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  1. To be honest, I was unsure whether we would even get a trailer at all and not just the announcement and some details. While it isn't uncommon for DLCs to get trailers, I'm not sure how much substance this DLC will have in the end so I didn't really expect all that much. If I take that into account, we received a lot more than I thought and I wouldn't have minded if we got nothing either. I liked KH3 and it certainly can use more original content, but with how much criticism it received, it might be better not to raise unnecessary expectations once more and lay a little low with generating hype. The way they handled it suits me rather well. The trailer is short and doesn't promise too much. From the few things we've seen, it could be a short DLC or a longer one while not making it seem bigger than it actually is. Expectations are always problematic but for KH somehow more so than with other games from my perspective, so this is a lot better than revealing too much.
  2. You can use a proxy if you can't. They'll buy it and then send it to you in case it won't be sold in Europe. Edit: AmiAmi has them up for pre-order. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=GOODS-00303450
  3. For something that is basically a skin with only minor form changes and gameplay utility, ~1/14 of the full game price is actually a lot in my opinion. Yeah, 4-5$ alone doesn't sound like much but for such a small change which doesn't even have such a marvelously different set of skills attached, it's a lot, especially when we consider this was a free pre-order bonus once. They will earn a lot of money with something that didn't cost them much to devise. But if people want it, I certainly won't tell anyone how to spend their money and what they deem worth it. I just consider it a lot of money for something that had already been developed to be offered as a bonus for free and was hardly any extra work for them to make available anymore. Yes, work went into it and it's okay to want to make money, but the pricing is steep for something such as this. Add to that that there seems to be a new Keyblade and form coming for free as DLC, this feels like a rather expensive trinket.
  4. That's the problem with KHUx in particular. It throws tons of questions at you and hardly provides any clear answers yet. They really need to clarify some things soon regarding the datascape, etc. or people will really fail to follow at some point. Theories like the sleeping realms theory can only exist because they expect the fans to fill in too many blanks. (Which doesn't mean said theory is entirely true because of something the ultimania explains differently already while confirming other aspects to exist, but it just shows how little effort they spend on actually taking the time to explain since DDD.) I agree that a movie is more likely but I am fairly certain we will get some sort of console port in one form or another. The main reason is that KHUx is crucial to the understanding of the general plot and mobile games tend to cease accessibility after a while because it's too expensive. Alternatively, they could release a mobile version with just the story and a few features for a set price and no MMO parts after it's over to make sure people don't have to resort to YouTube while not having to maintain servers that much.
  5. Detective Pikachu might actually become a case of a movie being so hilariously bad that it's good again.

    I think it's hard to take a live-action movie of Pokemon seriously, especially with how terrifying/weird some of them look. However, if they take that to their advantage and actually don't try to be serious about it, it can still be a great and fun movie.

    Movies like Sharknado were successful because they were so badly done you had to laugh. But that wasn't the only reason because there are many movies like that and they're just bad. The reason Sharknado was actually enjoyable to me was that you could feel that all parties involved did not take it seriously but rather just as it is: a bad movie with a ridiculous plot and fairly bad CGI. And that makes it good because the moment you feel that, it becomes a parody of itself without trying to be mean or being upset about the fact that it will never be a truly profound piece of art.

    If Detective Pikachu does it right, it can also do it like Deadpool. (And not because Ryan Reynolds is also Pikachu's voice actor. This different, a bit less child-friendly image of a caffeine addicted Pikachu is refreshing rather than trying to copy a game.)

    Let's be real. Live-action movies based on an anime or games with an anime-esque look have rarely ever worked out, apart from romance dramas perhaps. Having Pokemon, the epitome of child-friendly, translated into such a setting would likely be off-putting if they attempted that with a serious mindset.

    The best they can do to appeal to adults (which make up a considerable amount of Pokemon fans even if Nintendo tries to ignore that at times), is to be aware that some of this just looks ridiculous in a realistic style and act on that. And it seems like they actually did that so far. I think there's a reason Detective Pikachu was chosen and not one of the main games or even a movie/the anime series. It's a spin-off with arguably a less grand fanbase while still having a story to follow and the potential to make it adequate for both adults and children.

    I think I will actually watch it with the expectation that it will be a horrible movie but also with the potential to be a great horrible movie. And if not, I will at least have seen around an hour or so of a fluffy Pikachu with a Deadpool voice.

    1. Green Sparrow

      Green Sparrow

      Speaking of anime based movies, have you seen Alita Battle Angel? I heard it was pretty good.

    2. Merilly


      Not yet. Her facial features creep me out a bit because most of the other characters are our standard of normal. ^^' But I think I'll give it a try once it comes out on DVD. :D

      I'm usually not so fond of these adaptions because they often fail to capture the charme of their source material to a lack of understanding, but it can also be done right with enough innovation that honors the source as something equal to other genres.

      I always despised the idea of Pokemon getting a live-action movie or series, but I now think they may have chosen the right game to base it off on without trying to be too serious, too childish or too disrespectful. It seems they're treating this with care while still making it available to an older audience and not taking it too earnestly or as so much better than the source.

  6. I think you'd have a good chance of winning that bet if we just base it on what Nomura has said. Of course things might have changed in the meantime but I highly doubt it. Why go out of his way to say it is a world that does not appear in KH3 just to go back on it and have it be Scala ad Caelum? I also think a Disney world is most likely. KHUx's only original world so far has been Daybreak Town along with the Keyblade Graveyard (which might not be a different world), both of which originating from KHUx. There's also the realm of darkness, though I don't really consider a shapeless stage of purple, red and black much of a world on its own, considering it's its own realm. Since the current KHUx basically uses data to simulate worlds, the chances it will use a new original world is slim and as mentioned above, a known world would be going against previous announcements. Final Fantasy and TWEWY are also out for me for the reason that there's no real purpose to introduce a world for either of them currently. Most FF characters were tied to Disney and/or original worlds and recent interviews make it seem like TWEWY isn't of much interest right now. Since Disney plays a large role and we're still missing some new Princesses of Heart, it's fairly reasonable that the new world will be a Disney property that has not been featured in KH so far. Too many factors point in that direction. Old worlds are also out for the count because there's no real reason to hype them up so much. And Radiant Garden would likely be among those worlds which have been missing entirely due to that Darkness fellow claiming there are things that they don't want anyone to see due to them being a possible danger. Another thing is that the developers know people are getting tired of visiting the same old worlds. Agrabah has become so much of a running gag that all parties are aware of it and it's not even funny anymore. KHUx needs new content if it wants to hold the interest of people and that can't be done with 5 minutes of relevant cutscenes every few weeks or even months with the rest being fillers of worlds every single one of us has likely played and seen for the hundredth time already.
  7. Not only that but unless he went back on what he said, it was confirmed it would be a world which has not been in KH3.
  8. Uhuh... I feel like he's been saying that a lot these past months and even a year ago when the new world was announced for who knows when... But whenever it felt like the story would pick up, there's been months of fillers in-between. I just hope with KH3 out of the way, they finally do what they've been announcing time and time again.
  9. It's definitely not the most demanding but even my old PS4 was reaching its limits with certain battles and scenes. The Switch doesn't exactly shine with a comparable hardware but Nintendo has never attempted to compete in that aspect anyway since they define themselves by lots of exclusive titles and being the family friendly console with different types of controls. Especially the portable aspect is interesting but since that thing is hardly larger than a regular tablet, the hardware possibilities are actually fairly limited in comparison to its competitors which mainly attract gamers. But quite frankly, it doesn't have to. High-end performance isn't everything and neither are pretty graphics but of course that also means that porting from other consoles becomes difficult when the games are made for a more advanced/more powerful hardware. There's nothing bad about that, it's just a limitation a lot of developers aren't willing to adjust to just to release it on another console. It probably wouldn't take that much for KH3 to be made to fit but it's still time and money that goes away from developing the next game. I can understand that sentiment, too. The Switch is a product that caters to a different need than the PS4/Xbox One do and they made it with exactly that in mind. However, it also means that fans have to accept the idea that not every game is possible on the Switch. Which should be obvious if people just compare the data sheet. It's by no means a bad console, just not made for everything. I think the best example is BotW. The Wii U version and the Switch version barely have a noticeable difference and I doubt that's only because the developers were too lazy. That comparison is awesome though. Yozora will forever be known as the Joy-Con character for me now. Thanks for that.
  10. I doubt it will come to the Switch if they will keep the standard they have now. Apparently, KH3 likely wouldn't run well on the Switch due to it requiring better hardware than the Switch can offer and I'm not sure SE would adjust to that just so they can publish it on the Switch. I would be happy if it could be ported for those who want to play it on the Switch but I also don't want them to spend too much time tinkering with any future game or even saving in quality just to make it possible. Especially now that they've gotten used to the engine, I hope they will just stick to that and not resort to too many experiments. Right now, I don't think they will do this console hopping again. The handheld consoles are starting to disappear one after another without new ones taking their place and I think the whole purpose of the remixes was to get it all on one console again. It would be kinda ironic if they now started with the whole console hopping again. I also don't see a reason to. Most people who play KH own a PS4 (or maybe even PS5/whatever the successor will be called by then) by now or an Xbox One with older consoles. Veering off to the Switch now with an exclusive title or changing the game's technology seems like a stupid move. Which isn't to say I don't support the Switch but I currently see no reason for them to consider it if it really would mean too much extra work and I'd rather they work with what they know for now instead of trying too many ambitious projects. For now it would be a good start to just bring the remixes to the Switch and especially the Xbox One so that they're going away from favoring one console over the other. Especially the Xbox One shouldn't be too problematic. With the remixes on the Switch, they can already gauge how interesting the franchise is for the audience since Nintendo's consoles have also always been aimed at families and not just gamers. I personally believe the Switch is actually a great console for KH if it weren't for the rather drastic hardware differences. KH is a franchise that also appeals to a younger audience and the idea to always take the games with you is very interesting. It might be a good way to get new fans into the series as well.
  11. I'm looking forward to getting it >_< I already got a mail earlier this month that it will be shipped earlier than expected. I don't understand a thing and would love to have an English version but I rather like them anyway.
  12. I'd like to believe that the sheer amount of negative comments will also impact the additional content we'll get to see. It won't be able to fix my main issue with the pacing but I'm happy nonetheless that we'll get more for the original plot. Maybe that will appease some of the overly negative fans as well, even when it can't change everything that was criticized (and shouldn't have to. Yes, there's a lot of understandable criticism but a lot of it is also extremely subjective in the manner that it's obvious where that person is coming from but KH3 still doesn't need to cater to every headcanon, no matter how nice it sounds). I'm not getting too hyped though. KH3 has shown me that I found it much more enjoyable and agreeable in the end when I had a more diverse view on it rather than hyping it up too much. For example, hearing about the spoiler-free rage toward the ending actually made me anxious only to find out it wasn't actually that bad in my opinion. Instant relief. It doesn't hide it's flaws but at least my expectations were reasonable so that might actually be something to be grateful for to the ones who were rather blunt in their hate for certain aspects.
  13. Exactly. Disney is a part of KH just as FF is for me, but the balance is key and this time it felt like Disney took the entire focus for itself to let itself look good. Unlike quite a few others, I don't think KH3 lacks soul or heart but it's undeniable that the focus has shifted away from the original plot way more than necessary and likely more than Nomura and the developers wanted because they had to do what Disney/Pixar told them. They realized KH was popular and wanted their own franchises to look best. That's at least how it appears to me. That's especially visible in worlds like PotC or Arendelle. They are visually stunning, no questions asked, but they don't actually need Sora. Just like how KH2 was criticized for the worlds being too disconnected from the main plot, KH3 has the issue that it fails to give Sora a purpose to be there. Even the Power of Waking gets lost in Disney's original plots. I liked the Disney worlds. They were fun on their own but once you regard their integrity in the overall plot, which is what most fans were looking forward to since it was the final, KH's original plot becomes somewhat irrelevant. And I can't help but think that Nomura isn't the only one to blame for that but rather Disney wrenching control over its properties away from him and barely allowing him any creative freedom to include his own ideas. I can't agree more with you on the fact that their involvement looks good on paper. Having some sort of peer review with people familiar with the franchise to watch over the original plot and Disney employees to make sure that the main ideas of each movie are presented correctly is a good thing to prevent a single author from going in a direction only they understand. That's understandable because as an author, you sometimes don't realize it doesn't make sense to the readers/players since they can't look into the writer's head. But as you said, it can also be negative if there are too many and they are nitpicking. I don't believe I would have cared about an exact line of sight if they had added more original content. These details are sweet and lovely but they also take time and should be left for when most is done. I personally believe that Radiant Garden was originally meant to be playable and maybe even serve as a Hub-world but they couldn't really fit it in anymore with all the Disney worlds. I'm not hating on Disney but they've never cared for KH's original plot in my opinion and only saw it as advertisement to their own movies. And neither SE nor Nomura can go against their demands since they own the franchise. I still enjkyed KH3 despite that. I just feel that the endgame could have been drawn out by having a midgame section solely dedicated fo original plot points. They could have saved some characters earlier to actually give them time to interact with each other outside of the tension of a final battle. I am fairly happy with what we got but there's no denying it could have been more and that the pacing/structuring is none too stellar. Despite that, I wish that fans would also lower their expectations a bit, stop blaming everything on Nomura/SE and look at the development more. Roughly 4 years of development (since the engine switch) are not a whole lot when you have to build everything from scratch. I think a lot had to be sacrificed because it took them quite a while to adjust to the new engine. And Disney was probably unwilling to sacrifice a property of its own to accomodate that. Add to that that the fans were getting impatient and Nomura didn't have the resources of other big titles (in particular money and employees), it's actually quite a lot that they managed to achieve. I wouldn't be too discouraged yet. There's also a lot of negative criticism which doesn't sound like entitled fans throwing a tantrum and the developers have shown to take notice of complaints in the past. That is also something Disney/SE can't ignore when presented to them. We also have to take into consideration that they're more familiar with the engine now and won't have to build everything from scratch anymore, which effectively leaves them with more time to focus on other things. And if Disney/Pixar keep their nitpicking a bit more to themselves, I'm sure it has the potential to show off more original content in the future.
  14. The concert in Cologne is already sold out... The tickets weren't nearly as swiftly gone the last two times. As a matter of fact, there were quite a few tickets left. I'm happy that it's that popular because the other concerts were already beautiful. >_<

    Ah, I'm so excited. I got my tickets today and can't wait to go with my friends! 

  15. No, I had no crashes at all. There were a few lags and minor display issues when a lot was going on but I never had the game failing me this badly. I think there was only one time I feared it did but it managed to load in the end. It's strange that it crashed for you... I spent a lot of time in the Caribbean though I admittedly swam across the whole map most of the time. ^^' Were the crashes mainly during ship battles?
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