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  1. Last year in London, this time in Munich. It was an amazing event. I sat in the second row right in front of the stage. Although I couldn’t really see Yoko, I loved everything about the event.

  2. I can finally say it: I was in Santa Monica and attended the KH3 Premiere event! You can read my Hands-On Preview on IGN Germany. It’s like a dream come true!

    1. Komali


      Saw it already, great video!

  3. Here’s a topic I wanted to talk about for a long time: KH speedrunners. Listen: I really like speedruns and I acknowledge that speedrunners have a much broader understanding about the mechanics of the game. After every KH trailer I want to hear a speedrunners opinion because they are great at analyzing the combat.

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    2. Zerrick


      To be fair, when you have OP moves like balloon and flow motion in KH DDD you can see where they are coming from because of the fact that as a speed runner they have to use the Meta and when it’s a boring and repetitive as ballon and flow you can see where the combat is just boring compared to the vastly superior combat in 2 and even decided to an extent

    3. Zerrick


      And even recoded** to an extent

    4. Akeyroh


      I understand that some people are worried because of BBS and DDD but there is a difference between actual (constructive) criticism based on what we’ve seen and hating every trailer and mechanic that has been shown although the game isn’t even finished yet. Again: I’m not criticizing every speedrunner. Just some of them.

  4. I can’t. handle. this situation. New trailer, theme song, keyblade transformations, cutscenes and still 2018! So happy right know!

  5. Can't exactly explain why but weeks after the announcement of the KH3 release year I'm starting to loose interest in the franchise. Don't get me wrong I'm still hyped for KH3 but I get the feeling that I won't be interested in the future of the series. I think one of the reasons is the KHUX timeline.

    1. Oli


      same, at this point I only play the games because I want to know how the story will end, but after that, I'll have 0 interest in upcoming kh games

  6. I don't know how to feel about the story update in UX...I just want to know if he has a keyblade. Hopefully not. I just don't get why they have to make these things more complex. SE released like every KH game on two platforms so others can be ready for KH3 and then they use a mobile game to tell a story that is important to KH3...

  7. I started playing Gravity Rush 2. I like many aspects of the game (the world, art style, soundtrack, lunar style) but the (air) combat is the most frustrating thing I ever experienced in a game. Most of the time I miss the enemies because of the camera and the controls and Kat just flies away into space...

  8. I saw Bl00dyBizkitz' video and I agree with most of what he said. I like watching KH runners and I'm interested in their opinion, whether I agree with them or not. But from what I've seen, there are runners that bitch about casuals. Some say "KH is stupid" or a certain KH game is terrible. That's their opinion and that's fine but some of them think that if you have a different opinion you're just wrong. That's why I have mixed feelings about some runners

    1. Xiro


      Dang isn't that video like an hour lol

    2. Akeyroh


      I don't mean the analysis although I watched that too :) I'm talking about the most recent video. It's about the relation between KH speedrunners and the community

    3. Xiro


      Ohhh okay. Didn't see that he uploaded another video. Time to check it out lol

  9. I really recommend watching the Japanese KH3 trailer. The gameplay is very different and imo so much better than the English trailer. The combos in the English trailer still seemed a bit floaty but the Japanese trailer looked a lot better!

  10. I really doubt that Treasure Planet or Atlantis will be revealed. This is a huge event for Disney and they'll show their biggest and most beloved franchises. I think they'll use this opportunity to reveal a world that everyone will recognize (Wreck it Ralph, Frozen). Treasure Planet and Atlantis are good movies but the major audience don't remember them, never saw them, or just don't care.

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    2. Merilly


      It definitely would make sense. Luckily, it does not exclude the worlds from being part of KH3 yet, so a big title would be fine as long as they can make it fit into the original story.

  11. So now that the KH Orchestra in the US is over, I can finally talk about Ventus' Theme in the Heroes and Heroines part. It was frigging EPIC! I didn't saw that coming! Ventus' Theme isn't even one if my favorites but this time I loved it. I waited since the Orchestra in London to actually talk about this!

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    2. Akeyroh


      Yeah, that would be great! It's just so intense and thus it would make that scene so much more emotional. I really do feel like Ventus is going to have a much bigger role, especially with the whole Union Cross thing going on.

    3. Keyblade101


      I totally agree!! :D

    4. Keyblade101


      Any theories to wht Vanitas's theme showed up at the end of the Heroes and Heroines section?


      I wonder if it's hinting that Vanitas might get a redemption and become a hero himself?

  12. Can someone give me an example for "bad writing" or "bad dialogue" in the KH franchise and explain it to me? I'm just curious. It seems that I don't have the ability to recognize these things.

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    2. Emrys


      Have you heard about getting on The hydras back?

    3. MythrilMagician


      I'm surprised no one has mentioned the constant revival of dead characters

    4. MythrilMagician


      *kills Ansem* *CoM comes along* HE'S STILL ALIVE?!

      *kills Eraqus* *watches Blank Points* WTF, HE DIDN'T DIE?!

  13. I'm seriously starting to question whether we are actually able to choose the drive forms whenever we want or if we have no control over them and have to wait until they are shown as a Situation Command...

  14. HOLY MOLY! I just woke up and saw that a new Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer released! What a great way to wake up! I'm so excited right now!

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