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  1. Lmao long time no see amiright

    1. Xiro
    2. Alicia Maddox

      Alicia Maddox

      BOY!! Where have you been? :O Its been freaking ages! How are you?? :D

  2. Hey DD! Where did you go?

  3. I miss my goddarmn Batman..........

  4. Yo DD! Been missing you. How have you been? How's life?

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    2. Alicia Maddox

      Alicia Maddox

      Sweet! How's school and your gf? And I've been alright! I'm looking into starting up a YouTube channel next year.

    3. Danex Darkfire +

      Danex Darkfire +

      Pretty good, and cool! What kind of channel?

    4. Alicia Maddox

      Alicia Maddox

      Its going to be a little bit of everything. It'll have lets plays, reviews, count down and vlogs.

  5. 1.5 came out in 2013. I feel old

    1. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      The first Kingdom Hearts came out in 2002. > I < feel old!


  6. Skeptical Danex is skeptical

    1. Josuke Higashikata

      Josuke Higashikata

      *Sits in the skeptical corner with you*

  7. my band's t=shirts are on sale! yay!

  8. Has Kingdom Hearts ever once praised my gender as an emoji? I'm an emoji and not one emoji is in Kingdom Hearts. Even worse, Square Enix doesnt donate to the CAGE foundation (Change All Genders to Emojis). Square Enix is just so full of sexist pigs. What's happened with the world?
  9. If women can do everything men can, how come they've never successfully oppressed an entire gender

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    2. Xer





      And that gal is only in the game industry.

    3. Nero Kunivas

      Nero Kunivas

      And once more...I am reminded of Anita Sarkeesian....*Facedesk*

    4. King Demise

      King Demise

      Its next on their list

  10. Im The Goddamn Scatman Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Scatman!
  11. I must be really behind because I only recognize 2 people here
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