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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. hmk i am fan of you fan from denmark

  2. Hey guys! HMK Here! Ever wondered how the Keyblade...or the Kingdom Key for that matter is able to cut through virtually ANYTHING despite being blunt where the "sword" is supposed to have an "edge" Well I think I have you guys covered! Check out the biggest budget Kingdom Hearts Theory Project I've put out! Hope you enjoy and subscribe!
  3. Hey, HMK. I apologize in advance if I act like one of those "obsessed fangirl", but I've been a fan of yours and the rest of the X-Keepers (And I really am surprised to see that you have an account on here). I really find it nice to know that I'm not the only one who is an avid fan of the Kingdom Hearts series. I'm not sure if you are aware of it, but Cynical has an account on here as well (http://kh13.com/forum/user/52519-thegamersjoint/)

  4. Hey Guys! HMK Here! I've put together and free-flow theory on the potential identity of the man in the black coat in the Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover portion of the new Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue E3 Trailer! Let me know what you think!
  5. Hey I watch your stuff all the time a question that keeps bothering me is when Ventus awakens do you think he'll be grown up and mature like Sora grew when he was sleeping Ik they are different scenarios but I was just wondering?

  6. How's everyone doing!? Kingdom Hearts III has us all excited right? But with that excitement comes some MASSIVE concern...and that is what I call the Fear of Kingdom Hearts III, I've decided to put together a video on it! Also I have a segment featuring some of your answers that I've asked in a prior post about this thought Check it out!
  7. Hey guys! HMK here! I've done a lot of thinking on how Ventus may return from his tragic slumber in Kingdom Hearts III, and with I came up with Sora won't be the key, nor will Aqua. Rather Riku will be the pivotal player in reawakening Ventus! Check it out! and be sure to subscribe for more! This is the 1st in a new line of theories focusing on the returns!
  8. So I'm pretty sure that I can safely say that everyone here feels this way too! Square Enix blew the lid off of Kingdom Hearts III last year so think that it may be a given that the look to continue the momentum with this year's E3, especially since we got Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to also look forward to. But this year is going to be grand as I'll be returning to the event this year and hopefully Square will invite me once again to their conference (if they decide to have one) NOT ONLY THAT but Skyward Wing will also be going to E3! and Churro is once again confirmed and to my knowledge Toominator representing KH13 will be attending his first E3 this year as well. I'm sure that more folks from KH13 and KHinsider will be there as well, meaning that with all of us Kingdom Hearts coverage will be all over the place! I want get word from you guys though and what you expect for us to do at E3 and what you expect from Square in terms of Kingdom Hearts reveals! GET HYPED!
  9. Hey Guys! HMK Here with another topic that needs to be discussed Yea we are all hyped for Kingdom Hearts III, but due to the massive wait and tremendous set-up for the last chapter of the Xehanort Saga, the game does face some issues! Here I tackle what I believe to be the Top 5 of these problems! Check it out!
  10. Hey Guys! HMK here! Now I know the forum community is super down on all things Kingdom Hearts, that includes the manga! BUT if you haven't read the manga series based on one of our favorite games.... YOU NEED TO! Here is a video that explains my feelings about it and how it is REALLY serious.....like too serious sometimes!
  11. So....when are you gonna rant about TheGamersJoint pranking you?

  12. Hey guys! HMK here! Recently I started a New series called Theory Talk where I take video game theories and discuss the possibility of them being true or not! A popular request was for me to tackle a Theory Surrounding Kairi's Grandmother and that she may connected to the Keyblade and more! Check it out!
  13. But....But.... I WANTED A CHIMICHANGA!!!!!!!!!
  14. You know it, I know it, We all know it. We are super-hyped for Kingdom Hearts 3, but do to all of the building that Nomura and SE have done for the series It's safe to say we all have extremely high hopes and standards for the game for when it drops. I want to hear what you guys - the community have to say about this. What are you most afraid of Kingdom Hearts III that could mess up the entire or some of the experience for you? Death of a favorite character? game breaking bug? not enough closure? Anything!
  15. I think I know who is behind that monitor.... http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/pokemon/images/9/96/Lawrence_III.png/revision/latest?cb=20121016133152 Sure thing! and HMK could stand for alot of thing. I personally think of it s 3 letters that make a name rather than an actual abbreviation of something
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