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  1. Soravids

    Returning worlds I would like to see

    I'm pretty sure Nomura said the only returning Disney IP was Olympus Coliseum. It's my understanding all the other Disney worlds will be new. Traverse Town and Radiant Garden though are possible since they're KH worlds.
  2. Soravids

    Team Awesome (1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1)

    Ah, so a full length story then huh? Well certainly have the opening for one there.
  3. Soravids

    Team Awesome (1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1)

    Wow. My guess is something BIG is happening there. And possibly something very dark. Either way, I wanna find out.
  4. The game is coming out next year. He's doing good really.
  5. Soravids

    Which June game are you the most excited for?

    Crash Bandicoot N Sane. Trilogy of course.
  6. Soravids

    If KH3 has any DLC how should it be handled?

    Oh please God no. I'd rather it not happen at all. I want KH3 to be KH3 in it's entirety.
  7. Soravids

    Next world reveal

    Shibuya is a must.
  8. Soravids

    Next world reveal

    E3 is just around the corner so of course I thought this was the perfect chance to discuss KH3 worlds! We'll be doing two separate lists. First, list worlds you want to see in KH3, and secondly, list worlds you think we will see in KH3. Have fun all!
  9. Soravids

    Fairy Tail! What's your Magic power?

    Name: Motoya Power: Take Over
  10. Soravids

    Riku's Hungry

    Wow. You know, the snickers guy could have shown up before Sora almost lost his heart. That'd have been GREAT. -_-
  11. 3,344: Our road to 10,000 should speed up already!
  12. 3342: Stay on count guys!
  13. Soravids

    PETA attacks Nintendo's Switch Cow-Milking games

    Only cause FF isn't as big in the west. Following FFXV's staggering sells though it's only a matter of time.
  14. Soravids

    PETA attacks Nintendo's Switch Cow-Milking games

    These people are cancer... Ignore them, please. Are you absolutely certain that was even a human being writing that? Cause if so, I'm very surprised.
  15. Soravids

    When Squirrels Attack!

    And for her first few tries, these are really good. Nice job my Cupcake!