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  1. Fish Goddess

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    2. King Demise

      King Demise

      Doing summer jobs here and there, and school starts back up in a few weeks.

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      Same here. Getting all the moneys :D

    4. King Demise

      King Demise

      That is the best part

  2. Lydia sat down and watched Jason work. She really wanted to help but she didn't know how.
  3. "Okay..." Lydia looked at him. She was hungry and tired. "Well... if you need anything...Ask okay?"
  4. "Okay...But I cant help you. I'm a gun expert, not a pilot" Lydia said. Couldn't the others help him? She looked around and sat down on the ground.
  5. "I dont know what you mean..." Lydia said. She picked up some supplies and looked around. "What a mess..."
  6. "Right, let's check" Lydia saidand left the saferoom. The pain in her back was gone. She looked around to see the damage.
  7. Lydia woke up. Her back hurt but she ignored it. The storm was gone. Finally. She stared at Jason who was lying next to her. Lydia stood up and stretched. This was going to be a long day.
  8. "Thank you" she said. She was blushing a bit and she was hoping he didn't see that. Her eyes closed and she fell asleep.
  9. Lydia lays down and tried to sleep. She wanted this to stop. She hated storms. But who doesn't. She stared at the ceiling. This place wasn't cosy at all. "It's cold here" She said.
  10. "But we're safe if we stay here right?" Lydia calmed down and sighed. She looked at him and smiled.
  11. Lydia did what he said. She entered the safe room. She was scared. But she didn't show it. "Is this just a storm?" She asked
  12. Lydia fell down because the ship shook again. The storm was strong and it make her scared. She looked around because she didn't know what to do.
  13. Lydia woke up. "Woaah!" She looked around in panic."Its just a storm..." She stood up. She stood up and went to the bedrooms, hoping everyone was alright.
  14. She went back upstais. Everyone had his job and she was just chilling. A little bit unfair. But whatever... Lydia sat down on in front of a window to see where they were. She saw another ship in the distance. But she didn't really care. She saw so many ships. It wasn't special anymore. She played a bit with her hair and then she fell asleep.
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