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  1. Mr Anime was a hero

    1. Soravids


      Love anime sooooooooooooooo much!

    2. Hargleblargleboo


      He doesn't make too many videos anymore, though.

      Hmm. Wonder what happened...

      OH WAIT.

    3. Enix


      Still a hero.

  2. I like how my thread about Fates was forgotten......smh..... Anyway, is it possible to get a class similar to Chrom?
  3. Doesn't mean they're in love. These ships are stupid anyway. No wonder why the KH fanbase is pathetic.
  4. No. Sora and Kairi have not shown any romance in the series. This means Riku as well. I'm tired of people making ships that's not going to happen. Kingdom Hearts is supposed to be about friendship, not love.
  5. Enix


    Welcome to the boards.
  6. 1: Some are. Legit critics are GameXplain, GameSpot,IGN, and Nintendo life. 2: Greedy whines? You mean which game only have greedy whine that people complain that is bad, but actually good? If you mean that, perfect examples are FF13, Sonic Lost World, KH series in general, Paper Mario Sticker Star, and so on. 3: My definition of a incomplete game that the game has a ton of game breaking glitches that causes the game to be unplayable.
  7. But what if you use the Toon World card on Toon Link?
  8. This is unexpected................ Aren't you too young for KH13?
  9. That's how Akame Ga Kill ends? 99% of the main characters dead? How disappointing. I bet the Manga isn't better either.

    1. Enix


      What do you mean? Is the manga different?

    2. Emrys


      Mangas different. They did the anime before the manga finished. I know that sounds weird but there are successful anime that have done the same thing, like soul eater and the original fullmetal alchemist

    3. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
  10. That's how Akame Ga Kill ends? 99% of the main characters dead? How disappointing. I bet the Manga isn't better either.

  11. None of them. TP HD us going to keep me busy for awhile.
  12. Everything. The entire world is garbage. The only good thing about this world that you can obtain Super Glide as Ventus.
  13. You are a failure. You will never accomplish your dreams. Give up. Did that made you feel better?
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