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  1. You could argue that longer runtime -> less accessible, cuz it'd be more of a commitment
  2. Man I missed the good conversation One thing that didn't help the pacing or the abruptness of a lot of the end stuff was also tryna put in bread crumbs tying X to 4, e.g Maleficent looking for Box-kun in the beginning and she doesn't show up again until the end, Xemnas bringing up that IX-XII are from the age of fairy tales, and the most egregious offender, tHe GiRl Like, I guess having the setup for the future is important, but it's not that important compared to the things that need to be explained and wrapped up for the saga
  3. Xiro

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    And Mission Mode 👌👌👌
  4. Xiro

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    I thought panels were interesting at least
  5. Xiro

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    A is for Atrocious compared to 2FM
  6. Xiro

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    S is for Superior mechanics
  7. Xiro

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    Finally a tierlist that's right D is for siDegame
  8. Xiro

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    But yeah from what I've heard you're supposed to actually see the moon
  9. Xiro

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    Spring chicken Wait that's different
  10. What if Thanos shows up and snaps FFVIIR away And then they bring it back at E3 next year And it's all a publicity stunt for the Avengers game
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