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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Yes totally saw that. Called it out underneath a youtube vid somewhere and then people were like 'no that's two different worlds'. But I totally saw that.
  2. I don't in any way mean to attack your experience with this! It's just me explaining why I felt certain things a little bit more.
  3. The Carribean is def my favorite. I love the variation in gameplay, the size and the feel of the world. There's so much to come back to after you've finished it's story.
  4. Hi to anyone reading this, let me first reintroduce myself; I just to come to this site a lot a few years back, but my internet participation hasn't been that much lately. I'm just a guy, 22 years old. HUGE Kingdom Hearts enthousiast. The rest of this will all contain spoilers, about Disney Worlds, about the ending, just everything in general. Sidenote: it's just my opinion, so don't take it too seriously. I just had to write this stuff off somewhere. Ok I think this is all.
  5. I love Hayden but it's certainly not her first big comeback after Heroes. She's played a leading role for six seasons of Nashville which I think has aired worldwide.
  6. I know it's not the final, final one but it's a lot more impactful than the Riku one so it's a shame it's not on the list: Xion Final Boss. I mean to me that's the most emotional fight in any KH game, it was so stressful to me the first time I played it.
  7. This would totally explain why the price of 1.5+2.5 and 2.8 has significantly dropped in our country. Last week it went from 50,-/60,- euros to 30,-. I was like, wait? what?
  8. When it comes to gaming, I try to play new games.I'm just really picky, currently playing Witcher 3 and I really like it. I'm just waiting for KH3 while carrying on with life, I have no complaints. But life will definitely be put on hold when KH3 is released.
  9. Yeah you're right it was pretty obvious, but since they tried their best to make her look the exact same way the original Malificent does I had high hopes. I sort of see them as two different characters however I'm afraid Disney wants to continue with this 'new and improved' Malificent, to my discontent. In my opinion they butchered the entire story, king Stephen shouldn't have descended into madness in the first place. But that's how I see it and no one has to feel the same. I just hope Malificent appears in KH3 as her original self.
  10. Yeah cause that was my biggest problem with the movie: that she turned good in the end.I was really surprised a lot of people loved it.
  11. I voted Enchanted Dominion because Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie and I could never betray it. But to me La cité des Cloches would be just as sweet a deal. I loved how big and beautifull the maps of this world were. Just wondering, do you mean like the Malificent movie or that they think up one of their own?
  12. So I've really been taking my time playing Kingdom Hearts 2.5, I got it last christmas but I never really find myself having the time to play.However I'm almost through now and I'm at the Roxas vs Sora fight in TWTNW.I don't know if it's the FM version or if I just never noticed it but there was this scene with Roxas and Axel on the clocktower.Considering everything being said I was wondering when this took place? I think it must have been right before he headed off to the mansion, having his memories back. Fully aware of his days in the organization and his "regular" days in Twilight Town. Just sharing some last time ice-cream with Axel. I don't know if this is right,needless to say, I cried like a baby.
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