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  1. So the Xbox version of 1.5+2.5 has some additions like a new savefile menu for BBS and a new progession check in the game selection menu. Do you think these will be added in the PS4 version in a future patch (maybe in June with all the next-gen news coming from Square Enix)? Also, I hope to see a physical Xbox version of The Story so Far, whenever Series X comes out and the Blu-ray storage capacity is much larger.
  2. A few things actually: better screen material, better battery capacity, more internal memory, bigger display and a few new models: one dock mode only, one portable mode only, a pro version, an xl version, a slim version and a mini version.
  3. Sora, Neku, Sephiroth. Easy. Also maybe 2B as DLC after Nier Automata releases on Switch?
  4. 300 injured and 9 dead, with over 30 missing... I hope all turns out well for the affected... RIP
  5. Although it's unfortunately delayed, Smash is 99% confirmed (probably Isaac/Skull Kid/Geno), Yoshi has leaked and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD has a 80% chance. As for other titles, Castlevania Collection could be a thing, New Super Mario Bros Deluxe Collection (DS+3DS+Wii+WiiU+Luigi U remastered and with new content) was seemingly leaked a few weeks back, Fire Emblem Three Houses should get more info, The Wonderful 101, Xenoblade Chronicles X, TMS#FE and Mario 3D World for Switch would be dope, and Skyward Sword HD has been tesed by an insider. Pokemon should be at the direct, and we'll get some third-party port: Batman Return to Arkham, Tekken 7, PES 2019, Naruto Storm 4, Asura's Wrath, GTA V and/or Red Dead Redemption (I would love Persona 4 Golden). I would personally like some Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Call of Duty, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear, Shenmue, Spyro, Tekken, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Hitman and/or Deus Ex Switch goodness. For 3DS, Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy, Persona Q2 and Yokai Watch 3 localization is possible, and they could announce Mario & Luigi 2 remake. Star Fox Grand Prix could be revealed, as well as Animal Crossing and/or Pikmin 4 with Pikmin 3 port. I don't think it's time for Metroid Prime 4, although a Metroid Prime HD Trilogy could happen. Bayonetta 3 is a 50/50, I think it's a next year game though. We could be seeing Wind Waker HD or Twilight Princess HD port soon too, too much time without Zelda. For already announced titles, possibly Daemon X Machina, Starlink Battle for Atlas, Undertale, TWEWY Final Remix, Travis Strikes Back and Dark Souls Remastered could be showcased (all with a 90% chance of appearing). Finally, for DLC, we could get a new Pokken fighter, some Mario Oddyssey expansion, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe characters, Fortnite Nintendo skins, Splatoon 2 update and Mario Tennis Aces update.
  6. Box art reveal, CGI opening tease, Radiant Garden reveal, 100 Acre Woods reveal, Big Hero 6 footage, FF characters confirmation, TWEWY crew in San Fransokyo, Union Cross updates, Union Cross collaboration with KH3 further explained, DLC roadmap (everything free), more characters return.
  7. But I never said the opposite. Actually, Nomura told us the scene with Ansem takes place after KH2, but he never told us how much time after KH2. I predict it's actually right before Mickey and Riku arrive at the RoD, thus the line "Mickey, you're too late." this is definetly a highly likely possibility lol What? In order to get norted, you have to go through the process of receiving Xehanort's heart from one of his vessels, just like Terra did at the end of BBS or how Sora almost got norted at the end of DDD, both with Xehanort's heart's physical form present in the scenes. We didn't see Xehanort's physical heart in the scene you state, so it couldn't have been then. Ansem didn't show any signs of being norted because he wasn't norted (going by my theory) until right before he destroyed the artificial Kingdom Hearts and was transported to the RoD. The only chance we get to see him after that is with his scene with Aqua, and he seems normal and unaffected by darkness, but I theorize that he's just tricking Aqua and making her believe he's a nice guy, just to catch her off guard and "nortify" (is that even a word? lol) her. As for his eyes, what makes you say his eyes are orange in this scene and not yellow? It could easily look orange because of the effect of the lack lighting of the area, just like how Thanos' skin is of different colors throughout the MCU depending on the brightness of the place he is in that moment. Also, his organization cloak (which btw, how the hell did he get it? Lol) is cleverly placed so the shadow falls right at his eyes, making it even harder to distinguish his eye color, and tricking the viewer into thinking they are orange, just like we just saw it in the scene at Radiant Garden that comes right before the dark margin one. We never know though, I could be totally wrong.
  8. Okay, so Ansem the Wise norted Aqua. He was wearing an organization robe, when he should be wearing his normal robes, tricked her into believing he was good (making her cry and lowering her deffenses), and norted her. He probably became a Xehanort vessel when entering the Realm of Darkness, leaving only him and Terra as Organization members to be shown in trailers. How did he get norted? Probably by Xemnas right when he destroyed the artificial Kingdom Hearts at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 (there was this short instance when time slowed and we didn't actually see what was going on). What do you think of my theory? Let's discuss below!
  9. Thanks dude! First time I'm going to a holiday trip on my own and I am so excited as it's a dream come true! E3 here we come!!!!
  10. Hey guys! So e3 is fast approaching and I am very lucky to be able to attend it this year. The thing is I don't know if KH13's gonna have a meetup for the LA concert or to watch press conferences, but I'd love to watch those alongside KH fans! Please, if there are any plans already, could you link me the details on this thread? Thanks in advance!
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