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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  2. I agree with your comments. The best part of this game is the gameplay, the story is told in such a weird pacing... Literally nothing happens before you finish all disney worlds. All of those cliffhangers also bothered me very much!!! This seemed like a movie in which everything is fixed by the last 30 minutes. Kh2fm is still my favorite game up to this date. I really hope they add more bosses via dlc...
  3. I also thought the game was rushed but what bothered me the most was the pace of the story. The story only starts after the last Disney world... Before that you only see a lot of short cliffhangers that make it seem like a soap-opera. I'm just as lost as you in those questions, but I do hope they make a game of kh ux for ps4 However, I must highlight the gameplay. I just loved it! Leveling up has always been a pain for me but this is the first game that it is not. I'm level 75 and will probably go for 99 for the first time ever
  4. Why are so many copies already out????
  5. defeated the MF with Aqua yesterday and it was just as hards as the first time lol

  6. Are the spoilers specifically about Aqua? Oh god... But if the content didn't change... What could it be? But I'm not looking at anything :c
  7. Around two months. There's people that will take around a month to get the game. I was seeing some stores here in Brazil ans it'd take 12 business days to arrive to me. God I am getting the digital one, but maybe not everyone can get it since it is usually a bit more expensive than buying in a store here
  8. I was thinking that the scene at LoD took place before Aqua turned evil, but then it wouldn't make sense for her to be in the RoD after that. Unless dark aqua is actually Aqua's nobody if Vanitas does really remove her heart in the LoD scene from Big Hero trailer. But this would be extremely messy... But the quick moments that you can see Aqua fighting and apparently losing(it's strange because she's not wielding a keblade during that scene) to Ansem's guardian do make it look like Terranort showed up in the RoD, which will probably be the case About Riku saving her... I read some discord topics yesterday and a lot of people think that Sora will save her due to 0.2's opening movie in which Sora's hand reaches her hand. I came up with these ideas because it's still hard for me to believe she's going dark without something big have happened. Aqua's been my hero, but I guess even heroes do have faults. By the way, the keyblade she's using in that battle and in the trailers in general she appeared, there's been any info or theories about it?
  9. Hey, guys! I'm not really aware of any theories regarding what happens to aqua in kh3, so please forgive me if what I say here has already been said before. So, I was watching the trailers again and in the big hero one ( ) around 3:14~ Aqua appears to be being beaten by that heartless that follows Ansem SoD, and later in that same trailer, Aqua is unconscious and about to be killed by Vanitas in the Land of Departure, which means that Castle oblivion was turned back to LoD by then. So, I wonder if dark aqua came from this? With "killing" being a strange word here... Maybe Vanitas adds darkness to her heart? This doesn't mean that Ven was taken by Xehanort, perhaps when they arrived there (Aqua and Vanitas), Ven had already left or Aqua manages to send him elsewhere. What do you guys think? Also, I don't know why, but there's this short video with so few views from the scene of aqua battling sora (this was taken from Square footage it seems). Shame I can't understand anything that is said. If someone can, please post here. So, regarding that video, we know that Riku will star the game by going to the RoD to find her. When we were first introduced to dark aqua, in the frozen trailer, we saw riku sitting in a strange pose. I believe he is either taken by surprise by dark aqua who attacks him and steals his keyblade and so Sora has to go to rescue him and free Aqua from the darkness... Man, I really can't wait to see exactly how this unfolds
  10. Guys is ni no kuni ii worth it? I may ask it for christmas to my mom since grandma is giving me kh3 haha

    1. Zeldablade7#9650


      I'd say it's worth it. I absolutely love that game though I haven't beaten it yet. 

  11. I saw that you left a reply but when I go to click it I am still stuck on the page that I was on.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. ienzo628


      I am part of a discord that has English translations. 

    3. Lu Xun

      Lu Xun

      Nice! Can you add me to it?

    4. ienzo628


      Sure.   I can probably send an invite. https://discord.gg/c7Ac4q

  12. Yeah, there's a comment on the fb post in which Nomura says he moved up schedule.
  13. On the official kingdom hearts facebook page, there is a comment on the post of the new trailer: "Thank you for waiting, we moved up schedule. Here is the KINGDOM HEARTS III Final Battle trailer. -Director Tetsuya Nomura" Well, I'm surprised to see another statement from Nomura himself, even if it is just a line. I think that he was very much impacted by the case of the stolen copies and leaks... Well, I'm glad to see him having this direct contact with fans.
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