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  1. Anyone willing to exchange me sonic adventure 1 and 2 (steam) for a 10$ PSN card? (In order for me to get Sonic Unleashed)

  2. I was wondering, anyone interested on sonic adventure 1 and 2 ? I’m looking to exchange them for a 10$ psn gift card so I can get sonic unleashed

  3. I am trying to find modern collectathons, such Yooka Laylee and A hat in time. By modern I mean from the PS3 era and above. It could also be old games, but that I can get either on PS3, PS4, 3DS or PC.
  4. Am I the only one who found Sony's conference Underwhelming? Of course KH 3 and Spiderman were exciting for me, the other were pretty good, but I dont think I felt something for them.

  5. Vesperia Remaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Exiblade7


      i'm happy it's getting ported

  6. I have heard that best version of Rayman 2 is the dreamcast one, but comparing the ps2 vs ps1 version, which is better?

    1. Espio


      I like the ps2 version.


      It has extra content.

    2. Isaix


      The PS2 is the better version in my opinion,but if you're not into hub worlds you might prefer the PS1 version

  7. Hey, any RPG, platformer, or metoidvania games from the steam sales you recommend?

    1. Elrandir


      For metroidvania I would recommend Hollow Knight, that game is awesome.

  8. Could someone explain me why some amazon digital code are "unavailable" ? (more specific, on what depends their availability)

  9. Is sonic forces as bad as people say or are they exagerating?

    1. -Justin-


      It’s a matter of personal preference. The game isn’t perfect, and could’ve handled a few things better, but I really enjoyed the game!

    2. Tails


      Yeah what Justin said. It really depends on what your personal thoughts are as you play through it. The game isn't by any means bad. But it could've been better. I'll say that much.

    3. Isaix


      It's certainly not awful,but it's not great,if you're on the fence to buy it,don't I regret my purchase

  10. I havent played sun and mon yet, but I will definitely buy this one!
  11. Is it me or the new funko pop from Kingdom Hearts coming on december, have not been put on the news board?

    1. -Justin-


      Do you mean the front page of this site? If so, here ya go.

      http://kh13.com/news/sora-riku-and-kairi-funko-pop-yinyls-rumored-for-release Just scroll to the bottom of the article.

    2. RoxasVen30


      Oh, it was long announced. THanks for letting me know


    3. -Justin-
  12. Just fiinished Tales of the abyss and I totally regret having stop playing it. This game was so good :')

  13. Im looking for RPG on PS3/PS4. Could you give me recommendations and why you liked them? (Excluding Tales of because I have Xillia, xillia 2 and graces f)
  14. Since Shovel Knight is releasing its last DLC (i think it is) on early 2018, maybe is time for me te get it.

    1. WakingDawn96


      I still haven't played it at all, myself. I want to get the Switch bundle version where it comes with all campaigns that were released up til now, but my money has been going elsewhere and not allowing me to get this game. :)

  15. Can someone recommend me a controller for my android phone?

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