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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Here's a video explaining why Summons aren't in KH3. If you prefer to just read it, then the topic is typed out below the vid. SO in each main Kingdom Hearts game we have Summons, well actually in KH3 we have links. What’s up with that? Did Nomura one day just decide to go with a more dull sounding name? No, because links aren't even a new function. We’ve seen links in two games prior to KH3. First in BBS in which they are known as Dimensional links. And then in Dream Drop Distance in which the word link is used all over the place in relation to dream eaters. The one specifically used in combat is simply called links and has different properties for Sora and Riku. In BBS D-Links are used with the Wayfinder and the links in KH3 are used via Heartbinder. The common similarity amongst all links across the series many games is that Sora and the rest are calling upon the power of the hearts they are linked to. As opposed to when it’s a Summons(from KH1 and KH2), in which they are actually calling upon who it is being summoned. Pretty straight forward. In KH2 Simba and Mushu recognize Sora, because they had actually met him when they were being summoned in KH1. There’s no doubt that those were the actual individuals said to have been summoned. But can we say the same about links in KH3? I’m proposing that what really sets links apart from summons is that fact that rather than the actual Simba being summoned. It’s more like a Simba being recreated. In hindsight it explains why Simba is all of a sudden a massive fire lion. Even more so it explains why Simba, Ariel, and Stitch look like phantoms. They aren’t real versions of themselves. Well meow wow and ralph don’t look different, but there's a good reason for that. That which seems like an inconsistency actually is more supportive evidence. What is it that separates meow wow and ralph from the rest? It’s the fact that they are inherently artificial beings. While a talking lion, mermaid, and alien may seem like fantasy to us. In the world of KH they are natural beings. However Meow wow is literally from dreams and Ralph is made of Data. In fact Ralph doesn't even look completely normal he has a glitchy/pixelated look to him. Meow is the only one that looks exactly the same. So when sora is manifesting the dream eater, it can appear as the artificial beings that it already is. Meanwhile natural beings look distinguishably fake. So that about cover most of, if like to hear me explain and speculate more then you can check out my video in which I ramble on more after I cover the main topic you just read.
  2. EliDZ

    Fan Art Chat

    A friend of mine was inspired by my videos to draw again. So they drew this for me. https://iamoncewas.tumblr.com/post/186571474698/if-there-were-no-rewards-to-reap-no-loving
  3. This is a topic that was suggested to me by someone from the forums of KHInsider. I'd love to hear your take on the topic. There just might be more to Pluto then what meets the eye. I really hope we can get some more KH topics going. It's seems to be dying out, but there really is more to look for when you go back and look at the series as a whole instead of just KH3. I have more topics already posted on my channel and plan to present more.
  4. I actually talk about this in one of my most recent vids. My take is that Namine can't use a keyblade because she doesn't have the heart of Kairi's. the same thing for Xemnas. Roxas may or may not of had Ventus's heart, but regardless he was able to dual wiled thus it means it is irrelevant to whether or not he had ventus's heart. His ability to wield the keyblade didn't come from how many hearts he had, but rather the hearts he was connected to and the fact that he was the keyblade chosen. I explain it much better in the video, but that's the tl;dr version. I g
  5. Did you watch the video? I already addressed this. You need training to summon a keyblade. Mickey didn't summon Kingdom Key D we seen in 0.2 that he picked it up. So that is irrelevant. You can't just leave out context for whatever sounds convenient. Destiny's embrace IS Kairi's keyblade. So that still doesn't explain why Riku was the one that summoned Destiny Embrace. That's a key factor in this. Aqua lost her keyblade so when she went into realm of darkness she was stuck with Eraqus's keyblade and when she lost that one she couldn't use any. They can only summon as many keyblade's as they own. People can hold others keyblade even without being chosen or having the ceremony. Or else ho else would they have carried Aqua's keyblade around. Also as I said in the video if it was something as simple as just handing a keyblade to someone how come Lea didn't have a keyblade handed to him? They made a point to show us that he had to summon it himself.
  6. Kairi was able to summon a Keyblade without any prior training, even weird is that Riku was the one that actually summoned the Keyblade for her. This isn't something that has been shown in the series as of now. VI - Could you please give an explanation for the new Keyblade "Way to the Dawn" that Riku obtained and the Keyblade Kairi has as well as what the conditions for using a Keyblade are? Riku's "Way to the Dawn" and Kairi's Keyblade are naturally the same type of Keyblade as Sora's. However there is no particular explanation for the Soul Eater's transfer and occurrence, as well as Riku's handing it to Kairi. When there isn't a normal process of acquisition, I think its OK to think there is some deeper meaning there.
  7. Algology accepted. I'm glad we came to understand each other. But yeah there is definitely more to look into with this series. This isn't just a hunch. I'm actually inspired by Nomura's own words. I address this in the follow up video. If you skip to 41:38 I actually show some of nomura's quotes showing why it is actually expected for us to look into the deeper meaning of things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zbh9P6tfVc&t=2498s
  8. You don't think it's rude to try and belittle what I do and claim it isn't necessary. To keep making claims without actually doing the due diligence to actually check if there is merit to what I'm claiming. I apologize if I have offended you, but I also ask that you understand from my point of view. I feel disrespected and like I'm not being given a fair chance. You aren't looking at the bigger picture of Ansem the Wise. Is he smart, most definitely, but he isn't end all-be all of the KH universe when it comes to information. He has been wrong about many things and has even admitted to such. In fact the reports contradict there selves at some point.
  9. And if you watch the video you'd see that I have already addressed the reports. I'm telling you that you aren't bringing anything new to the table, I have already gone over this. Something that should stick out to you in this report is referenced in my thumbnail. "Naminé is a Nobody, created when a young girl's heart left her body." If kairi lost her heart in the beginning of the game the Namine would have been made back then. however she was made at the same time as Roxas. I can discredit you just from the thumbnail. Imagine all the info the actaul video has. Also make sure to go over all the reports. If you got to the last one you'd realize why you can't use it as established fact. Over the course of Kingdom Hearts Ansem the Wise went from someone who thought who thought he could know everything to someone who knew nothing. He became humble you can learn a lot from that moral. And please before you start bringing up more counter point watch the video as I have already said many times, it'll probably already have been addressed.
  10. Of course, a lot in KH is left up to interpretation. As long as it isn't established as fact you can speculate to your hearts content.
  11. It hasn't been explained. I'm asking to back up your statement. So show me where it has been explained as a fact without a shadow of doubt. Where can you show me this where it wasn't left up to interpretation. What I'm saying is that you're just all talk at the moment. This isn't a debate about the theory. We haven't even gotten to that yet. You haven't even shown me that it isn't something that can be speculated. Could be. As of right not there hasn't been shown a connection between Ventus and Namine.
  12. You realize you aren't saying anything I haven't heard before right? If you are going to speak on behalf of Nomura then show me his words stating it isn't necessary. I have provided my piece through the videos, which you seem to be willfully ignorant of. However you haven't provided any thing to back up your statement. I'm willing to change my mind, but haven't provided to the proof for me to do so.
  13. Who are you to say what is or isn't needed. It's about the discussion that there is to be had, and the implications of what it could mean. Which will be discussed even more in the future. It's all about tring to see the bigger picture. The reason why Xion looks the way that she does isn't relevant. What's relevant is that having Namine look like Kairi isn't even to say sh has to return to Kairi. Regardless of how namine looks if she really started out as apart of Sora then that means she would return to sora not Kairi. If you watch the video you'll actually see where I'm coming from. And
  14. Namine's origin is one that has always relied on speculation. The general consensus is that she is because of plot reasons. Or that she was made from sora's body and soul, which bothered me since if that were the case than that'd make Namine sora Nobody. Kind of like how despite Xion looking like Kairi she belongs to Sora. I think if Namine is going to come from a body and soul it'd have to be one that originally belonged to Kairi. Thus this theory was born. If you have question, concerns, or counter arguments I suggest you check out my follow up video first it may have be addressed there. I'd love to know what you think.
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