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  1. Hey guys, it' been a while. What do we actually know of the future of Kingdom Hearts? if anyone is as nice as to explain it to me, I'd be thankful.
  2. Yeah it was reaaaaally tough! Can't think of facing him in Critical lmao, this is the first time I'll pass beating a secret boss in critical mode
  3. Lmao! Part job but yeah I do get what you mean, it took me a long time to beat him and I did it in proud mode hahahahahaha He's prob the toughest boss so far. But I was really happy when I beat him and felt really accomplished
  4. This feels like it's gonna be such a nostalgic experience! Personally, I have always loved KH songs so much, this is gonna be great, can't wait for it ?
  5. PS4, but seems like on the Switch it'd be better somehow.
  6. I`m back after a bit more than a year off... 

    Eventually, I always come back to this lovely place <3

  7. I agree with your comments. The best part of this game is the gameplay, the story is told in such a weird pacing... Literally nothing happens before you finish all disney worlds. All of those cliffhangers also bothered me very much!!! This seemed like a movie in which everything is fixed by the last 30 minutes. Kh2fm is still my favorite game up to this date. I really hope they add more bosses via dlc...
  8. I also thought the game was rushed but what bothered me the most was the pace of the story. The story only starts after the last Disney world... Before that you only see a lot of short cliffhangers that make it seem like a soap-opera. I'm just as lost as you in those questions, but I do hope they make a game of kh ux for ps4 However, I must highlight the gameplay. I just loved it! Leveling up has always been a pain for me but this is the first game that it is not. I'm level 75 and will probably go for 99 for the first time ever
  9. defeated the MF with Aqua yesterday and it was just as hards as the first time lol

  10. Are the spoilers specifically about Aqua? Oh god... But if the content didn't change... What could it be? But I'm not looking at anything :c
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