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  1. while out of those 4 for me to explore is certainly Atlantida, even though I would like emperor new groove, I'm with you out of all of them is princess and the frog.
  2. does this kinda confirms Frozen will be in? it's starting to becoming more likely to be a world in KH3 (since Frozen is 2013 movie), I would be a little surprised if it wasn't... the Brave (2012) world has chances to be in it, it would be nice too (since it was confirmed Toy Story, Merida is also a disney princess)... the other worlds I'm hoping is Atlantis and treasure planet.
  3. I think is very likely to do with unchained x at this point...or 2.8... it would be cool a new figurine of Kingdom Hearts (hopefully Aqua)
  4. DDD in this phrase stands for? so I can understand what you mean. That's why it's not my top priority, I am more hyped to buy the screenplay of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" than the book of the play(in fact not excited at all), because the play it wasn't written by J.K.Rowling while the movie was, I know she approved it, but she tends to be too soft, the Harry Potter movies are a good example, specially the writing and it's direction.
  5. That's what I'm wondering as well and kinda worried, if it doesn't I'll stick with NA version, to be honest this europe release is a bit late.as for what you say above and previous about the quality of this title, it's app game, I do agree with the story pace(it's very slow, while the browser is much more ahead) but I think the reason they're doing this way so they can fill the gaps in between 2.8 and 3 releases which interferes the story to develop at a proper pace also is an "smartphone game" not just for KH fans but for others who don't know about the title as a way to advertise Kingdom Hearts.It's understandable but not really happy with it. But at least I can play it slowly, I login everyday because of the jewels for free and go to munny medals, once in while the story quests and special quests.If you don't invest it too much on it, it's a cute game. I do agree if you want to go through the story quicker, it can get draging.since there is a long way for these titles anyway, I take it slow.
  6. what I find interesting, the characters I relate the most aren't usually my favourites like in this case, Roxas, usually my favourites are the ones I the least relate but more how I wish to be (Sora and Aqua).
  7. To me this confirms that is also coming to Europe as well and it's coming soon.even though I hate when they say "it's coming soon" which sounds in this case in 3 or 6 months.but must be close the release between NA, Australia and Europe.
  8. for now nothing, unless web browser game is coming as well to the overseas, all the way, I'm only interested in the web browser version.I don't have iOS, so it's pointless for me.
  9. I voted another!I would say is a possibility they will appear again depending on the plots of the future games
  10. Agreed, I don't think is fair being japan-only, if anyone have seen the ending Re:Coded cinematics from KH2.5 Remix which they mentioned the Book of Prophecies, it feels very unfair.if it would come localized, I would definitely prefer Kingdom Hearts X over Pottermore (I love this website, but it's quality has been decreasing and I don't like how they are managing the website, so I go there only of new exclusives), at least has some action because it's a video game pc browser and it's the perfect KH fill before KH3 instead of new instalment.
  11. same here... but isn't bad sharing the experience of the game for the PC gamers. I'm just hoping it means Kingdom Hearts X[chi] being localized... I mean it's coming a final fantasy browser game.
  12. still haven't received mine yet and I bought from SE store (I pre-ordered limited edition, so will be included with the lithograph), but I wonder if will arrive by Tuesday on my mail
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