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  1. Algology accepted. I'm glad we came to understand each other. But yeah there is definitely more to look into with this series. This isn't just a hunch. I'm actually inspired by Nomura's own words. I address this in the follow up video. If you skip to 41:38 I actually show some of nomura's quotes showing why it is actually expected for us to look into the deeper meaning of things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zbh9P6tfVc&t=2498s
  2. You don't think it's rude to try and belittle what I do and claim it isn't necessary. To keep making claims without actually doing the due diligence to actually check if there is merit to what I'm claiming. I apologize if I have offended you, but I also ask that you understand from my point of view. I feel disrespected and like I'm not being given a fair chance. You aren't looking at the bigger picture of Ansem the Wise. Is he smart, most definitely, but he isn't end all-be all of the KH universe when it comes to information. He has been wrong about many things and has even admitted to such. In fact the reports contradict there selves at some point.
  3. And if you watch the video you'd see that I have already addressed the reports. I'm telling you that you aren't bringing anything new to the table, I have already gone over this. Something that should stick out to you in this report is referenced in my thumbnail. "Naminé is a Nobody, created when a young girl's heart left her body." If kairi lost her heart in the beginning of the game the Namine would have been made back then. however she was made at the same time as Roxas. I can discredit you just from the thumbnail. Imagine all the info the actaul video has. Also make sure to go over all the reports. If you got to the last one you'd realize why you can't use it as established fact. Over the course of Kingdom Hearts Ansem the Wise went from someone who thought who thought he could know everything to someone who knew nothing. He became humble you can learn a lot from that moral. And please before you start bringing up more counter point watch the video as I have already said many times, it'll probably already have been addressed.
  4. Of course, a lot in KH is left up to interpretation. As long as it isn't established as fact you can speculate to your hearts content.
  5. It hasn't been explained. I'm asking to back up your statement. So show me where it has been explained as a fact without a shadow of doubt. Where can you show me this where it wasn't left up to interpretation. What I'm saying is that you're just all talk at the moment. This isn't a debate about the theory. We haven't even gotten to that yet. You haven't even shown me that it isn't something that can be speculated. Could be. As of right not there hasn't been shown a connection between Ventus and Namine.
  6. You realize you aren't saying anything I haven't heard before right? If you are going to speak on behalf of Nomura then show me his words stating it isn't necessary. I have provided my piece through the videos, which you seem to be willfully ignorant of. However you haven't provided any thing to back up your statement. I'm willing to change my mind, but haven't provided to the proof for me to do so.
  7. Who are you to say what is or isn't needed. It's about the discussion that there is to be had, and the implications of what it could mean. Which will be discussed even more in the future. It's all about tring to see the bigger picture. The reason why Xion looks the way that she does isn't relevant. What's relevant is that having Namine look like Kairi isn't even to say sh has to return to Kairi. Regardless of how namine looks if she really started out as apart of Sora then that means she would return to sora not Kairi. If you watch the video you'll actually see where I'm coming from. And
  8. Namine's origin is one that has always relied on speculation. The general consensus is that she is because of plot reasons. Or that she was made from sora's body and soul, which bothered me since if that were the case than that'd make Namine sora Nobody. Kind of like how despite Xion looking like Kairi she belongs to Sora. I think if Namine is going to come from a body and soul it'd have to be one that originally belonged to Kairi. Thus this theory was born. If you have question, concerns, or counter arguments I suggest you check out my follow up video first it may have be addressed there. I'd love to know what you think.
  9. It could have a double meaning.
  10. Back in KH2 it appeared Xemnas wasn't really in it for giving the nobodies a heart. 358/2 Days came out and it confirmed Xemnas did have a secret agenda. The DDD came around we learn the true goal of Org 13 was to hook up Master Xehanorts heart to 13 vessels. So it'd be safe to assume that making 13 Xehanorts was Xemnas's hidden Agenda. However I disagree. One obvious contradiction is that Xemnas didn't seem concerned with losing members. The other is Xemnas seemed to be truly invested in using kingdom hearts for his own use. I have much more to say and prove. I worked on this theory for month a put a bunch of passion into it. I believe if you give it a chance you'll see there is another story to experience below the surface level. You can click the link to read my 16 page google doc or even better you can listen to the video/audio version. Once to read/watch this you might gain a whole new appreciation for the attention to detail Nomura puts in these games.
  11. This, a billion times this. I have started releasing my theories on various platforms, mainly YT. However I don't just release theories on the lore, I speculate and explain the moral that the story is trying to teach. I'm hoping with my work I can help inspire people to really take to heart the lessons trying to be taught. I think one of major problems is that there isn't new content to get hype over. All we really have left to fuel the community is our opinions. Unfortunately we have a problem of people not respecting others opinions. If what we could use is more content, then let's not just look to the future. That won' do us any good especially considering how long we might have to wait until the next game. Are we just going to go into Hibernation or can we actually keep this active. I believe we can by looking into the past. There is so much still left to be uncovered from the games already out. Unfortunately there is a lack of faith in whether or not there is anything worth looking into. That's not true you just look at my videos to see. I have a video essay that analyzes multiple games, theories for multiple characters. It's over an hour long and of that I think only 5 min has to do with KH3. However the implications of the analysis and theories can be applied to KH3 and beyond. My point is that there is content and discussions that can satisfy both old and new fans. Even if we do get something to fill the void that still won't excuse the toxicity and close mindedness. That requires people to take a real good look at themselves and get some humility. You can believe in your position, but it doesn't mean you need to treat it like fact. If you want to see a super detailed analysis/theory video that can show you a past story in a new light you should check out my first video. The objective of my essay is to show that Xemnas actually had his own dream and wasn't just another one of Xehanorts pawn in KH2. As I put together Xemnas's true agenda a fully explore the true nature of a nobody and even draw a connection between Nobodies and another species that we are well acquainted with. I conclude it with explaining the moral that Nomura was trying to teach with the inclusion of Xemnas and the Nobodies. If you just want an interesting theory I also have videos known as food for thought. I show alternate possibilities to what we know of the series. Things that may make even more sense than the current explanation and will play a role in the future of the series. You can find it all on my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_WuICF3PTTac8fSD0UuDQ I really to bring both some thought provoking and positivity inspiring content. dd ep 0 project[3]_Trim.mp4
  12. I think the crown is just symbolic of his role in destiny. Riku also has a crown associated with him, because Oblivion has a crown on it and is associated with him. I think the trio are all royalty. Kairi is the princess(maybe even queen eventually) of Heart. Riku is the Dark King(because oblivion has a black crown) and Sora is the inbetween light and dark. He gets a silver crown because he is a grey king.
  13. I like that theory. I mean for the blade to have been there from the end of KH1 all the way to mid KH3 seems a bit far fetch, but from DDD to KH3 sounds way more believable.
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    That's really wise of you to be able to have a positive take away using fictional characters. It's the power of myth/fiction.
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    Hello KH13, new member. Extremely passionate about KH and have a bunch ideas on my mind that I'm excited to share.
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