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The difference between links and summons.

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Here's a video explaining why Summons aren't in KH3. If you prefer to just read it, then the topic is typed out below the vid.


SO in each main Kingdom Hearts game we have Summons, well actually in KH3 we have links. What’s up with that? Did Nomura one day just decide to go with a more dull sounding name? No, because links aren't even a new function. We’ve seen links in two games prior to KH3. First in BBS in which they are known as Dimensional links. And then in Dream Drop Distance in which the word link is used all over the place in relation to dream eaters. The one specifically used in combat is simply called links and has different properties for Sora and Riku. In BBS D-Links are used with the Wayfinder and the links in KH3 are used via Heartbinder. The common similarity amongst all links across the series many games is that Sora and the rest are calling upon the power of the hearts they are linked to. As opposed to when it’s a Summons(from KH1 and KH2), in which they are actually calling upon who it is being summoned. Pretty straight forward. In KH2 Simba and Mushu recognize Sora, because they had actually met him when they were being summoned in KH1. There’s no doubt that those were the actual individuals said to have been summoned. But can we say the same about links in KH3? I’m proposing that what really sets links apart from summons is that fact that rather than the actual Simba being summoned. It’s more like a Simba being recreated. In hindsight it explains why Simba is all of a sudden a massive fire lion. Even more so it explains why Simba, Ariel, and Stitch look like phantoms. They aren’t real versions of themselves. Well meow wow and ralph don’t look different, but there's a good reason for that. That which seems like an inconsistency actually is more supportive evidence. What is it that separates meow wow and ralph from the rest? It’s the fact that they are inherently artificial beings. While a talking lion, mermaid, and alien may seem like fantasy to us. In the world of KH they are natural beings. However Meow wow is literally from dreams and Ralph is made of Data. In fact Ralph doesn't even look completely normal he has a glitchy/pixelated look to him. Meow is the only one that looks exactly the same. So when sora is manifesting the dream eater, it can appear as the artificial beings that it already is. Meanwhile natural beings look distinguishably fake. So that about cover most of, if like to hear me explain and speculate more then you can check out my video in which I ramble on more after I cover the main topic you just read.

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