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  1. Anyone willing to exchange me sonic adventure 1 and 2 (steam) for a 10$ PSN card? (In order for me to get Sonic Unleashed)

  2. I was wondering, anyone interested on sonic adventure 1 and 2 ? I’m looking to exchange them for a 10$ psn gift card so I can get sonic unleashed

  3. RoxasVen30

    Looking for Collectathons.

    I am trying to find modern collectathons, such Yooka Laylee and A hat in time. By modern I mean from the PS3 era and above. It could also be old games, but that I can get either on PS3, PS4, 3DS or PC.
  4. RoxasVen30

    Pokemon USUM Team Rainbow Rocket Trailer

    I havent played sun and mon yet, but I will definitely buy this one!
  5. RoxasVen30

    RPG recommendation

    Im looking for RPG on PS3/PS4. Could you give me recommendations and why you liked them? (Excluding Tales of because I have Xillia, xillia 2 and graces f)
  6. RoxasVen30

    FusionFall Retro Release Date Confirmed

    I cant seem to remember but, on the old fusionfall, were you able to make some kind of clan? (if so, we could make one when it is released)
  7. RoxasVen30

    FusionFall Retro Release Date Confirmed

    So excited for this. My childhood memories :')
  8. RoxasVen30

    Who is hyped for new danganronpa v3 killing harmony?

    It is released near my birthday. So much HYPE!
  9. RoxasVen30

    Any 3ds games recommendation?

    What kind of game is this one?
  10. RoxasVen30

    Any 3ds games recommendation?

    That reminds me that a remake of the gameboy one is coming later this year. I played Bowser inside story ( just a little) and enjoy it..
  11. I am looking mostly for platformers, rpg or adventure game for 3ds. (games similar to tales of abyss, KH 3D or Azure Strike Gunvolt mainly, but I will consider any suggestion)
  12. So CS is basically the same as WoFF?
  13. I am interested for these two games. So, What are the differences between Digimon Story: CS and Digimon World: NO? To which kind of game should I compare their gameplay to have an idea of how it is?
  14. RoxasVen30

    Favorite Sonic Game?

    ^ this is basically what I was going to say.