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  1. Xiro

    Avoid the Moderators!

  2. Xiro

    Avoid the Moderators!

    It's treason, then Also when Zola was a mod she was on our side. If that doesn't tell you where your allegiance should lie then I don't know what will lol -19?
  3. Xiro

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    Yeah, kinda like that, but then being able to do that on the default activity feed when you open a profile if that makes sense? Like on the page you have the Activity and About Me tabs and the Activity tab has everything in it
  4. Xiro

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    I kinda want to have some way to filter social/activity feeds. I don't really want to see every post that's been made lol. I guess it does hide the statuses but now it's cluttered with posts and reactions. Status issues aside, I also don't want to see every random post I make on my own profile activity. I feel like there should at least be a filter for that.
  5. Xiro

    Avoid the Moderators!

    It was so bad that Yuya and I quit lol 6
  6. Xiro

    Avoid the Moderators!

    that was the greatest stain on my reputation that followed my crowning achievement 4
  7. Xiro

    Should we get rid of forum signatures?

    Bless Even if I'm gone the Banado can live on t h r o w b a c k
  8. Xiro

    Avoid the Moderators!

    not really lol nah that's like my crowning achievement no way anyone can take that lol tell em 2
  9. We have reached the crossroads of confusion

  10. Xiro

    Avoid the Moderators!

    two mods to bring them all and in the darkness reset them (holy crap hey @Zeldablade7 it's been like a million years lol)
  11. Xiro

    Riku's Journey

    hold up this didn't happen in the game
  12. o shit arrowchat is gone lol

    1. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      Makes me sad x.x