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  1. Who's watching the Square Enix conference rn

  2. So, am I the only one who thinks that the PC Gaming show is really boring??

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    2. WakingDawn96


      Well, I don't want to. There would really be no point in it, since I don't plan on becoming a PC player any time soon.

    3. moogleman


      Fair enough.

    4. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      That would suck for me. I'm really looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 is a CD Projekt Red has anything to show.

  3. E3 BABY!! WOO HOO!!!

  4. Fun Fact about me kupo: I was never allowed to play TCGs like YuGiOh when I was younger; now I have two decks and a "deck box" and have dueled my friends four times or so. It's really strange playing a game for the first while everyone is like " Oh yeah, used to play that when I was a kid".

  5. Come for Kingdom Hearts, stay for the chat room.

  6. Okay so have looked-up some of the partners that are lined-up for the NS? there are a lot of good companies that are involved with this. just look up Autodesk and Ubitus and you will see what maybe in-store for the NS' future. I like what I see!
  7. yeah the color does remind me of a Sega console!
  8. Yeah it's pretty crazy! did you see that Unity, as in Unity engine, is also a partner?
  9. On the Nintendo website, after you watch the NSwitch trailer you can look at a list of Partners that Nintendo teamed-up with. What do you think of this information? What are your reactions to the trailer?
  10. Well, yeah I pretty much only play games now because of my friends, or if I want to play with my family. I am definitely going to wait to buy it too because I don't have enough money to be throwing it at every new thing that crosses my path! It will be good to see what Nintendo's next step will be!
  11. The only thing with Nintendo is when they do add more "mature" games, all they end-up getting are ports and original, experimental games that don't do very well. Some of this is okay, and expands the Nintendo fanbase and gives them a bit more of an edge with players of games like Bayonetta. But other games like Devils Third was gonna flop, at least out in North America, because it felt like it was trying too hard to be "mature". Nintendo needs to pick the games that WILL do well to put on their system. But then that means the game devs need to actually make good games and not worry about making games for a specific system. It's all well and good to make games that are exclusive, but in this new environment of cross-platform gaming, you need to make a game good, before making a specific game for a specific system. /end rant
  12. DUDE I just realized that the Switch is the reason why they moved the map from on the Wii U game pad! for the Switch there isn't any game pad use or anything like that at all!
  13. What if KH 2.8 comes to NS as a port?
  14. In case you missed it, here is the trailer for the Nintendo Switch http://www.nintendo.com/

  15. I wish! I really like what I have seen of the NS so far!
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