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  1. hahaha no I knew it was a joke, don't worry
  2. Whoops sorry to barge in here this many pages in, maybe this was already discussed but, this game is a bit tedious isn't it? At first I was kind of excited because I figured a overhaul in gameplay could be really great. But this game just feels like a step back. Any exploring there was is now completely gone and then the missions where you have to fight 50 or a 100 heartless?!? I just put it on auto and walk away from my phone, which isn't really the point of a game I should think. They're really using this game to feed us so much important information on the story, but can't be bothered to actually make a game that's fun to play? I'm confused. How did everyone else experience this?
  3. Ohmy they're gonna add it in? My phone can't handle this shit. It's already the biggest file on my phone.
  4. I also heard this one breaks after you've completed it so you get the really lux experience of having to purchase a brand new game for every playthrough.
  5. That's what I was thinking as well. I really don't want to have the same 'Hi I'm Aladdin, let's solve this problem!' we've had in KH, CoM, Re:Coded and UX again. Although it does seem a little cheap to be using the same backdrops since a lot of players did pay for the other game and that money is basically rendered useless now.
  6. I was wondering the same thing tbh. It doesn't help I was kinda dissatisfied with the story and pacing of KH3, I loved most of the disney worlds and gameplay even though it was on the easier side. I feel like this is a 30 euro fix to a 60 euro game and I'm just kind of wondering how much playtime I'm getting. I would like my moneys worth. ?‍♂️
  7. Lmao they gonna replace the entire American cast as well? You're not gonna tell me no one from that celeb roster ever tried cocaine.
  8. Yes. Very much to do with union cross actually since it's the arena's/whatever you want to call it from the weapon master event. Last time something like that happend I believe they added thorns to the scenery in events and Enchanted Dominion popped up a bit after that. I could still very much be wrong but please don't be condescending for no apparent reason.
  9. That would be the bestest. but was it truly scrapped? Didn't that found ship model just end up being pirates.
  10. It's gonna be pirates. Some of the boss arenas have been very similair to the ship graveyard from KH2 Port Royal.
  11. Yes totally saw that. Called it out underneath a youtube vid somewhere and then people were like 'no that's two different worlds'. But I totally saw that.
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