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  1. Kingdom hearts orchestra München!!!!!!!

    1. Merilly


      It was amazing! >_< A little sad though that they didn't show the voice recording for Kairi, Xion and Naminé and Terra. I was in London last year and they didn't take up too much time to not include them.

    2. Akeyroh


      Yeah, it was fantastic! Loved the Toy Story Medley. I was in London too and in comparison to last year, I think this one was the only new track. This time I finally got the Soundtrack and the Conductors Keyblade :D

    3. Merilly


      It was the only new one but it was fun nonetheless. :D And the lines were really long in comparison to London. At least it felt like they were.

  2. 7 organization data down 6 to go #critical

    1. birthbysleep


      Now i only need 2 more, Xaldin and Xemnas

  3. Getting a girlfriend 19 years single still counting
  4. I never watched a star wars movie so I'm not that excited. But i have a 2,5 meter Star Wars statue of star killer from the force unleashed 2
  5. hmmmmmm hard question. Most games that i play arent that bad maybe i will answer it later
  6. My retailer texted me that i can get kingdom hearts :D

  7. I think this is my first game i played not 100% sure and this is also my first game i finished
  8. Congrats. I need all the trophies because i hated my first psn name so i created a 2nd account. but on my first acc i only had 41%
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