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  1. i dont like this new website


  2. Super Mario 64 is a classic in every way, but it's so dated and clunky by today's standards. Not to mention it's not exactly the N64's prettiest game (specifically the character models), I would love to see it be completely re made from the ground up on the switch.
  3. This is an allegory for KH13 tbh
  4. WOW I can't believe you weren't actually trashing kingdom hearts on this website made specifically for kingdom hearts fans that you've been apart of for 6/7 years, but you DO actually enjoy the series, wowie i sure am bamboozled way to go nice one
  5. You guys dont understand this is a quality meme in the making
  6. there is no random this is a serious post that reflects my true feelings on kh13 and the people on it
  7. kh13 v4 hasnt come out yet and im choosing to blame him for it and also creating this firetrucking site
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