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  1. Xiro

    Memes Chat

    Sea salt is the heart's true essence...
  2. Xiro

    Memes Chat

    I need more Data Greeting Meow Wows @-Justin-
  3. Xiro

    General Chat

    also because half of P4 is TV so it's not the same tradition of going to the movies every few months lol
  4. Xiro

    General Chat

    Is this where they're gonna introduce the new Ms/Capn Marvel
  5. Tbf on that Vita is a dud outside of JP and idrk how 3DS is holding up now I agree that a handheld game would be nicer tho It's an actual side game lol
  6. Broke: having lore/backstory in secret reports Woke: having lore/backstory in mobile games ... Oh wait we already do that
  7. Anyone know if there are any balancing changes in 1.07 aside from the combo mod/base Sora adjustments?
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