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    happy april fools funny sans man
  2. For anyone who was hoping that this would come to the Switch, there's still hope! The developers said that they'll port it over in the future if there's enough demand. Source As long as Xenoverse 2's Switch port does well, I'm sure that we can prove that Nintendo fans want this game too. I was hoping for a Switch version from the start, so I'm really excited to hear this since it's the same exact thing the developers of Rocket League said and that's now been confirmed!
  3. Oops, sorry. It's a platformer and a sort-of reboot of the original Blaster Master game on the NES. It's a retro platformer with some more modern conventions mixed in too (Controls are tighter, it's a lot more forgiving than a lot of older games, etc.). It also has some pretty cheap DLC that lets you play as characters from some other games published by the same company (Azure Striker Gunvolt and Gal Gun to be specific), and they both have completely different playstyles from the normal protagonist, so I'd assume that adds more replay value as well. I haven't tried them out yet, but they both look really fun to play as.
  4. Adding in a couple others: Fire Emblem Fates - Yeah, it gets a lot of hate from series veterans, but I really enjoy what I've played of Fates (Finished Birthright, making decent progress in Conquest). I consider it to be a step above Awakening in terms of gameplay mechanics, and while Conquest's story gets a little frustrating with how dumb Corrin is sometimes, I liked Birthright. Some people expect every game to have a super deep flawless story, but I thought Fates was fine in terms of writing. Not the most emotional story ever, sure, but I liked it. Blaster Master Zero - I just picked this one up today on the Switch, but I know it's also on the 3DS. I've been having a blast with it so far (pun intended). It feels like it'll be a little on the short side, but it's pretty cheap and there's a new hard mode that was recently added in too.
  5. Definitely all of the Xenoblade 2 news!
  6. I'll add to the above recommendations with the Dragon Quest games. I haven't gotten around to picking up VIII yet, but VII is a complete remake of the original Dragon Quest VII on PS1 (Dragon Warrior VII outside Japan), and it's an absolutely incredible RPG.
  7. I really can't wait! I'd much rather have Sly 5, but I'll be happy to see a show too, especially since they said they're aiming it at fans of the original games along with kids! It's been said that there are no plans for a Sly 5, so odds are that the series could have just ended off on the cliffhanger ending 4 had if this cartoon wasn't being made. Sucker Punch stopped caring about it after 3, Sanzaru got the rights and made 4, and now they don't want to make a fifth. Hopefully this can get popular and make them change their minds.
  8. As if Xenoblade 2 wasn't enough, Nintendo had Kirby, Yoshi, a mention of Pokemon on the Switch, FE Warriors, Mario Odyssey gameplay, and, of course, two Metroid games! No one else brought in as many exciting games as Nintendo did.
  9. They were pretty generous with AM2R, given that they waited for the game to be released and have a day or two to distribute before shutting it down. At this point, people have made all sorts of mirror downloads and pretty much everyone interested in the game has it by now. And Nintendo isn't the only company that shuts down fangames, it's something that has to be done to protect their IPs.
  10. Oh, great... Advent Children Cloud, my favorite version of the character... at least that's just in story mode, I guess.
  11. From Nintendo: Xenoblade 2 (duh) Super Mario Odyssey Yoshi Kirby Pokken Metroid Prime 4 Metroid: Samus Returns (Already pre-ordered the special edition!) Rocket League Pretty much everything else they showed except for Rabbids, not touching that. Sony: Spider-Man God of War Dragon Ball FigherZ (Not in their conference, but I'll get it on PS4 anyway)
  12. So, uh... this site ended up directing me to a virus scam tab. Don't know if anyone else has had that issue, but the only other tab I had up was YouTube.

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    2. Shulk


      I sent a PM to DChiuch about it, I don't have a link to the site though.

    3. WakelessDream


      Ah alright. Was just asking because if it's what I think it is, the KH13 topic or page you were on before being redirected would be a big help in resolving the issue.

    4. Shulk


      I don't remember which it was at the moment, sorry. If it happens again I'll let you know!

  13. Xenoblade 2 looks incredible! I can't wait until it comes out and I can get lost in another Xenoblade world!

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    2. advfox


      This is the reason I need a Switch


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