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  1. After rewatching the cutscene that introduced Yozora to Sora, I kinda got hit with a epiphany, though again, this is just a theory, A GA- (yeah right) So Sora has been messing up Worlds, in his naivety of being a tool for the Organization and his constant failings over the years, done enough to mess up Parallel Universes(Worlds). Yozora is a someone from one of those Parallel Worlds, and his mission is to defeat Sora, although from having gone through the lanes between Worlds himself to find Sora, his one memories and possibly his heart has been effected as well, giving him his uncertainty about who Sora exactly is. Please let me know your thoughts! Again this is just a guess really
  2. Just taking a critical tour in the middle of looking for Rapenzel and what is this? From the way it looks could be a deleted area, most likely that is the case. If a duck in a basket means anything to anyone lol
  3. Over the last week on YouTube several of the larger Kingdom Hearts creators have released videos that have either been addressing the current state of divide within the community, announcing a new or different focus, or a combination of both. (i.e. TheGamersJoint,SarahKey,Soraalam1) While they are just getting around to finally saying something about what they have been observing, I saw and was truthfully wary of the uncoming divide as soon as KH3 released. In my personal experience I loved the game, while it does have it's faults and shortcomings, I was very happy and satisfied when it was over and it will always hold a dear place in my heart, along with the rest of the franchise. While people arguing over things they are passionate about is nothing new, particularly on the internet,however, it becomes something less like passionate discussion when differences in opinion and experiences are not respected and/or considered. If people can't unite and overcome trivialities or differences in opinion over video games it tarnishes the experience for those who aren't as heavily invested. Fanbases can ruin great things because of this, and it ultimately breeds a toxicity in the community that alienates others. For a franchise with themes about the power of friends and those who are connected to you, it's a sad dark irony to experience such a divide. I stopped interacting as much with the KH community and while there are many good and friendly people within this community, it's been hard to go too far into any KH related material recently and not see a outpouring of negativity and division. I hope that this can work out itself and not become something that others look at and will eventually want nothing to do with, many people who have never played a Kingdom Hearts game already express the hesitation to jump in due to the long overarching story (some might say convoluted) and having a community that is struggling the way I've seen this one struggling won't help bring over any new heads. But frankly that's a small reason to want to strive for better unity. The biggest should be that we want to embrace the community and share our experiences and grow bigger together, let differences be where they are and don't attack another for things you don't agree to. TL;DR: I Left because I'm afraid this community has become strongly divided after the release of KH3, sometimes approaching very toxic levels, and I don't want that to be a part of what I think of when I remember Kingdom Hearts.
  4. Critical mode is so good, the balance I feel is right, and its challenging without being frustrating. I'm so happy I have a legitimate reason to play this game for another 50+ hours. 

  5. With all the hype around the Switch I think there's a good chance we get a game exclusive to it, and I can't see Nomura teasing a project that he once worked on (Verses XIII) ,that he now believes would of been greater than what took its place(FF 15), and letting it collect dust for years while FF VII Remake gets finished. In regards to the Remake, that has been confirmed as episodic so there's nothing holding him back from developing the next Kingdom Hearts title in the inbetween times and getting it out sooner rather than later. I personally believe myself that it's going to be within 2 years.
  6. While facing the unending hordes of Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed, there was never quite a moment where I asked myself "How do I get past that?". Each new enemy, while many times was dazzling to behold in the beautiful graphics KH3 displays, never required tactical thinking to beat. Bosses went through typical phases typical to earlier entries and throughout the entire game on Proud difficulty it only took a few minutes to observe the patterns and became nearly trivial from there. Thinking back on my first playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 2, I recall some battles that took me out, in some cases more then a few times. The Giant Heartless in Pride Land's second visit, Xaldin in Beast's Castle, and Xemnas's final phase immediately come to memory. I also remember some Nobodies would be of particular annoyance and forced me to back up for space to look for a different approach. Aside from wondering which Keyblade Transformation I wanted to eradicate something with, I never felt challenged and was nearly crazy with power in taking on enemies in KH3, dying a total of 2 times in my playthrough,and both coming in the last third of the game. Am I a better gamer then I was at 10 years old? I sure like to think so. But did I feel that my 10 year old self would of struggled with this game? Not in the slightest. In adressing what in particular is wrong, Sora essentially is a Battlemage with A.O.E damage cranked up to the max. Hordes do not scare him, he bullies them mercilessly. His range reaches far and wide and he can close distances in a blink of an eye. He's meant to display Mastery and does, but as a consequence never really faces someone or anything greater than him in ability. It seems the combat maybe wasn't intended to provide a challenge but fun and charm befitting the marvelous world's it surrounds itself in. It takes the sum of its parts with picking pieces from earlier entries and intergrating them all into Sora, making him a cascade of light that flashes with tremendous force and spectacle. This all amounts to Kingdom Hearts 3 being too easy, among the easiest entries, which to me is not befitting of a finale to a Saga. This of course is my opinion, and as a fan I can say that I still love the game. The nostalgia and magic that Kingdom Hearts has always carried for me still rests within this latest entry. But I am dissapointed that, the one area where I felt would shine brightest, is dimmer than I expected. Irony fully intended.
  7. The thing is, it won't be just another Dream Drop Distance, it'll be a lot more refined. Keep in mind the next game will be following up Kingdom Hearts 3, reverting back to sloppy writing (Sora's "Huh? Who are you? What do you mean?") and gimmicky gameplay (Dropping during Boss Fights and abilities tied to party members, OP'ed Flowmotion) would harm the franchise in the wake of the biggest game in the franchise to date. You could say that the next game is just as important as 3 was to keeping KH relevant for both Disney and Square. So sorry, I don't know quite what you mean by that, and even if it were the case, as long as its more Kingdom Hearts, I'm happy.
  8. Neko's last words to Sora in Dream Drop Distance was "See you in Shibuya" so what it's probably going to be is a Kingdom Hearts, World Ends With You, Final Fantasy Versus 13 crossover. So basically "The World Ends With Kingdom Hearts Versus 13"
  9. One of the really cool prospects is the fact that it can't possibly be another handheld title, the 3Ds is at the end of its life cycle, and we've advanced too far on a technical standpoint to revert back to handheld graphics and limitations. Its either going to be a Switch title, or another X Box\Ps4 release. I'm looking forward to the DLC myself to see what else Nomura has planned for KH3, but I don't believe it'll have much to do with any future titles, only improving some issues and maybe adding another world, along with Critical Mode of course.
  10. Edit: On a technicallity one may say Sora is journeying with Donald and Goofy in Chain of Memories, but the way the game is styled really only has Sora/Riku calling on the power of their friends memories. Even still, yes, Sora is with them In Castle Oblivion.
  11. I believe the intention is to let the player have freedom in how they want to approach the game, whether or not the game fully succeeds on this front, or had higher aspriations then it delivered, is agruable.
  12. The biggest complaint, and what many have called a "Flaw" in KH3's combat is a seemingly overwhelming variety of options and being forced to use Situation Commands, in particular the Attraction Rides. Venturing into the Abilities Tab in the Main Menu shows that many of these Situation Commands can be disabled as Sora gains them,or simply ignored in combat. Going to the Config Tab allows disabling the cut scenes before a Keyblade Transformation, Attraction Ride or Summon, ect. The gameplay can and should be tailored to each individuals preferred style of play, and this was something seemingly overlooked as a feature in early reviews, as if the player had no way to disable any special commands, or could simply cycle through the ones available. This to me seemed unfair to neglect mentioning in reviews, and although KH3 has received mostly glowing critiques, the deep customization options that have been prevalent since KH2 are just as integral to the gameplay as ever, and even more so considering the sheer variety of options now present.
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