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  1. Vincent entered his house. He went to one of the chairs in the kitchen and sat on it. "What a weird day..." His head hurt but he tried to ignore it. He stood up and went to his fridge to take a beer. He started drinking it while he went back to his chair. Not long after that his eyes closed and fell asleep in the kitchen
  2. Vincent went home. He was wondering if the others were safe. They probably were. They were with 3 and he was all alone. He had the feeling that someone was following him. He tried to ignore it but the feeling was to strong. He had to run away. So he started to walk faster and faster. There really was something weird behind him but when he turned around he didn't see anything, just an empty street.
  3. "Thanks, Yina" Vincent said. With his hand he went through Yina's hair and smiled."I'm going again". He said. He waved to the others and left.
  4. "Shit!" Vincent turned around "Hey!" He started to run after the man. Chasing him down the streets. But after a while he catched up and jumped on the man. The man punched Vincent a few times on the face and made a cut in his arm. But then the man disappeared. "Dangit!" Vincent stood up. He whiped the blood on his mouth off. Then he went back to the others. Hating himself for not taking that man down..
  5. "That can happen.." Vincent said while laughing. "Well just don't get in too much trouble, okay?" He smiled to the boy and then to the two girls.
  6. "Do you really think this is the best?" Taylee asked Rianne. "Yes, the Link between me and Fen was never strong. It's better to release him". Rianne replied. But then she saw Fen. "Someone is waiting for you" Rianne said. And just turned around, showing her back to him. Taylee looked at him. And nodded. Then she turned in her ghostwoman form and took Rianne's hand.
  7. "Vincent" He said. He shook his head and stopped staring at Kayla. "So aren't you guys going back to school?"
  8. Vincent walked in the street of the school. He saw two girl and the weird boy from before there. "Don't you guys have classes?" Vincent asked. He looked at them. They looked exhausted. Like they ran a long distance. It looked like one of the girls was glowing in the sun. And the other girl was just too beautiful to handle. Vincent stared at her. How can someone be so perfect? He thought.
  9. Rianne searched for minutes and minutes. But she didn't find Fen anywhere. It was like he disappeared, just like 'poof'. Rianne went back to the room where she left Luma and M4. "Did you find him?" M4 asked. "No... But if he can't make the wish, I will." Rianne said. "Luma, I have a wish!" The little spirit floated to Rianne and listened. "Bring back the girl Erina. The girl Fen loves" The spirit did something like a dance and right beside Rianne appeared a beautiful girl, Erina. The girl was breathing and moving. She was really alive! She looked a bit nervous. But Rianne did what she had to do. Erina was back. Finally. With Taylee in her arms and M4 next to her, Rianne walked away. Leaving Erina behind. "Just stay here if you want to see Fen again" M4 said to Erina and then followed Rianne. This was it! If Fen is back with Erina, Rianne would break the Link between herself and Fen. She looked at the cat. After she broke the Link she would make a new one. With the cat in her arms.
  10. Vincent discided to go as well and went to his little appartment. There he watched tv until he fell asleep. The next morning he went back to the park, reading his book again. But he had the feeling someone was watching him. Trying to ignore it, he kep on reading.
  11. Luma went back to the middle of the room and stopped moving. Like it was in sleepmode. Rianne looked at the little light. "What is that?" She asked M4 who was laughing because Fen ran away. "That's E2. It's kinda the same as you". She said with a smile on her face. "Is it here because you wanted to protect it?" Rianne asked. "Yes, and because it wanted to be here" "But why is it 2 and am I 1" "Because you are the first Elder. more important than the other Elders" M4 waited for a second. "You better start searching for Fen" "Yes..." Rianne left the room and started searching. Taylee helped her. "Fen! Where are you?"
  12. Luma was waiting for him to say what he wanted. Rianne looked at it. She was nervous. How could that thing do that. Behind Rianne there was the cat Taylee. She sat right after Rianne's feet and looked at her. Rianne took the cat in her arms.
  13. Rianne crawled out of the bed and left the room. And started searching M4. M4 was reading a book in a couch. She looked up when Fen and Rianne entered. "Something wrong?" She asked. Rianne told her what Fen was searching. "Sure I know that Spirit! Follow me, please. M4 walked to a closet and pushed it away. A door appeared. They went through it and what then saw were halls and doors. This was a whole building under the ground. M4 walked through some halls and doors and stopped in a big room. A lot of machines here. And in the middle there was a little light. "That's the Spirit you were looking for" M4 said and pointed to the Spirit. The Spirit was happy when it saw M4 and it started dancing around her. "Okay Fen, ask Luma what you want" M4 said to the wolf The spirit Luma stopped with dancing and floated right beside Fen, waiting for his wish.
  14. "Maybe it's true! You have to believe!" Rianne said to him. "I'll ask M4. She will know"
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