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  1. I'm not sure this would be the right reaction toward leaks. Yes, they would likely prevent too much damage but at the same time, they would cater to some person's crime. Of course no one demanded an earlier release date with some sort of threat but if one company, or in this case 2, bends to the actions of a single individual, it might become problematic in the future. Of course we want the game more than ever now and as early as possible with these leaks, but I wouldn't like SE or Disney to adjust their plans because someone procured a copy through allegedly illegal means. If they did that, what would prevent others from doing the same and demanding an earlier release, etc.? The damage is more or less done. I think people can do a lot by not pursuing that any further if they wish to remain unspoiled. I read KH13's Discord thread about how to avoid spoilers and they're currently collecting loads of solid advice for all manner of websites and devices while also collecting names, etc. of people who spread leaks. I think it's worth a look and helps avoiding spoilers since there are things we can do ourselves. 6 weeks are long, no questions asked, and I can't deny that I also wished for a moment they would rease it earlier so we wouldn't be so anxious for such a long time. But something in me would be apalled if SE/Disney had to react to such a terrible occurrence by putting the game out earlier. Leaks are one thing but they do not need to set a precedence for strange actions. Which is not to say that I don't want them to take legal action against the person as far as that is possible. And they shouldn't let other fans suffer because a few people are disrespectful like Nintendo once did for Europe even though the fans did nothing to warrant that. But I'm just not sure if adjusting the release date is the best reaction. I'm also not certain they can even manage it. I have no idea if they could release it everywhere they planned to on such short notice. Of course it must already be stored in some way or he wouldn't have been able to acquire it but that doesn't mean they have enough to keep up with demand and that it would reach more remote locations in time. I don't know how it's shipped, how much is done and how long it'll take though since I know very little about shopping procedures for games in other countries in particular. Not to mention they would need to change their schedule for promotion. The complete version of Face my Fears was supposed to release next month and fewer people would buy it if the full version is already to be heard in the game. There're lots of other things to consider as well. However, I would still like to express my gratitude to the moderators trying really hard to keep us safe from unwanted information and helping us to protect ourselves as well. Ironically, I feel less threatened to come across spoilers on KH-related websites because people here are very keen on keeping spoilers and leaks where they belong, even if they are endangered to face them themselves instead. I'm not particularly worried to read too much unwanted information here. Youtube and Tumblr are more problematic due to the sheer amount of information.
  2. Merilly

    About the spoilers of Kingdom Hearts III.

    I think the KH13 Discord just made a thread about how to avoid leaks. It might not be 100% safe but I think it's still a lot better than having to stand by idly without being able to do anything. I've also been waiting for this game since it got announced (not before that though because we got so many games in the meantime that the perception of what KH3 would be like changed with every new game and I was basically expecting a different game with each new title that came out), and I understand how frustrating it is. I truly do. I'm also unhappy with the possible outcomes for this, especially those surfacing in the next few hours and days with probably more and more people spreading them. But I think trying to do something may result in the opposite and it might become counterproductive. Exposition is what these people often seek. I'm not even sure if the person selling this even intended to spoil anyone or whether he just send those videos as some sort of proof that he owned the game and others just spread it instead. But we know people would ruin it for others if it meant garnering a reaction and a little fame, even if it procurs hate. As per usual, not reacting to this sort of thing is probably better than trying to change it because behind an anonymous persona, it's always easy to talk big and mock others for loving a franchise by pulling that kind of stunt. And giving them even more attention may provoke the opposite reaction of what people actually want. They might spread it even more and again and again, no matter how often they are deleted. Just like those bots continuously advertising those websites on here. They're quick to delete them but they are seen by a few nonetheless and more take their place. The main thing is, I would hate for fans to harrass others and this become a huge argument.I think we all want to enjoy KH3 and I think it might make us more annoyed instead if we jump on this bandwagon of hate where lots of fans are grabbing their pitchforks to hunt down those posting leaks. I'm not condoning it and he should get a just punishment if there was really a crime such as theft involved, but I've seen so many stories today that it's hard to determine what's true anymore and this kind of witchhunt won't do the excitement nor KH3 any good.
  3. Merilly

    About the spoilers of Kingdom Hearts III.

    I tend to agree with this. I would have no issues with others discussing leaks in their respective categories. The circumstances of these leaks are unfortunate and sad because the copies were allegedly stolen, but I do agree that people shouldn't be banned for talking about them as long as they don't force them on others who wish to remain unspoiled. The problem is that this won't stay in those forums because there are people who spread leaks not for those who want to see them but deliberately send it to people who want nothing to do with them just to ruin the game for them. I have nonissues with people receiving legal copies early and keeping it to themselves or within a group where it will stay. But we all know that won't happen because some are petty like that. But quite frankly, there's no solution for this. For every account banned, two more will surface to take its place because once something is on the internet, it's newrly impossible to get rid of it. If one person ceases uploading, another will take it from them and continue doing it. So even banning all accounts will only result in more accounts posting the same thing over and over. Even if you ban an IP, they will just do it via proxy or public computers and so on. To be honest, it wouldn't bother anyone nearly as much if they would just stay at home playing it quietly for themselves or keeping it bottled up within a forum tread. The problem lies with the character and quite frankly, no amount of banning or hate will fix that. Quite the oppositie. The more people are ready to take up the fork and riot, the more they want to troll those getting worked up over this. The easiest sokution would probably be to remain calm. Don't blow it out of proportion, don't persecute it, don't follow or search for possible "offenders". I'm also anxious, but with the fandom on the verge of exploding, the trolls and leakers are getting what they want - a reaction. And a desired one to boot because everyone is angry, scared or sad. I think it will become more quiet around the leaks if people calm down a bit. Report things where it doesn't belong but don't search for content to block. Blacklist the things you don't want to see as much as possible but otherwise, I suggest that we should just go on about our business like usual. Yes, we should proceed with caution but not all of us can go dark for over a month. I haven't been searching for leaks and won't do so. And so far, my recommendations were clean except for those reporting on them. Which is good to inform people of the danger of being spoiled. But if you don't actively search for them and have blacklisted a lot of things, you still don't need to abandon the entire internet.
  4. I would imagine it's not illegal to possess the footage itself. I guess that would be a similar gray zone as to how it's not illegal to rip videos off of Youtube. It's probably not exactly recommendable/wanted either but you won't get in trouble for downloading them. It might be a different matter if they actually bought an illegally obtained copy or would post the content for everyone to see but if you asked them and they shared it with you privately, it shouldn't be a problem. I'm no lawyer but that's how it's handled here. There are a lot of gray zones in law and quite frankly, it'll be hard to persecute people for owning footage of this type since the content itself is not illegal.
  5. When I read the summary of Chip and Dale drinking tea, I had to laugh because it didn't mention a book at all. What a revelation! It's great to see these translation. They don't reveal too much while still being somewhat revelant for the most part. Since they're ripped out of context, they're not even that much of a spoiler. I'm rather glad they chose to remain cryptic and hope it stays this way in the future, too. I love seeing them hype up things but I guess most of us merely want a moderate amount of information that doesn't spoil too much of the important plot points.
  6. Yeah, I will leave some of the exploring for later. I rather do that than be assaulted with spoilers. But everyone has their own way of playing this game. Since I will do the first playthrough together with my friend, we will focus more on story and after I'm done playing it once with her, I will start another playthrough where I'm taking my time to be more thorough. By all means, it doesn't mean we will rush through it, but I guess we won't be taking too long either. I want to cherish this experience but there's only so much time we can take off work/university too and after that it will become harder to meet up. It's a bit of a balancing act between cherishing the first playthrough which can never be replaced and avoiding spoilers. I won't rush to reach the end but I likely won't play the minigames more times than required either and leave some things like collecting synthesis materials up for after I'm done with the main story, except for things which are picked up along the way anyway of course. For example, if there's an Ultima Keyblade, I likely won't pursue that before the final boss, same as with optional bosses which may unlock before it. I'm less worried about the forum but rather websites such as Youtube and the like which aren't monitored for spoilers such as this forum because no one cares for them there. Or rather, there are no rules in regards to spoilers. Yes, you can blacklist certain things but if people are not tagging it appropriately, it's all a waste of time anyway. My friend has gone through a lot of trouble to avoid all news and still received the recommendations for the opening.
  7. Haha, true! Even though I'm making fun of it a little, I'm actually glad he looks the way he does. Sure, they could always improve a little here or there but considering it's in-game, it's still fairly pleasing. To be honest, I was worried the most for Master Xehanort's look since his face is very unique and you can't replicate the shape easily by copying another model. Especially in the beginning when the models looked considerably worse, I was afraid he might look strange, laughable even, but I'm relieved he looks pretty much like he should.
  8. Master Xehanort has an interesting level of detail with the veins on his scalp. As per usual, some models look a little awkward by being overlighted or using too little which sacrifices a bit of the detail and consistency, but overall, it looks fairly good. At least better than in 0.2. The eyes are still a little flat though. But I love the renders. I'm still disappointed that Lea still has no new outfit of his own but I'm still loving them.
  9. There's also always the possibility to use a proxy service, though I believe this book will be sold by other sellers too once it comes out. At least this was the case for all the other Ultimania books. It never remained exclusive to one retailer. The price surprised me a bit. It's not really more expensive than the other Ultimanias, though they're probably inclined to keep the page count as low as possible because the others already have hundreds of pages. Even if KH3 ends up larger than any other game before, it likely won't receive a bigger volume, unless they decide to split it in two. Even the larger size probably can't make up for that. I'll definitely get this one, too. I already own most of the others even if I don't understand Japanese. I really wish they would publish them in English.... I would also like it if 0.2 is included in this volume since it probably won't receive a proper one by itself and it is the prologue which was initially intended to be part of the game. It would only be suitable if it would be included in this Ultimania.
  10. I honestly don't know, considering we don't know how long it will really be in the end. For the older games, it usually took me a couple of days per game, but if KH3 really is ~40 hours for the main story for an average playthrough (not taking higher difficulties and off the track stuff into account), I'd say a week or two at the most for that part. If it takes longer, I can't really change that either but I'll be doing my best to get through it quickly without neglecting to appreciate it. The main reason I want to get through it as quickly as possible is because I want to avoid spoilers at all costs if that's doable. I can't stay off the internet for prolonged periods of time and I want to know how the story ends after such a long wait since its announcement, too. I took time off for my first playthrough as well for that. It's easier to avoid spoilers if people aren't invested in the franchise but KH3 already pops up egerywhere in my feeds as recommended. Of course I can't wait either since I'm the type who wants to know the story as quickly as possible, but my main reason would still be potential spoilers. In terms of finishing what comes after... I don't egen want to contemplate since I likely won't complete the game with 100%. I'm not a fan of minigames and getting paticular scores so I'll just do that as it comes.
  11. I feel like Europe is getting neglected again. Not even Amazon offers a pre-order bonus yet for us and the only store which offers something would be GameStop. (And the digital versions of course.) It's not like I'm expecting much but it's a bit disappointing that we don't really get to choose and one of the biggest online stores doesn't even offer the same thing they do for the US/Canada.
  12. I still find them creepy for the same reason I consider Funko's scary. Those soul devouring voids they call eyes. But admittedly, the Soldier and Shadow Heartless are adorable.
  13.  I saw someone write that the quality of the KH3 opening is lower than in the 0.2 opening. I don't know if it's due to the darker tones and the haziness lingering over the scenes, but it does seem a little more similar to some of the pre-rendered cutscenes rather than the 0.2 opening. Which I wouldn't mind. Maybe it does lose some details but on the other hand, it's closer to what we see throughout the game.

    A good example would be the eyes. They look a little flat in comparison to 0.2's opening, where they were more glossy and had more depth and detail overall.



    Especially the iris looks drawn on and the eyeball not really embedded into the skull. Of course that isn't so obvious in this shot but in others more. Still, you can see Sora's aren't as glossy, not as detailed and look flat in comparison. It's not that bad but noticeable in my opinion and I wonder where the change comes from since it looked subjectively more expressive before.

    1. Tyranto Rex

      Tyranto Rex

      There's maybe a slight possiblity it's not done, or it's just not the finished product since it's just the "trailer". i would not mind it either since if it is the style they are going for, I would just be curious why they decided on that.

    2. Merilly


      It's not something which completely upsets me but it is kinda noticeable, especially in close-ups and I preferred how the eyes had more plasticity in the 0.2 opening. It's not a deal breaker at all but subjectively, they put a little less attention on the fine details. The eyes are especially important to me since they carry emotion and especially Sora's eyes look exceptionally flat in some shots, probably due to too little reflections, lighting and the iris being too prominently encircled by a black border. They're also a little too round from this side view.

      Yeah, it's not terrible but I wonder why they decided on that. It's a subjective thing but the eyes looked much more expressive in 0.2 and a lot more focus was put on them since they are important to get emotion across. They just appeared to be more alive? 

  14. That's true. I've also seen lots of opinions before it's even out. Since I didn't know much about him, I looker him up but to be honest, that didn't really change my neutral stance of having to wait for the final product. I'm not the type to stick to one or two bands or artists in particular and deem everything they do good or bad. It's a song to song thing. Some I think of as not so great, others are fantastic. I could like 10 songs of one artist and detest the 11th or the other way around. That's why I don't think it's fair to judge before hearing it. But you are right that a considerable number of people are opposed to western influences in Japanese media for no real reason. I don't get why Utada gets celebrated for the song as if her part was great withtout realizing that Skrillex also took part in that arrangement. (Maybe not in the lyrics since I'm not sure if Skrillex knows Japanese but the rest also counts. It's not like he was only responsible for the part where it becomes really EDM). And we also don't know if it would have been better without him or someone else. Subjectively better, that is. I wouldn't even mind it that much if it weren't for my condition. It may not have been my favorite song ever, but that's not something I expect. I may not like the direction where Ariana Grande has gone, but she undebiably has a great voice and actual talent in that regard in comparison to other artists. Katy Perry too, I guess. It's not my style but it's something I can understand a lot of people liking since it caters to what's popular at the moment. To be honest, even if I'm not interested in the units, I can't really say it bothers me. I'll have a good laugh about it and since she's not part of the story, I couldn't care less. I think it would be a different matter if she suddenly had been written into the canon but since that's not the case I don't understand the turmoil. I also want different units but that's always the case. Sometimes we get things we don't care about, sometimes we get stuff we want. SE really tried hard to implement them and also make their music more appealing to those who do not like it. And neither Perry nor Grande are people where I deem it terrible since they're not that... self-centered? I dunno, they're not bad choices for people to look up to. I could imagine idols which would be terrible icons. You're also right that people should look more at the music itself than the artist. Some people are solely hating on things which are "mainstream" and won't even give it a chance because they want to remain special snowflakes who only like the non-popular stuff. Which isn't to say that people can't genuinely dislike or love something, but it's important to keep an open mind and judge things individually. As I said, songs from the same artist can be completely different. There's nothing to say against peaceful discussions. I value your opinion on the song just as much as I do mine and you have the right to love the song and consider it the best opening theme in the series. I don't see a reason to criticize that and vice versa. I also wish that people wouldn't be so fast to jump on certain bandwagons which are rather elitist. I've seen so many comments of those calling the other extreme names becauee they don't realize how great or terrible the song is. Because those which are against western influence are opposed by those who blindly worship everything KH-related as well and neither view is without consequences and problems. As you said, there's nothing against a peaceful discussion but at the end of the day, those that can't come to terms with music being subjective shouldn't fight about something they won't be able to change. I can't make anyone dislike the song and neither can you make anyone like the song by fighting about it. Still, it's interesting to hear different opinions on the matter if they're formulated like yours, even if we don't have the same sentiment toward the song.
  15. And even if we didn't have options, those are just two songs. We will hear thoee at the end and the beginning but that's likely it. It's not like the rest of the OST will be like that, it's not even something we'll have to listen to throughout. I'm not sure they hated on Skrillex because it's Skrillex or because his main genre is EDM. Some people don't want to see that KH openings always had EDM components, albeit a bit more subdued. Since I don't like that genre, I didn't even know him and I'm not sure that all people who hate the song do so because of him in particular. I guess it's more along the lines of the other argument you presented. That people are opposed to a western artist participating in that. Otherwise I don't see a reason to hate on Skrillex in particular, though I admit that I know next to nothing about him. Still, venting their frustration on him is wrong. Everyone is allowed to hate the song but they can't act like Skrillex is solely responsible for the parts they don't like. He's done the entire song together with Utada and the song was approved. In regard to FFBE, I must say that I dislike the incorporation of Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. Not because I dislike them as a person but rather that they have little to do with Final Fantasy. The collabs so far were at least from video games, most, if not all, of them SE properties but both of these idols have never done anything for the game and there are still so many other characters they could make a unit of. I guess that's what most people are ridiculing about this. It doesn't deserve an outrage, but it's a questionable marketing procedure to lure in a different demographic. Many people who play FFBE don't really care about that type of music or if they do, it's not to a degree that they would like units of real people in the game. It's a fantasy game after all and both of them don't really fit into it. It has little to do with their voices or their songs in my opinion, despite disliking the direction Ariana Grande went even though she has such a good voice, but rather with this being useless in a game that uses a fantasy setting and for no real reason other than promotion. Yeah, they've done great arrangements, but it's still questionable why there are units of those two but not of other game characters instead. Personally, I don't care about them and would not even attempt to draw those units if they weren't free. As I said, it doesn't deserve hate. I just feel no excitement for them because I don't worship idols and the persona they create for the public. Their music isn't exactly my favorite either, regardless of their vocal talent. I know less about them than about a regular NPC, so I don't really feel inclined to spare a shred of sympathy for them, considering that a lot of fictional characters moved me more than either of them did. I guess that's why most aren't exactly thrilled. They chose artists which might not appeal to a majority of the game's regular gamers so it's no wonder they won't receive applause for that decision. It seems more like a poor marketing decision based on what is currently popular on the western market without looking at what's popular among those playing the game. I'm not saying no one likes the two of them but quite a number of gamers and Final Fantasy addicts don't listen to what's considered popular but rather to other genres. To them it probably seems like a misjudged understanding of what the people like and not asking for what they actually want. Even though those two are widely known and popular by mainstream standards, that might not hold true for another part of popular culture.