light. I think a female Big Bad would be interesting. Also, unlike Xehanort, she shouldn't be obviously evil. Maybe we would meet her during KH3, and we thought she was a good guy, only for her to betray the heroes once Xehanort was dealt with.
  13. Katherine Duncan

    Favorite Disney World in KH2?

    I loved all the worlds, with the exception of Atlantica. However my favorite is easily Space Paranoids. The world was really fun and Tron is one of my favorite movies. I especially love the final fight with Sark and the MCP.
  14. Katherine Duncan

    What is your favorite in-game Kingdom Hearts collectible?

    Reports. I'm the person who loves to read the background lore even when it annoys everyone around me. :biggrin: