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  1. Fullmetal Keyblade

    Young Xehanorts Eyes Aren't Yellow!?!

    He's from Destiny Islands like Sora is, and I believe in the beginning of the Opening that's where Xehanort is, in Destiny Islands. I'm fairly sure that at the specific point in time he hasn't fallen to Darkness quite yet.
  2. As of 12/10/2018 The Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Trailer is #1 on trending in YT. that is crazy awesome

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    2. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Agreed! Even though I'm a lot younger than most long time fans, I've always had special connection to it too. I knew about the game since I was about 6, but I never really got to watch all the games on YouTube until I was eleven and never got to play them until I was 15. You can say I got into the series pretty late. But, I always adored Sora as a character and always wanted to strive to be somebody similar to him. Even though he's fictional, he's always been someone that I've always looked up to.

    3. Fullmetal Keyblade

      Fullmetal Keyblade

      It seems like everyone who really loves this series has a connection to it. That's funny, a lot like Sora himself haha

    4. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Heh. True. Kingdom Hearts also has a lot of charm too like it's main character. It's always going to hold special place in my heart.

  3. Fullmetal Keyblade

    What did you think of the sneak preview of Face my Fears?

    Definitely a case of "Nah I don't like this" Watches again "Okay I can kinda dig this" Watches again "I love this song!!" I'm not going to go into a dissertation about Hikaru or Skrillex, or music theory or my personal opinions. Honestly I'm just glad we have a opening, we have a Theme song, the pieces are lining up. I kinda believe we've spent a lot of time , too much, on critiquing the game and it's music. I've waited years of my life, litteraly transitions from childhood to adulthood and at this point I just want to play my game and experience the magic I felt when I first popped in KH1 and 2 all those years ago.
  4. Fullmetal Keyblade

    Xbox store reveals approximate filesize for Kingdom Hearts III

    Nomura already kinda confirmed that as a possibility, but that's down the line. Also, look at games like the Witcher 3, which is around 50gb if I remember. KH3 getting close to 40gb helps to put that in a bit of a better perspective. I also believe that they cut down on size by running cutscenes live in-engine as opposed to loaded in pre-rendered (and in varying quality) animations that made up most cutscenes in KH past. Persona 5 is a good example of a HUGE game with a lot of content and a beautiful style only needing about 20gb or so of space. 35gb sounds tremendous from that angle. Anyhow, I don't see this as a contentious point, unless the game launches and is much tinier then we've been led to believe, I'm sure it's still going to be a great experience.
  5. Yeah its off but perhaps they were just looking to fill up the venue , and advertising "free tickets" gets more attention then selling limited seats. Or something close enough to that, I know the Demo has been going around though quite a bit
  6. Oh that's not good, they should give tickets according to capacity so they avoid these kind of issues
  7. Fullmetal Keyblade


    Don't apologise for offending, at least I'm not haha XD, but yes, if you squint too hard then there might be some spoilers here, perhaps it would be best to have the thread moved into the KH3 Spoilers. Just to err on the side of safety. Granted,in talking about the hypothetical , one is bound to mention the truth, or something close enough to it. Basically, the more we talk about leaks and spoilers the closer we get to accidentally spoiling ourselves
  8. Fullmetal Keyblade


    *coughs* inadvertently, those who wished to avoid posting plot spoilers may have posted some minor ones in the form of avoiding talking about the spoilers. c'est la vie?
  9. Fullmetal Keyblade


    The "interesting" parts are why people shouldn't look if they absolutely don't want to see any plot spoilers , because some of it sounds like it could be possible, my guess is this is a guy with too much time on his hands and is trying to piece together what he thinks would be likely to happen. That's what makes it dangerous
  10. Fullmetal Keyblade


    Having read the leaks so y'all don't have to, and reading over a few different forums here and there, it sounds like wishful fan-fiction at best and straight up trolling at worst. I wouldn't worry (to the curious) about these being in any way legit, plus apparently the leak that everyone is talking about today was posted last week and no one paid any mind. The real leaks to worry about are the ones that come in the 4 days between Jan 25-29. Anything before that take with a grain of salt. Stay away thou if you don't want to take a chance, they say you give a monkey a typewriter and it'll put out Shakespeare eventually..
  11. Fullmetal Keyblade

    Why Is Oath (Chikai) Used So Repeatedly?

    Very true Merilly, in the words of Utada herself, Time will tell.
  12. Almost afraid to include a opinion here, lol, didn't think the American audience cared so much about the VA , when American actors are known more for the visual representation of a character rather than the audio one. That being said, imagine this thread if it were instead Osment being replaced by a another actor. The entire community would blow like a volcano. But like any other medium in entertainment, things change and the passage of time is something that no one can avoid. Trust me as a American Football fan(well a sports fan in general), I know the singular importance a person can have on a franchise, in one form or another, but it's better to embrace what comes next then cling to what was before, I think.
  13. Fullmetal Keyblade

    Why Is Oath (Chikai) Used So Repeatedly?

    Exactly. It's like they want the song to be synonymous with the game, and that just doesn't fit either way you look at it. If you want to end a series, a saga in this case, then don't send it out with a song that has a downer feel overall and contains lyrics like, "I don't know about fateBut I've got no choiceBut to accept its existence nowAm I really good enough like this?Hey, am I good enough?I don't want you to get my hopes up too much" Rough translation or not, that's not what I want to think or feel when I finish KH3. But it's my opinion there. Regardless it's strange to exclusively use Oath as the theme song for most trailers, it's not so inspiring and like you said, a younger person who isn't familiar with KH would be confused seeing the juxtaposition.