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  1. Hello HNK, outside of Smash, what other fighting game(s) are you fan of?
  2. Don't count victory to early, these are less than 20 reviews, let's wait until we have 50+ to see what the average is. Also what's wrong with deviating from the (non-existent) average?
  3. Like I've always been doing, standard mode first, higher settings on second playthrough.
  4. The game will likely be flawed and lack something in certain areas no matter how much time it was given to develop.
  5. There's another option, you will visit the mansion...only in cutscenes, not via gameplay.
  6. Playing more games of course I will most likely be playing exclusively FFXV, Devil May Cry 4, Metal Gear Solid V, Monster Hunter World during the next 3 months, mostly to 100% complete them plus some challenge runs.
  7. I say they should stay but put a restriction, I would be OK with not allowing images/gifs on them since these are the most distracting part of a signature, text and links are fine.
  8. The thing that fascinates me about Hazel is that it seems Salem actually sent him to peacefully negotiate with Sienna. Up until now I assumed his “negotiation” would consist of punching Sienna's ticket machines until she submitted. Salem actually thought Hazel would be able to convince Sienna to join with them, despite Sienna wanting to kill Hazel just for coming into her throne room. If Hazel’s argument is that persuasive I would love to hear it.
  9. Vol 5 episodes will be available for users with Rooster Teeth accounts 3 days after (Tuesday) it premieres for First Members (Saturday).
  10. Special RWBY panel at Anime Expo 2017 with an exclusive Volume 5 sneak peek.
  11. Hades looks snappy with that shading. I got a theory that the Black Box maleficent was asking to Hades was probably KH version of Pandora Box, which instead of having sealed all the worlds evil it has something something darkness related sealed in it (or maybe she's talking about that black box the Master of Master's student was carrying at the end of Back Cover movie)
  12. What's the relation between KHIII and FFXV exactly? I don´t see similarities. Changes in story does not inherently turn the final story into a mess.
  13. The game will be flawed in one way or another and people will do a leap in logic claiming that the game is flawed because it was rushed, I'm calling this.
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